UEFA Nations League loss to Spain Results in Luke Shaw Injury

The satisfaction that England felt from the World Cup was brought to an end this week as Spain. The team returned to action this week after finishing fourth at this year’s World Cup but saw the hope of win vanish after Spain to the win, and for England, it was the first loss in eleven years.

The start of the UEFA Nations League campaign at Wembley Stadium saw Rodrigo and Saul Niguez scoring for Spain to give the Spaniards a 2-1 victory of England. The game was a bright spot for the recently hired Luis Enrique who joined the team after the unexpected early exit from the World Cup.

England managed to make it to the semifinals at this year’s World Cup but lost in the semis to Croatia, and again lost to Belgium in the third-place game. The loss on Saturday brings England’s record to 3-0 in the last three played and brings into question the leadership of Gareth Southgate’s

England had a lead in the game for only two minutes when Marcus Rashford scored England’s only goal. Rashford’ was set up by Like Shaw eleven minutes into the first half, but it didn’t take long for Spain to counter and tie the match 1-1.

Shaw exited the game in the second half with an injury, one that looked rather serious after he and Spain’s Dani Carvajal came in contact with each other while challenging for the ball. Shaw managed to connect with a header but then fell awkwardly hitting his head on the ground. This was Shaw’s first start with England since 2015

About Luke Shaw

Shaw generated a large amount of interest as a teenager while playing for the Southampton youth system. In 2012, he signed his first contract professionally with Southampton before moving to Manchester United. ManU signed the star teenager for a record £30 million, which at the time, was the highest ever transfer fee paid for a teenager. Later that year, he agreed to a four-year contract with Manchester United rumoured to be worth £30 million. That officially made Shaw the highest earning teenager in football.