The Worst Premier League Signings for 2019-20 Season

Footballers in the English Premier League are finishing their 2019-20 Season. There are some with various outfits that are concerned for their future, with them underperforming and potentially being designated to another team. Considering that teams like Manchester City and Liverpool are fine-tuning their respective lineups, players that didn’t acquire notable statistics throughout the last season will be terminated. Below we’ve provided three examples of footballers who will most likely be out-contracted in the coming months.

  • Tanguy Ndombélé – Tottenham Hotspur FC

Tanguy Ndombélé from the Tottenham Hotspurs will more than likely be out-contracted for the 2020-21 Premier League Season. This follows after a substantially disappointing and inconsistent performance, which doesn’t suit the associated £54 million contract that Tanguy signed in December 2019. This punter has played sixteen official matches, upon which he’s maintained the minimal of two assists and two goals.

  • Sebastien Haller – West Ham United FC

West Ham United FC purchased Sebastien Haller for £36 million during 2019, with the forward striker not living up to expectations after leaving Eintracht Frankfurt FC. These expectations included the minimum of fifteen goals in twenty-five official league appearances. Sebastien has instead acquired six goals with two assists, which resulted in West Ham United not entering the Champion’s League. Considering that Sebastien was contracted for this sole purpose, he’ll be removed as a head striker and replaced with someone more engaging against opponents.

  • Nicholas Pepe – Arsenal FC

Nicholas Pepe used to stand with one of the most exceptional reputations for goal scorers. He previously played for the French Ligue 1s – Lille FC before being contracted for the 2019-20 season with Arsenal FC. When playing in France, this young punter acquires twenty-three goals and twelve assists within forty-one appearances. This prompted Arsenal FC to offer Nicholas Pepe £72 million to switch outfits, with talent immediately dropping for the striker. Throughout twenty-two appearances for Arsenal FC, he’s maintained four goals and five assisted. When you pay £72 million, the coaching staff are going to demand stronger performances, or you’ll be fired. Nicholas Pepe never proved himself capable of the Premier League, which will force him back into France National Leagues.

The Outcome

Sporting analysts are confident that these three punters are being terminated, with insiders close to their respective outfits expressing similar predications. Premier League Supports can anticipate new strikers for Arsenal FC, West Ham United and Tottenham Hotspurs. These individual outfits haven’t revealed the punters that’ll take these new forward-striker positions. Will keep our readers informed on any new updates regarding the new Striking Leaders in the Premier League.