TFC Partners with Black Players for Change

Major League Soccer maintains multiple clubs, with few maintaining exponential fanbases & prominence in the sporting community. That isn’t the case with Toronto FC, a team that’s grown into providence throughout their Canadian city & Northern America. It was announced by TFC that their leading by example for all other outfits in Major League Soccer & partnering with the “Black Players for Change”.

It’s an organization created in MLS during 2020 after the “Black Lives Matter Movement” became an active issue in America. 170 footballers throughout MLS have joined the collective, with coaching personnel & staff members also joining the organization. Black Players for Change will work with TFC to bridge the caps of racial equality in professional football.

TFC General Manager Ali Curtin emphasised that 2020 has been an influential year for Toronto, on & off the field. GM Ali Curtin emphasised that Toronto FC will continue to address problems regarding diversity, inclusion, and equality for African Americans. Ali is proud to operate an organization that has a history of working with Black footballers, even when other MLS teams were sticking with prominent Caucasian players like David Beckham. It’s been proven statistically that most players of African heritage have better records than their Caucasian counterparts. For TFC this is true with Jozy Altidore, Justin Morrow, and multiple others.


TFC & Black Players for Change have started the latest brand named “UNITE”. Funds raised towards this institutionalized brand will be represented throughout youth organizations in Toronto. These organization will focus on African-Heritage Canadians, with opportunities being provided to young footballers that achieve prominent success in lower divisions. This means that children in Toronto from regions like Jane & Finch could have an opportunity to become a famous footballer in Major League Soccer for TFC. Unity has become a substantial goal for TFC following the Black Lives Matter movement, and something they hope to change league wide.