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Arsenal FC

The Arsenal Football Club, founded in 1886 (as the Dial Square), this club has been riddled with struggles, but is now starting to pick up. Based in Islington, London, England, this club has won 13 League titles, and a record of 13 FA Cups, amongst several other cups. But compared to other football clubs, their successes are a bit underwhelming.

Things are looking hopeful though for Arsenal FC. Last year, they reported revenue of $597.1 million, a new club record. They won their third FA Cup in four seasons this year, however they failed to qualify for the seasons’ Champions League. Even with all of this struggle, there is still a lot of hope for this group in various ways. Particularly in their choice of coach.

The Huge Switch

In 1986, George Graham returned as manager of the team, after all he was one of Bertie Mee’s double winners. From there Graham brought the team a victory in their first League Cup the very next year, followed by a victory in 1988’s Football League Centenary Trophy and a title in 1988-89 Football League. Things were starting to look up for the team from these victories, however things looked grim by 1994, after their victory of the European Cup Winners’ Cup.

Graham’s reputation was utterly tarnished when he was found out to have taken kickbacks from their team agent, Rune Hauge. These kickbacks stemmed from the signing of certain players. From there there was a lot of turmoil. Graham was dismissed by 1995 and was replaced by Bruce Rioch. Rioch was only in there for one season before leaving due to disagreements with the club’s board of directors.

The huge switch happened when the club brought on manager Arsène Wenger. He was appointed in 1996 but was now coaching the team and leading them to this day. With Wegner, came massive change to the team: a new attacking football, a shift in diet and fitness practices, and money efficiency. These characteristics have defined Wegner’s reign.

The Results Of The Switch

Even though the club never won another major trophy since the 2005 FA Cup, Arsenal managed to grasp the 2014 FA Cup Final. A year later from that victory, they appeared in the finals again and achieved another victory against Aston Villa 4-0. Because of this shift and decisions that Wegner brought the team, Arsenal now had 12 titles, making them the most successful club in this tournament’s history. This was matched in 2016 by Machester United.

In the end Arsenal has become a team that has been dominating the FA Cup, winning a 13th time in 2017. This victory also saw Wenger being the first manager ever in English football to have won seven FA Cups too.

Despite the fact that their 2017 victory placed them in the fifth position in the league (the first time this has happened since Wenger stepped in), the team shows a lot of promise. With victory after victory in the FA Cup, these victory streaks are bound to last.