Switzerland Soccer Federation President Infected with COVID-19

The Soccer Federation for Switzerland announced that their president has tested positive for COVID-19. It’s prompted for a marginal decline in the Switzerland Soccer Federations valuation, with Dominique Blanc being more than 70+ years of age. It was confirmed that Dominque was tested on March 15th, with the older man now being placed into self-isolation. The Federations President noted that his condition was alright, with him showing minimal flu symptoms. Considering that the coronavirus affects the elderly in deathly situations, most football analysts believe these claims aren’t genuine.

There have been multiple employees with the Switzerland Soccer Federation that have contracted the novel coronavirus or COVID-19. It prompted for Dominique Blanc to request medical advice from experts, which included attending the UEFA Annual Meeting on March 3rd. It’s suspected that travelling to this meeting caused Dominque’s recent infection. The Switzerland Soccer Federation has now shut down their headquarters, with UEFA demanding that football operations in fifty-five countries be terminated effective immediately. When Dominique Blanc was questioned on the UEFA Meeting, he expressed that the termination protocols are best to ensure public safety. His remarks are most pivotal with his genuine contraction of COVID-19.

It should be mentioned that Switzerland Government Politicians implemented legislation to suspend national football operation. They were one of the 1st governments to enforce these clauses, ensuring that the risk of spreading was limited. It’s prompted limited exposure of COVID-19 across Switzerland. Throughout these announcements with the Switzerland Soccer Federation, it was confirmed that continued conference calls would be held with UEFA. Those conference calls will be made to re-evaluate the Pandemic weekly. We’ll keep our readers updated with any new information.

Canada Shutdown Soccer

The Canadian Sports Medicine Committee has consulted multiple leagues throughout the Great White North. After consulting the Canadian Soccer Association, it was determined that for the benefit of public safety, all football activities nation-wide must be suspended. This decision was supported by public health authorities, provincial governments and the federal government. This suspension applies to all leagues across every age group, with a re-launch date not being specified by the respective authorities.

Professional leagues like the Canadian Men’s Under-23 National Team couldn’t attend their CONCACAF Olympic Qualifying Matchup with Mexico. It’s been moved from March 20th to April 1st, with two additional international games with Trinidad and Tobago postponed until an unknown date.