Spanish Football Match Halted

The recent development of racist comments in European Soccer Leagues shows no signs of diminishing. It was revealed that the Spanish Soccer League experienced another bout of racism at a matchup against Rayo Vallecano and Albacete. The game was terminated during halftime, Rayo Vallecano Citizens began chanting racist and insulting language to the Albacete Squad. It reached a point where an unexpected banner was revealed, which claimed that the Ukrainian Footballer “Roman Zozulia” from Albacete is a Neo-Nazi. Throughout the entire first half, supports of Rayo Vallecano continually chanted racism slurs relating to Ukrainian’s towards Roman.

With a continuous onslaught of insulting language, both teams respectively asked the referee to halt the match. This was the sporting organization’s ways to punishing the players, who would’ve paid a costly fee to see this matchup. Ultimately, the game finished with a score of 0-0. Security Forces for Rayo Vallecano and Albacete assisted local law enforcement with the removal of crowds. Reports claim that nearly a violent riot broke out, with police authorities having to make multiple arrests.

Past Events of Racism

This isn’t the first time that Rayo Vallecano Fans have displayed their ignorance towards culture and race. Roman Zozulia formally played for the team throughout the 2017 season, where supports regularly abused him. This came after unsubstantiated rumours indicated that Roman had extreme right-wing political views. However, all sporting organization he worked for and family members came to his defence. Unfortunately, this didn’t stop Rayo Vallecano Fans from mentally abusing this man.

Albacete’s Victor Varela spoke with reporters on this incident. He noted that Roman was crying from the mental abuse, as were other players come to his defence. He also said that he was pleased by the inconvenience this caused support in Rayo Vallecano. It’s anticipated that Albacete will ask the Spanish Football League to avoid future matches going forward with Rayo Vallecano. In extreme cases such as this instance, these requisitions are typically approved.