Spanish Football league & Players Union at Odds

The fallout associated with COVID-19 in Spain has already begun. Proof has shown there’s a power struggle between multiple football organizations throughout the Spanish territories, which follows after partnerships amongst these associations were already strained. Analysts in the Spanish Soccer Community predicted that these unprecedented events would prompt businesses to become stronger. Those predictions were incorrect, with relationships becoming more strained. The Spanish Soccer Federation, Spanish Players Union and Spanish Soccer League are now at odds with each other. The fallout from these strained relationships could see a broken football league in Spain.

Relationships amongst these three associations worsened after the Spanish Soccer Federation claimed that the Union had a secretive agenda. The SSF believed that the Union was comprising a plan that’d see a significant percentage of the Federation’s reserve funds taken as “Relief Aid”. This prompted the Player’s Union to respond and state that conversations of this nature hadn’t ever existed. Leaked phone conversations amongst Federation executives proved that the Union didn’t have a hidden agenda. These executives told representatives to make falsified stories on the Union to benefit their position.

This substantial clash started when the Spanish Government forced a specialized commission, which would govern the three bodies and ensure their willingness to comply. The Federation was the previous body that ruled over the Union and Spanish Soccer League, which could’ve been the reason behind their falsified claims. Executives in the Spanish Soccer Federation would do anything required to ensure that reserve funds are protected.

Possible Strike

Football analysts anticipate that the Player’s Union will immediately go on strike after the COVID-19 pandemic has concluded in Spain. These players ultimately hold power over the Federation and League, with their demands inevitably having to be met or profits will continue to be lost. It should be noted that this isn’t the 1st time that the Spanish Soccer Federation threw their players under the bus. Similar measures unfolded when the SARS Outbreak unfolded worldwide.

The Spanish Government has the capabilities to fine the Football Federation, who ultimately were willing to risk the safety and lives of players for finances. This business tactic has become taboo throughout the COVID-19 pandemic and could see the SSF face significant backlash when infection rates slow down.