Soccer Stars Warming the Hearts of the World

In a world where a little kindness goes a long way, soccer stars surely warmed the hearts of their fans recently. Nothing generates greater feelings of love and admiration towards these stars as when a little kindness is shown to a starry-eyed kid. This is precisely what two soccer heroes did, making news this past week and great moments in sports are sometimes due to showing kindness and not always about breaking the records.

Mackenzie O’Neill

Mackenzie O’Neill is an 11-year-old soccer fan, growing up in the Southeast of England. While on holiday with his family at the Jumby Bay Island Resort in Antigua, he was playing soccer on the sand. An ordinary activity for a young soccer fan. This was, however, turning out to be the best holiday of his life this far. For a while busy kicking his ball, he was winked over by an adult who wanted to join in the play. The young goalkeeper couldn’t believe his eyes when this man was none other than Lionel Messi himself. Being asked by this Argentinian soccer star to play ended up to be a repeated event over the next few days.

Messi, who is playing as forward and is the captain of both the Argentinian National team as well as Barcelona, clearly enjoyed seeing his children play with O’Neill. Hence the Messi family, Lionel and his seven-year-old son, Thiago, joined O’Neill regularly for some soccer on the beach. Messi is also the father of the four-year-old Mateo and one-year-old Ciro. O’Neill shared his precious moments with the Messi family on Instagram, showing not only a picture of him with the star but also a video clip of the fun the three of them had on the beach.

Joseph Tidd

Another moment in soccer which touched the hearts of the world happened to the 22-month-old Joseph Tidd. Tidd is a toddler from Florida who was born without a forearm on his left arm. His moment of greatness came when Carson Picket, playing for Orlando Pride, noticed them cheering in the crowd. She is also born with a partially developed left arm. She took a moment to run over to the family where little Joseph was in his daddy’s arms and repeatedly “fist-pumped” with him, both using their left arms. Joseph’s mom captured the bump, and since it happened, the picture went viral.

The moment when Joseph realized that they have the same kind of arms, his entire face lit up. According to his mother, Joseph is very comfortable with his arm and is always telling stories explaining why he doesn’t have a complete sleeve. The Tidd family initially noticed Picket when they saw her playing for the Seattle Reign. In the meantime, she moved over to playing for Pride. When the Tidd’s heard that they are going to play near their home in Florida, they got No.16 Picket jerseys and were there to cheer her on.