Riots Follow After Real Madrid Vs. Barcelona Matchup

Football fans in the European Union continued to display violent acts over the past week. News reports from Barcelona indicate that rioting police were called to dissipate street protests. These events came after the match against Real Madrid and Barcelona, where more than 650 million people worldwide watched the game. However, outside the walls of this football stadium, nearly 100 thousand individuals were creating significant amounts of commotion outside. Luckily, the fans located inside the stadium didn’t create any hassles which would’ve postponed the game. Unfortunately, this matchup resulted in a draw. Afterwards, these 100+ protestors began to become violent. It’s estimated that more than three thousand police officers and security guards were deployed on the scene to assist with any criminal acts.

The authorities breaking the riot apart were forced to use batons, pepper-spray, and gas bombs to send the crowd away from the stadium. During the four-hour protest, nine individuals were arrested, and authorities injured numerous others. This event also saw multiple trash cans lite into flames, glass windows were broken, and various property destroyed. Barcelona citizens participating in this riot damaged buildings that are thousands of years old, which the Spanish government has claimed to be shameful. Anyone with information is suggested to contact the Spanish Police and bring these disrespectful individuals to justice.

Authorities weren’t able to dissipate the crowds before the matchup was completed, where spectators were told to leave the stadium from the south side. This allowed average Spanish citizens to avoid the separatists, who have committed numerous riots to promote independence in Spain. Authorities had hoped that there wouldn’t be any violent protests this time, with the last matchup on October 26th being postponed by the actions of these separatists. Security concerns were so significant that fans were informed that all masks would be confiscated. This extended to smoke bombs and giant flags.

Barcelona FC Affected

When the game began, the individuals outside the stadium started to chant their various statements. It was overwhelmingly loud and could be heard by every fan in the stadium for two hours. These chants included Freedom for Political Prisoners, Lets Talk Spain, and Freedom. However, the Spanish government and its people have refused to allow the North-Eastern region to independent freedom. Clashes have become so extreme that nine political leaders for the Separatists were arrested in recent months.

Barcelona FC begged that their local citizens behave at the upcoming match. Unfortunately, those requests weren’t obeyed. Certain fans sneaked banned reading “Spain, Sit and Talk” to the matchup, where they were quickly removed from the facility and detained by the police. Elderly individuals at this matchup needed personalized security to avoid any potential injuries, which set Barcelona FC’s Head Coach into a wave of anger. It’s unknown that the sporting team will do in retaliation, with potentially banning all future matches in the new year. This would be the ultimate form of punishment for the Separatists, who need to be taught a lesson.