Real Salt Lake is Being Sold

Dell Loy Hansen announced that he’d be selling Real Salt Lake FC, which follows after the team owner had an influx of reports indicating racist comments throughout recent months. It’s believed that Major League Soccer forced Hansen to leave, not risking a potential fallout of African American players or supporters. Dell Roy will now sell “Utah Soccer Holdings Ltd” to the highest bidder. Whoever purchases Hanse’s company will receive full ownership of the Utah Royals in the National Women’s Soccer League, the Real Monarchs of United Soccer, and Real Salt Lake in MLS.

The MLS Commissioner announced that Dell Roy Hansen is selling “Utah Soccer Holdings Ltd”, leading towards the belief that this multi-millionaire was pushed out for MLS. Don Garber revealed that their investigation into the reports made August 28th about Hansen’s racist remarks found proof of evidence within 24 hours. Employed personnel working under Hansen informed MLS Corporate that Dell Roy made multiple racist remarks, often using racial slurs to describe situations & people.

Standard apologies given when caught breaking corporate obligations were provided by Dell Roy Hansen, seemingly written by a Personal Assistant & not himself. It’s mentioned that there were times when he spoke too quickly and didn’t consider the intentions or feelings his sentiments evoked. Hansen’s official statement expressed his full responsibility towards the reports that his words hold a significant impact on African communities that support Real Salt Lake City FC. Dell Roy Hansen would then apologize for his insensitivity & promise to become a better man.


Hansen’s final position in Major League Soccer will be assisting the new ownership in transitioning into club leaders. Hansen claims he’ll work diligently with whatever investment group, corporation, or multi-millionaire that purchases Real Salt Lake FC. It should be clarified that details on the associated cost of buying “Utah Soccer Holdings Ltd” wasn’t provided by Major League Soccer or Dell Roy Hansen. It’s expected to garner upwards of $20 million or more in a private bidding war.

It should be mentioned that new ownership can rebrand & relocate this team to another city while employing new players and workforce personnel. Dell Roy Hansen hopes this can be avoided but understands it might not be possible.