Racist Flag Flown Over Manchester on June 15th

Manchester City was disgusted by the actions of Premier League supporters. Unknown individuals committed acts of racism by purchasing a light aircraft, which flew over Manchester City & the local football stadium. It read “White Lives Matter Burnley”, and was shown during the 1st football match that Manchester City had after returning from COVID-19 Postponement. Actions of intolerance have increased tenfold throughout the City Kingdom, with most disturbed but not shocked by the events that unfolded.

Those that committed this act weren’t supporters of Manchester United, with their origins relating to the Burnley Region. Supporters of Burnley Football Club specifically targeted this match, knowing it’d be seen by millions in the region & possibly billions worldwide. Their intolerant acts follow after the English Premier League condemned systemic racism. Moments before the plane flew over the Manchester City Football Stadium, players with both outfits were seen kneeling in support of the Black Lives Matter Movement. The “White Lives Matter Burnley” banner was then seen above the stadium moments later. It brought significant shame onto the Burnley region & saddened multiple footballers with African heritages.

Burnley FC’s Captain spoke with Sky Sports on the disgusting acts showcased by a small few. Ben Mee remarked his embarrassment & shame towards Burnley FC Supporters that decided to target the Black Lives Matter Movement with intolerant, racist acts. He’d then clarify that rumours in the Burnley region suggested that a small group was focusing on targeting the Manchester City match-up. Ben confirmed that Burnley FC tried their hardest to stop the intolerant acts before they unfolded but couldn’t locate anyone willing to testify against known suspects.

Punishment is Coming

It’s known that Lancashire Law Enforcement – Burnley Division, has prompted an investigation into those involved in this condemned act of racism. The Chief Superintendent of the Burnley Division remarked his confidence towards officers locating these individuals, who will then be arrested & put into prison for an unknown period. Individuals capable of meeting bail will be given another chance to commit this crime, with Burnley FC already anticipating that scenario & creating strategies to avoid any other intolerant crimes against communities of African descent.