Premier Leagues Highest Infections to Date

November 9th to 15th marked a painful period for the Premier League. Nurses with the National Healthcare Service confirmed that sixteen members in the top division had contracted the coronavirus. Those individuals include a collective of players & team personnel, with identities being kept private amid the off-season. These individuals won’t be permitted to attend training sessions & team meetings, having to now quarantine for a prolonged period to guarantee the infection isn’t spread.

An official statement was issued by the Premier League regarding the November 9th to 15th testing period. It’d be confirmed that 1200+ individuals had received PCR-Covid Tests, of which sixteen individuals had contracted the virus. Infected players & team personnel are quarantining in designated hotels for ten days before obtaining another test. The low number of infections results in a percentage of less than 0.01%. It still concerns for executives, with that being the highest volume of infections that the Premier League has experienced since March 2020.

Details in the Premier League’s statement clarified that accommodations for these individuals are being provided in a socially distanced manner. Medical care, groceries, and required necessities are permitted for the infected. Items are dropped off in front of their doors & then after two minutes, that respective individual is allowed to grab their products.

The Premier League’s previous highest volume of infections before this announcement was ten. September 21st to 27th saw the Premier League sustain prominent conditions. Considering that football is slated to resume on November 21st, Executives are working towards eliminating all infections league-wide. Unfortunately, sixteen members will not be competing in the seasonal start for 2020 to 2021. Before those individuals can return to the field, a negative PCR-Covid Test must be sustained. The Premier League claims that most infected are supporting asymptomatic conditions and that favourite footballers will return to contention shortly.