Premier League on Potential Postponement

Claims of safety & protection are being touted by the Premier League after two matches were postponed inside of three days. It shows that substantial outbreaks of coronavirus in Great Britain is reaching the prominent football tournament, with an average of fifty thousand cases being reported daily. Announcements were made on December 30th that the matchup between Fulham & Tottenham was postponement, which has prompted concerns regarding a possible cancellation of seasonal events.

Personnel employed under the Premier League emphasised that Tottenham FC responded to the postponement with anger & demanded kick-off times be resumed, disregarding that other members in Fulham could be contracted with coronavirus. Hours after information regarding Tottenham’s response, announcements were issued that a collective of players & staff has resulted in eighteen positive infection. Five infection footballers originate from Manchester United. This marks the highest volume of known public cases for the Premier League in one testing period. Considering that Manchester City’s match with Everton FC was cancelled on December 28th, the Premier League has sustained their largest outbreak in five days.

Management sustaining Premier League operations during the pandemic have emphasised that tournament scheduling will sustain normalcy. Confirmations were made that the government isn’t suspending the Premier League, which has prompted nationwide backlash. Fifty thousand civilians are being infected per day with Covid-19 or Covid VUI-2020/21. Britain’s population question why footballers can sustain normalcy & make the decision to risk their lives, but standard civilians cannot.

Lack of Compassion

An official statement issued by the Premier League noted confidence in measures built for Covid-19, that protocols will defend footballers from infection. It’s touted that player & staff health is the priority for management, which isn’t true after continued avoidance to postpone operations. It’s then noted by representatives that management hope those infected a fast recovery & ready return to work. The lack of compassion behind the Premier League’s statement has disgusted a large percentage in Great Britain.