Premier League Clubs Reject Project Big Picture

October 14th saw the EFL announce a cojoined plan to reinvent the Premier League with Manchester United & Liverpool. This plan would’ve enabled greater strength for those clubs and others like Chelsea. It’s a concept that’s been rejected by numerous teams operating under the Premier League & EFL. Though it would’ve provided dozens of clubs in the English Football League with financial revenue needed after the COVID-19 pandemic, the power given to the top ten clubs would’ve been astronomical. This manipulative strategy was denounced by Parliament & Prime Minister Boris Johnson, showing the ridiculous behaviour associated with developing this plan.

Named Project Big picture, leadership operating in the Premier League also voiced their negative criticism over Liverpool & Manchester United for secretly strategizing this plan with the EFL. Subsequently, the reputations of these clubs have been sullied. Twenty football clubs in the Premier League have denied Project Big Picture, flat-out refusing to enforce any iteration of PBP.

The Football Association governs over the English Football League, which resides over the Premier League. EFL Executives were informed that any alterations to Premier League operations would evoke the “Special Share Clause”, which permits the FA to terminate any modifications since 1992. It’s effectively concluded any opportunity for EFL Chairman Rick Parry to formalize Project Big Picture. Public discord against his actions is expected to result in his formal resignation.

Liverpool FC & Manchester United were forced to engage in a videoconference with the Football Association. These clubs informed the FA that transparent strategies were being created to revise the Premier League. When the Football Association reported Manchester United & Liverpool FC that the “Special Share Clause” would be evoked, Chairman Ricky Parry wouldn’t provide detailed assessments of what’d occurred during the remainder of that videoconference.

FA Review

Manchester United and Liverpool FC have to acknowledge that the current model in-place for EFL operations has been successful. It appears that both clubs were working to alter the mindsets of EFL & Premier League Executives, hoping for monetary gain. Discussions regarding financial regulation, broadcasting rights, commercial profits, governance, and calendar construction of teams have begun under FA-review. All clubs under Premier League contention will be considered in the final decision.