Positive Covid Tests for Premier League

Testing for the coronavirus hasn’t stopped for fourteen consecutive weeks, with the Premier League announcing their results weekly to institutions like SkySports. Infections amongst footballers was weakening until December 7th to 13th. It’d be announced by the Premier League that six players had tested positive for Covid-19, with an additional eight positive tests being seen amongst team personnel. It marks the highest volume of infections seen in the Premier League for more than thirty days.

Details regarding the testing phases for December 7th to 13th was issued, noting that 1500+ individuals had received COVID PCR Tests. That means the amount of infected equated to less than 0.05% of the Premier League. Premier League medical personnel have struggled to ascertain where infection volumes are, with rates seen in late November sustaining fourteen positive cases. It means that cases were lowered to standard rates & then returned to peak amounts.

Contact tracing indicates that increased infection follow a matchup between Aston Villa & Newcastle United, meaning the positive cases announces are likely from these two clubs. Details regarding which personnel contracted the virus hasn’t been released. It should be mentioned to readers, fourteen cases seen between December 7th to 13th was considered low in early November. Changes in what’s deemed acceptable is changing regular with Premier League executives, with lockdown conditions across the United Kingdom being a defining factor.

The Statement

Premier League personnel released a press statement regarding the infections, confirming that fourteen positive cases had been seen. It’d be mentioned that six cases are new & the remaining eight were infected last week. Healthcare services is being offered to these individuals until Covid-19 can be defeated. It should be mentioned that the Premier League doesn’t have any known deaths associated to Covid-19. This week’s announcement also guaranteed that the namesakes of infected personnel isn’t being made public any longer after unexpected violent altercations.