SportPesa Loses Everton Sponsorship Contract

Shocking headlines struck the sports betting industry today, which followed after it was announced that SportPesa had lost their sponsorship contract with Everton FC. The football club terminated this contract two years earlier than anticipated, meaning their five-year deal turned into three. This contract was first formulated in 2017 and was considered the most controversial sponsorship in the Premier League. Allegations relating to SportPesa indicated that they didn’t respect responsible gambling protocols, meaning that younger audiences and problem players were targeted with this sponsorship agreement.

Commercial operations for Everton FC falls onto Denise Barret-Baxendale, with him being the chief executive officer. After a thorough investigation regarding the strategic review of Everton between 2020 to 2025, it was determined that SportPesa’s contract had to be terminated. This means Everton FC loses £14 million over two years. When asked why they terminated the contract, Denise Barret-Baxendale expressed that they want a different type of sponsor that doesn’t promote gambling.

Sporting analysts know that the gambling-aspect is minimal to Everton FC, with their new owners wanting to restrict the club’s development into specific demographics. These demographics must follow in-suit with Farhad Moshiri’s investments. It’s expected that future sponsorship could retain towards an oil refinery or plastic developer, which would receive more backlash to Everton than the gambling demographic. This would prove that Everton FC has become a breeding group for Farhad’s investments.

Denise Barret-Baxendale spoke to reporters, where she thanks SportPesa for their sponsorship agreement. She expressed that it was beautiful to engage with the African community and see their club play on Africa’s soil for the first time. It allowed them to become a famous football outfit in the African region, with Everton FC considering an expansion team into the African Football League. It’s rumoured that they’d be based out of Johannesburg.

SportPesa History

The online casino first became popular several years ago when Kenyan citizens founded it. It grew to become one of the most popular sources of gambling in the African continent, which quickly extended to the United Kingdom and the European Union. Collected debt followed for SportPesa after the Kenyan Government determined that gambling was attracting young people into debt. It forced stricter regulations, with multiple betting licenses being terminated. This included SportPesa, with additional permissions on the global stage also being cancelled. After obtaining more than $20 million in debt, Everton FC terminated the sponsorship contract.

Riots Breakout in Argentina Football Match

Local law enforcement was forced into an unexpected situation after riots broke out during an Argentina Football Match. This followed after the second division game against the Independiente Rivadavia Football Club; multiple fans attended with armed weapons like knives and machetes. It created immediate concern for players with IRFC. When Argentina supporters began to climb the stadium fences with their guns, referees and coaching staff removed players from the pitch.

Life-threatening fights were started amongst supporters after these professional footballers were removed. After twenty minutes had passed, flags from the Independiente Rivadavia could be seen burning to the ground. Issues regarding safety for footballers has increased drastically in the last fifteen months, with racism in South America growing daily. Multiple football games have been terminated for the protection of players, which often breaks out in an immediate riot. Law enforcement said that two people were injured and 30+ citizens were arrested.

Argentina Qualifies for Tokyo Olympics

Supporters from Argentina are known for their violent behaviour, which hasn’t stopped the national team from moving forward to accomplish their goals. This followed after the South American squad acquired a position with the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. Historically their the 1st nation to earn an Olympic ticket, which followed after they dominated over Colombia in the regional qualifying group. Columbia was defeated two to one, with Neheun Perez and Agustin Urzi acquiring the necessary goals needed to obtain victory. Acting as the Under-23 National Argentina Football Club, they’ll compete against Colombia one more time in the Round Robin Qualification. Regardless of whoever wins that battle, Argentina moves forward to the Tokyo Olympics.

Argentina could compete against Colombia in the Tokyo Olympics. Though they’ve acquired the 1st Round Placement for the global sporting event, there’s a second qualification place available. Brazil, Colombia, Spain and Uruguay will compete in their respective matches to win the second placement. Additional sporting outfits competing elsewhere for a position in the Tokyo Olympics include Germany and France. Argentina will benefit from maintaining a new contract with Piatti, a former striker with the Montreal Impact. His capabilities to dominant through defences is similar to Ronaldo’s, making him a desired asset for the upcoming Olympics.

MLS 2020 Preseason Matches

Major League Soccer’s Preseason is fully underway, with multiple teams competing against each other for practice sessions. Two of the latest matches were played by Sporting Kansas City and Cincinnati FC, which extended to the second matchup of Philadelphia Union versus Chicago Fire FC. Saturday afternoon saw Kansas City become victorious against Cincinnati Football Club, with them acquiring four points to zero. This matchup was played in Arizona at the Grande Sports World Complex. It marks the first significant loss for Cincinnati FC.

Daniel Salloi made the 1st goal in the 11th minute, which followed by Roger Espinoza making a secondary goal in the 44th minute. After the halftime break period, the 65th minute saw Wilson Harris make the third goal. Johnny Russel acquired the fourth and final goal eight minutes before games-end. This marks the 1st goals during the preseason for Johnny Russel and Wilson Harris. Sporting analysts believe that the Cincinnati Football Club would’ve had better chances at winning this preseason matchup if they hadn’t relied on reserves. Considering this is a practice period for these organizations, it’s not surprising that these reserves would receive playing time. The chances of experiencing any official season game time are limited.

Chicago FC Versus Philadelphia Union

When it applies to the second preseason match this week, it was the Philadelphia Union that defeated the Chicago Fire Football Club. It marks their 1st victory throughout the 2020 preseason, which took place in Florida. The Union’s head coach has gifted the Clearwater matchup in spoils of previous achievements, with that metropolis being his hometown. Those players that acquired the 3-0 leader over Chicago FC included Anthony Fontana, Kacper Przybylko and Sergio Santos.

Kacper Przybylko and Anthony Fontana were the dominating players throughout the first half, with both acquiring goals before halftime. This followed with Sergio Santos making a third goal, which was assisted with Przybylko. Subsequently, Kacper Przybylko was provided with the most valuable player title for their 2nd preseason matchup. It should be noted that Issa Rayman wasn’t available for their second matchup in the 2020 preseason. He’ll make his official return against the Montreal Impact next Sunday. It should be noted that the Philadelphia Union Football Club lost against Atlanta United earlier this week, losing by four points against the former champions. Winning against the Chicago Football Club will provide team associates with the confidence required to move forward into the official MLS season.

Olympic Qualifier Moves to Australia

Due to the coronavirus spreading rapidly, the Chinese Football Association has opted to withdraw as the official Olympic women’s soccer qualifying event host. This will now move to Australia where the qualifying for Round 3 has already been moved from its original location of Wuhan, the location of where this virus began. The announcement came on Sunday with reasons cited for the venue change being public safety. 

To date, there have been over 2,000 Chinese infected with coronavirus. Of the 2,000 infected, 56 have passed away, and the result was the Chinese government putting Wuhan in lockdown while working at a rapid pace to construct a hospital that will have 1,000 beds, a move being made in anticipation for the worst-case scenario. In addition to efforts from the Chinese, health authorities worldwide are working together in attempts to control the outbreak. The hope is to stop it from spreading, but this is proving to be a challenge. 

The Olympic women’s soccer Group includes Taiwan, Thailand, China and Australia and is slated to take place between the 3rd of February and the 9th. The two top placing teams will then move onto Group A, which currently includes Vietnam, Myanmar and South Korea. They will play in both away and home games to determine the two countries to join Japan as women representing Asian countries at the 2020 Olympics.

As a host nation, China is taking extreme caution towards the risk of exposing locals, athletes and of course, tourists to the virus. While the games are six months away, they have chosen to move a number of events to other locations as a precaution. One of those was a boxing event that was scheduled to take place in Wuhan’s but was cancelled and subsequently moved to Senegal where it will occur on the 20th of February. The International Tennis Federation on Sunday also chose to move Asia/Oceania Group 1 tournament from China. The event will now take place in Sultan, Kazakhstan between the 4th and 8th of February. The ITF stated that is made the decision after the continuation of “increasing travel restrictions”.

Death Toll Rising

It is estimated that the coronavirus could infect as many as 100,000 worldwide experts are warning. That has seen the United Kingdom government having to reassure its people that it is in a position to respond should cases be reported within the United Kingdom. An Imperial College public health expert, Prof Neil Ferguson noted that his best estimation is there are at least 100,000 already infected however to date, only 2,200 cases have been reported. Of those, the largest number are from the originating source, Wuhan.

Although so far there have not been any positive infections within the U.K, the Labour Party is calling on the UK Government to confirm with the public that should an outbreak occur on British soil that the National Health System will be capable of dealing with it, even while struggling with the usual flu season.

European Football Signings for January 20th

Two announcements have already been made for the January-February transfer window for the Premier League and La Liga. Numerous alterations in player lineups will be made in the following weeks, with rumours circulating like wildfire. However, the first transfer that’s been confirmed revolved around Reiner Carvalho. It was confirmed that the Brazilian teenager would be moving to Real Madrid. This contract stands for six years, meaning he will play for the La Liga organization until June 2026. Reiner Carvalho begins his journey with Real Madrid after completing his stint in Brazil with the Under-23 Pre-Olympic Tournament, which ends on February 9th.

Sports analysts have begun criticizing Reiner Carvalho. Stigmas in European Football tend to lean towards home-based players, believing that international competitors don’t have the necessary skillsets. The head coach for the U23 Brazilian team disregarded these critiques, with Andre Jardine mentioning that Reiner Carvalho will be a significant force for Real Madrid. It should be noted that this centre-forward has shown incredible capabilities, acquiring six goals in fourteen appearances with Flamengo.

Inter Milan Looking at Christian Eriksen

The transfer window in Europe hasn’t been entirely friendly. Coaching staff with two organizations from separate leagues are at odds with each other. This comes after inter Milan confirmed they’d pay £11 million with two bonuses for Christian Eriksen. However, Tottenham Hotspur has continually rejected these early offers from Inter Milan. This follows after two initial offerings, with their previous highest being £8.5 million. Tottenham confirmed they’d pay double that figure at £17 million, which is more substantial than the most recent acquisition contract offered.

Christian Eriksen has expressed that his time with Tottenham Hotspur is over since summer 2018. Money talks more than emotion in a professional setting, which is leading many analysts to believe that Eriksen will sign on for another one-year extension at £17 million. This would make him one of the highest-paid athletes in the Premier League, and the most expensive player in Tottenham’s lineup.

Christian Erikson’s contract ends by June 2020, with pre-contract negotiations beginning on January 1st. It won’t be long before supporters of Tottenham Hotspur know if their prized player will continue with the organization. The removal of Erikson would prompt the Hotspur’s to drop drastically in the standings. It should be noted that Inter Milan are considering multiple other players, which include Victor Moses and Chelsea Olivier. The goal for Inter Milan is to acquire the Champions League Trophy in 2020, which would be their 1st since 2010.

Cardiff FC Causes Supporter Outrage

Private security in the United Kingdom is a highly concerning subject, with all citizens being watched by government entities through various technologies. This was proved again at Cardiff FC’s most recent matchup against Swansea City on January 12th, 2019. Football supporters noticed that facial recognition technology was being operated at the Cardiff City Stadium, with two surveillance vehicles openly using the technology to acquire data on all visitors. It prompted immediate outrage and concern against their football club, with supporters wearing masks or scarves to hide their identities. It’s become a nationwide story after data indicated CCTV Cameras are continuously collecting data on all Great Britain citizens. Considering this technology is meant to assist law enforcement with criminals, it’s an incredibly offensive action.

The Cardiff City Supporter Club and Big Brother Watch combined their efforts to implement a protest against this football association. It took place at Cardiff City Stadium before the game beginning, with numerous banners reading “No Racial Recognition” being displayed. News outlets reported that the surveillance vehicles would attend the Cardiff FC vs Swansea City matchup. However, most individuals didn’t see the report because of the broadcast time of 3:00 Am. Anthony Moore, a previous soldier for the Queen’s Army, was on-site at the protest. He expressed that their rights as citizens are being taken away and that everyone is under scrutiny for the actions of few. Additional protestors noted that the government attacking their rights is uncalled for and biased, for the government are more prominent criminals than anybody else.

Cardiff City Under Surveillance

For unknown reasons, the government of Great Britain have selected Cardiff City for the facial recognition testing site. Reporters noted that Cardiff had become the most-watched city in the European Union, with estimations stating that more than 200 thousand cameras are maintained in this urban environment. These facial recognition vehicles began patrolling the streets two months ago, visiting local pubs and elementary schools. When children were being targeted, it prompted an immediate backlash from local citizens. Political analysts estimate that the city will break soon and start committing violent protests. This is what happens whenever a government becomes to superstitious of their respective citizens.

Both the Big Brother Watch and Cardiff FC Supporters Club have begun handing out pamphlets about the facial recognition surveillance vehicles. It should be noted that statistical data suggests that this technology targets Middle Eastern and African American individuals, with Caucasian citizens not being checked against the database. This indicates a substantial level of racism within the higher levels of government in Great Britain.

Liverpool Championship Victory Increasing

The Premier League has been rocked by the recent advancement of Liverpool, who in 2018 struggled to acquire a position in the championship. However, Liverpool, for the first time in three decades, is close to securing the championship title for the premier league. This comes after Jurgen Klopp earned 58 points in the standings, which is out of a total of 60 available. They are thirteen points above all other teams and haven’t lost any matchup for more than twelve months. From all accounts, it appears that Liverpool only has to cruise onwards to the championship title, however, you won’t find anybody in the Premier League that will agree with those statements as most fans rooting against them.

These individuals are biased, rooting for teams like Manchester City or Chelsea. However, Liverpool marks the 12th team in Europe’s existence to go unbeaten for longer than one year. Data analysts estimate that this sporting organization has a 97% chance of winning the championship in a few weeks. Analysts also determined that Liverpool will finish with 99 points, which would be one point away from the leagues highest record. Subsequently, Liverpool would become the second most fabulous team statistically in Premier League history. These percentages also mean that Manchester City maintains a 3% chance for victory, with it being nearly impossible for them to acquire the championship title.

Even though statistically Liverpool is dominating all over teams in the league, there have been instances before where they’ve almost acquired a championship and then lost to the pressure. Subsequently, supporters of Liverpool are remaining calm and doing everything possible not to jinx the championship title. Before Liverpool goes against Manchester United from the Championship title, they will place against Tottenham and the Wolves. It’s already guaranteed that Liverpool will win both those matches with a 3 – 0 score or higher.

Punishments Following for Racist Behaviour

The Premier League has come under fire recently for the racist behaviour displayed at their matchups, which is slated to be extensive at the championship title. This has resulted in the British Judiciary System to implement higher powers to the governing authorities with the Premier League. Subsequently, those found committing homophobic or racist behaviour at future matchups will receive significant fines or prison time. This will be implemented with the assistance of a police representative at every matchup. Recently, there’s been a considerable push to abolish racism from the Premier League and make it a more tolerant association for individuals worldwide.

Recent Acquisitions in MLS

The acquisition period for 2020 – 21 has begun to be discussed, with it being announced that Inter Miami FC will receive Toronto FCs Juan Agudelo. This will become effective during the 3rd round of the MLS SuperDraft Selection, with Inter Miami FC noting that Juan has experienced this league for several years and maintains formidable talent. They believe this noteworthy footballer can add valuable depth to the team, with his age remaining young in comparison to other players.

Agudelo is twenty-seven years of age, with his time at Toronto FC beginning in 2019 during the 2nd stage of the MLS Re-Entry Draft. The decision to depart from TFC was entirely his own, seeing limited playtime because of players like Alejandro Pozuelo. Before joining this squad, he played with the New England Revolution, where he was a formidable force. The lack of playtime with TFC saw him acquire only three goals with two assists in 28 games, which prompted him to leave the organization when the option immediately becomes available in 2021. He must wait because of contract obligations.

Additional notable moments throughout his career include his first signing with the New York Red Bulls, where he spent three years on the training-squad. Though he saw official playtime, it was a rarity in his training position. However, when he moved to the New England Revolution, he thrived amongst the squad. In 215 MLS Appearances, he’s made 46 goals. The announcement that he’s arrived at Inter Miami FC should be exciting for fans of the sporting organization.

Zac MacMath Traded to Real Salt Lake City

Another noteworthy acquisition that was made this week involved Zac MacMath. It was revealed that the Vancouver Whitecaps would give up MacMath to Real Salt Lake FC in 2020 under the Targeted Allocation Money. Real Salt Lake paid $50,000.00 for the acquisition, allowing for their squad to receive one of the veteran goalkeepers in Major League Soccer. This comes after Nick Rimando retired from professional soccer, leaving Real Salt Lake at the end of the 2019 season.

Zac MacMath was the fifth overall selection during the 1st round of the 2011 MLS SuperDraft, where he was acquired by the Philadelphia Union FC. Throughout his four seasons with the Union, he played 103 professional games. 2015 marked the year he moved to the Colorado Rapids, where he served as an understudy. This was unsatisfactory for the veteran, who switched to Vancouver, where he maintained eight started in the 2019 season. Hoping for a more significant presence, Zac MacMath now goes to Real Salt Lake FC as the head goalie.

Riots Follow After Real Madrid Vs. Barcelona Matchup

Football fans in the European Union continued to display violent acts over the past week. News reports from Barcelona indicate that rioting police were called to dissipate street protests. These events came after the match against Real Madrid and Barcelona, where more than 650 million people worldwide watched the game. However, outside the walls of this football stadium, nearly 100 thousand individuals were creating significant amounts of commotion outside. Luckily, the fans located inside the stadium didn’t create any hassles which would’ve postponed the game. Unfortunately, this matchup resulted in a draw. Afterwards, these 100+ protestors began to become violent. It’s estimated that more than three thousand police officers and security guards were deployed on the scene to assist with any criminal acts.

The authorities breaking the riot apart were forced to use batons, pepper-spray, and gas bombs to send the crowd away from the stadium. During the four-hour protest, nine individuals were arrested, and authorities injured numerous others. This event also saw multiple trash cans lite into flames, glass windows were broken, and various property destroyed. Barcelona citizens participating in this riot damaged buildings that are thousands of years old, which the Spanish government has claimed to be shameful. Anyone with information is suggested to contact the Spanish Police and bring these disrespectful individuals to justice.

Authorities weren’t able to dissipate the crowds before the matchup was completed, where spectators were told to leave the stadium from the south side. This allowed average Spanish citizens to avoid the separatists, who have committed numerous riots to promote independence in Spain. Authorities had hoped that there wouldn’t be any violent protests this time, with the last matchup on October 26th being postponed by the actions of these separatists. Security concerns were so significant that fans were informed that all masks would be confiscated. This extended to smoke bombs and giant flags.

Barcelona FC Affected

When the game began, the individuals outside the stadium started to chant their various statements. It was overwhelmingly loud and could be heard by every fan in the stadium for two hours. These chants included Freedom for Political Prisoners, Lets Talk Spain, and Freedom. However, the Spanish government and its people have refused to allow the North-Eastern region to independent freedom. Clashes have become so extreme that nine political leaders for the Separatists were arrested in recent months.

Barcelona FC begged that their local citizens behave at the upcoming match. Unfortunately, those requests weren’t obeyed. Certain fans sneaked banned reading “Spain, Sit and Talk” to the matchup, where they were quickly removed from the facility and detained by the police. Elderly individuals at this matchup needed personalized security to avoid any potential injuries, which set Barcelona FC’s Head Coach into a wave of anger. It’s unknown that the sporting team will do in retaliation, with potentially banning all future matches in the new year. This would be the ultimate form of punishment for the Separatists, who need to be taught a lesson.

Spanish Football Match Halted

The recent development of racist comments in European Soccer Leagues shows no signs of diminishing. It was revealed that the Spanish Soccer League experienced another bout of racism at a matchup against Rayo Vallecano and Albacete. The game was terminated during halftime, Rayo Vallecano Citizens began chanting racist and insulting language to the Albacete Squad. It reached a point where an unexpected banner was revealed, which claimed that the Ukrainian Footballer “Roman Zozulia” from Albacete is a Neo-Nazi. Throughout the entire first half, supports of Rayo Vallecano continually chanted racism slurs relating to Ukrainian’s towards Roman.

With a continuous onslaught of insulting language, both teams respectively asked the referee to halt the match. This was the sporting organization’s ways to punishing the players, who would’ve paid a costly fee to see this matchup. Ultimately, the game finished with a score of 0-0. Security Forces for Rayo Vallecano and Albacete assisted local law enforcement with the removal of crowds. Reports claim that nearly a violent riot broke out, with police authorities having to make multiple arrests.

Past Events of Racism

This isn’t the first time that Rayo Vallecano Fans have displayed their ignorance towards culture and race. Roman Zozulia formally played for the team throughout the 2017 season, where supports regularly abused him. This came after unsubstantiated rumours indicated that Roman had extreme right-wing political views. However, all sporting organization he worked for and family members came to his defence. Unfortunately, this didn’t stop Rayo Vallecano Fans from mentally abusing this man.

Albacete’s Victor Varela spoke with reporters on this incident. He noted that Roman was crying from the mental abuse, as were other players come to his defence. He also said that he was pleased by the inconvenience this caused support in Rayo Vallecano. It’s anticipated that Albacete will ask the Spanish Football League to avoid future matches going forward with Rayo Vallecano. In extreme cases such as this instance, these requisitions are typically approved.