Judge Dismisses USWF Equal Pay Claim

The US Women’s Football Team has announced their public discuss towards a Federal Judge named Gary Klausner. This follows after the ignorant Judge determined that Equal Pay for these women shouldn’t be supported. He dismissed their claim from the courts, rejecting the premise that their paid less than US Men’s Football Team. Looking at standard valuations online reveal that these men are paid considerably higher than the twenty-eight women who filed this claim.

They’d requested $66 million in unpaid finances that would’ve been awarded under equal pay legislation. That won’t be possible until the decision is appealed with the US Supreme Court, with the team’s spokeswoman noting that their shocked by this decision and won’t give up on equal pay. Molly Levinson finished her remarks by noting this Judge won’t beat the strongest women in America, directly attacking this man for his ignorance.

Molly Levinson spoke with Reporters after the case was dismissed. She noted that their confidence in this case, which has received support from multiple communities of young women and mothers. Levinson expressed the team’s desire to showcase the strength of their gender. It should be mentioned that various individuals of influence provided their insight onto these proceedings. This included Joe Biden, the Democratic Nominee for the US Presidency. He told the US Women’s Football Team not to stop fighting and demanded that equal pay be enforced immediately, or funding for the world cup will be lost quickly.

The Judge

Gary Klausner abused his position as a Federal Judge, imposing unfair treatment onto these women. Amidst the COVID-19 Pandemic, he demanded that these women cannot travel for the court date or stay in local housing. This forced all twenty-eight female footballers to remain in their respective cities. Gary Klausner then ruled that because that the plaintiffs couldn’t attend the court on its intended date; it must be thrown out. What Gary Klausner did was highly illegal, with Molly Levinson looking toward options to have him banished from reviewing this claim. Judges that used to act in this manner were sentenced to prison, and when your purposely persecute civilians under biased mentalities, that’s when those sentences should be re-initiated.

DFA President Comments on the Premier League

The Dutch Football Association’s President has provided insight onto the Premier League, indicating doubt that matches could be resumed by June 1st with closed-door events. The DFA President made these remarks hours after the British Government revealed sporting venues could return by late May or early June.
Government officials with the United Kingdom will converse with their Chief Medical Officers, determining which sporting venues are best suited to re-open by June 1st. Most outfits with the Premier League have 20+ players, with an additional 20+ coaching staff. That means every “Closed Door Event” would have upwards of 100 UK Civilians. Considering this breaks social distancing measures, national broadcasters wouldn’t be permitted to showcase these venues. It’d defeat the purpose for advertisers and continue the low-profit margins for Premier League outfits.

Boosting national morale throughout Great Britain has become a significant point of interest, with politicians looking for unique methods that’d see civilians more willing to remain home for social distancing. Implementing Premier League games that are supported exclusively with televised broadcasts could prompt civilians to stay indoors. This would require government officials to alter broadcasting protocols, which enables SkySports and EuroSports to showcase these matches legally.

Falsified Silver Lining

The DFA President remarked that this silver lining of hope indicated by the Premier League is falsified, that most sporting competitions worldwide will be forced to extend to delays. The chances for the Premier League to resume matches by June 1st is at a likelihood of 20%, with outfits needing a prewarning to prepare themselves for upcoming competitions. Furthermore, an average Premier League season takes upwards of half a year. This means that the Champions League wouldn’t be possible under the current postponements.

Another challenge that faces the Premier League is the players association, which is refusing to engage with live matches until the novel coronavirus has concluded across Great Britain. The virus won’t end until a vaccine is released later this year or next, meaning football matches could be postponed for a prolonged period. We’ll keep our readers updated with any new details regarding the Premier League resuming.

MLS Season Postponement Extended to June 8th

The Major League Soccer Association confirmed that an extension on the 2020 seasons postponement had been extended. MLS matches won’t be officially played until June 8th, with the possibility of an additional extension being implemented. This follows after the MLS Association terminated their seasonal events on March 19th, ensuring that the league abided by CDC Regulation. Their initial postponement was slated to last for eight weeks, allowing for MLS teams to compete by May 10th. That won’t be possible any longer under the new extension. Supporters weren’t shocked by the official announcement, as resuming seasonal events was extremely unlikely under the COVID-19 conditions in North America.

It should be mentioned that the MLS Players Association is demanding that compensation be provided to athletes throughout the extension period. This will cost MLS teams an influx of funds, with outfits like TFC and Inter Miami FC losing hundreds of thousand weekly. Minimal profits follow after a lack of sales for apparel & tickets, with this extending towards lost contracts with broadcasters & advertisers. Even under this unprecedented conditions for the leagues 25th year, all coaching staff and general managers have abided by the MLSPA’s demands. Everyone will be protected throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Statement

Representatives provided an official statement regarding the postponement extension. It mentioned that the MLS community is exploring new formats that’ll allow for the 2020 Season to be entirely conducted, ensuring that the Championship Cup Series could be maintained by December. Before these formats can be implemented, we’ll continue to abide by CDC Guidance Regulations. It’s prompted our executives to extend the seasonal postponement until June 8th. We’ve ensured our athletes that compensation will be provided, allowing for families and respective individuals to be protected during the pandemic.

Representative iterated that MLS Corporate is working with the players association, determining various solutions that’ll provide safety for our employed athletes. These solutions also enable these individuals to earn their full contract salaries. One of the discussed provisions is limiting attendees until a vaccine is provided worldwide. This will be a minimum of two years.

Spanish Football league & Players Union at Odds

The fallout associated with COVID-19 in Spain has already begun. Proof has shown there’s a power struggle between multiple football organizations throughout the Spanish territories, which follows after partnerships amongst these associations were already strained. Analysts in the Spanish Soccer Community predicted that these unprecedented events would prompt businesses to become stronger. Those predictions were incorrect, with relationships becoming more strained. The Spanish Soccer Federation, Spanish Players Union and Spanish Soccer League are now at odds with each other. The fallout from these strained relationships could see a broken football league in Spain.

Relationships amongst these three associations worsened after the Spanish Soccer Federation claimed that the Union had a secretive agenda. The SSF believed that the Union was comprising a plan that’d see a significant percentage of the Federation’s reserve funds taken as “Relief Aid”. This prompted the Player’s Union to respond and state that conversations of this nature hadn’t ever existed. Leaked phone conversations amongst Federation executives proved that the Union didn’t have a hidden agenda. These executives told representatives to make falsified stories on the Union to benefit their position.

This substantial clash started when the Spanish Government forced a specialized commission, which would govern the three bodies and ensure their willingness to comply. The Federation was the previous body that ruled over the Union and Spanish Soccer League, which could’ve been the reason behind their falsified claims. Executives in the Spanish Soccer Federation would do anything required to ensure that reserve funds are protected.

Possible Strike

Football analysts anticipate that the Player’s Union will immediately go on strike after the COVID-19 pandemic has concluded in Spain. These players ultimately hold power over the Federation and League, with their demands inevitably having to be met or profits will continue to be lost. It should be noted that this isn’t the 1st time that the Spanish Soccer Federation threw their players under the bus. Similar measures unfolded when the SARS Outbreak unfolded worldwide.

The Spanish Government has the capabilities to fine the Football Federation, who ultimately were willing to risk the safety and lives of players for finances. This business tactic has become taboo throughout the COVID-19 pandemic and could see the SSF face significant backlash when infection rates slow down.

Philadelphia Union Player Contracts COVID-19

Three significant headlines shocked supporters of Major League Soccer from April 1st to April 3rd. It was announced that somebody with the Philadelphia Union had contracted COVID-19. Representatives announcing this contraction didn’t confirm the infected player. However, this marks the 1st player in Major League Soccer to test positive. Another member in the MLS Community contracted COVID-19 on March 15th, with this being a Support Staffer with the Seattle Sounders. Similar announced followed by New York City FC on March 19th. Compared to other sporting leagues in the United States, Major League Soccer has seen minimal infections.

Representatives issued an official statement with the Philadelphia Union. They expressed that healthcare professionals working for MLS have been working with Medical Officials, ensuring that this player has a prompt recovery. Similar measures have been implemented by Major League Soccer Corporate, with their Support Staffers receiving medical assistance at home. Philadelphia Union ensured that this respective player has implemented self-isolation protocols and is recovering promptly.

Training Moratorium Period Extended

MLS Corporate confirmed on March 2nd that the “Training Moratorium Period” will be extended towards April 24th. Statements issued by corporate representatives expressed that this decision was made amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. Original delays on the TMP were increased after the North American outbreak became a substantial pandemic. It should be noted that MLS Facilities are shut down until further notice. Individuals requiring medical treatments as these facilities are allowed entry, with this being a minimal amount of MLS Players.

MLS Footballers will continue to operate their standard contracts during this period. MLS Corporate hasn’t made confirmation of pay cuts for these punters. Reserve funds are enough to support the families of these players, corporate employees and Support Staffers. Major League Soccer is expected to resume by June 15th.

Pay Cuts for International Footballers

Major League Soccer might not be experiencing any pay cuts right now, but multiple FIFA Members have implemented specific measures. This includes La Liga Spain, Super League Greece, UEFA Champions League, UEFA Europa League and the Russian Premier Association. The average cut of yearly salaries is 25%, with some sporting associations implementing higher valuations at 50%. These associated losses to players and staff members are to ensure reserve funds are protected during the COVID-19 pandemic.

FIFA Creating New Regulations for Covid-19 Fallout

The novel coronavirus has affected all sporting events worldwide, forcing the global calendar for soccer to be postponed. It’s prompted the FIFA Association to begin creating new regulations, which will hopefully ensure that player contracts are protected. This follows after an unprecedented shutdown that’s not been seen since World War II. It should be noted that FIFA-employed Lawyers have begun discussing these new regulations with players, teams and league representatives. The conditional factors are all being considered before the final draft of these regulations are revealed.

Multiple soccer leagues are nearing the end of their 2019-20 Seasons, forcing thousands of athletes to return home for self-isolation. These individuals aren’t able to practice and don’t have insurances on financial futures. That’s why patchwork measures must be implemented, allowing for the effects of Covid-19 to playout without minimal effects on soccer associations worldwide. Players will be guaranteed standard contract finances and will play a re-scheduled season.

The Plan

Sporting analysts anticipate that the aftermath of Covid-19 to international soccer will require a restart of all seasonal activities. FIFA believes these predictions are accurate and estimate that 70% of the leagues connected to this association will re-schedule. That doesn’t mean all Soccer Teams and Players are guaranteed protection by FIFA. Significant fallouts are still expected, with the most adverse challenging again coming before things can return to normal. Regardless of these re-scheduled seasons, the attitude and spirit of supporters will be sombre.

Confidential documents were leaked to the New York Times, which were named “The Covid-19: Football Regulatory Issues, Signed and Dated by FIFA”. The documents list the most detrimental issues that must be solved immediately. Those include the player contracts slated to end this summer, which will have to remain active until each soccer league completes their seasonal activities.

Documents details also indicate that transfer windows will be postponed without any guarantees towards the end of various seasons. It’ll prompt a large percentage of teams to keep their signed players on for an additional season. What’s most important for the Federation of International Football Associations is the balance of soccer worldwide, which is fluctuating right now.

League Suspension Increased to May 10th for MLS

Major League Soccer’s postponement of regular season play is extending towards May 10th. This followed after a series of recommendations were enlisted by the Center for Disease Control & Prevention. These guidelines were implemented to ensure greater safety for public citizens during the Covid-19 Pandemic. It should be noted that these recommendations extend towards Canadian-MLS Teams as well.

Representatives with Major League Soccer released a formal statement through online sources, refusing to hold a press conference during this horrifying period in history. Their account expressed that guidelines implemented by the CDC request that sporting events with 50+ people be postponed for two months. We’ve agreed to these requests and extended our suspended season. We’ll continue to focus on playing the full 2020 MLS Season and are currently evaluating our options. This’ll include moving the championship cup venues until December 2020. Continuation into the next season wouldn’t be delayed.

Global Hiatus

Professional football matches throughout the globe have been terminated following the novel coronavirus pandemic. Multiple leagues have suspended their seasons and postponed regular games. It’s becoming a logistical nightmare on how to continue profits for investors during this unknown period in history. Financial costs are quickly adding up and forcing multiple clubs to take out loans. Notable leagues with suspended seasons include Major League Soccer, the Premier League, the EFL and UEFA.

The last European-based Football League that announced they’re suspending their respective season as Bundesliga. They’ve reported that $1.2 Billion in profits have been lost following the postponed season. Similar losses have been seen for the Premier League, which confirmed that broadcasting revenue has dropped by $1.3 Billion for Sky Sports. The overall losses for the Premier League weren’t approved. When it applies to Major League Soccer, the impact could be more significant without any government-bailouts coming. Team owners will become responsible for paying their athletes during this unconventional period. That’s why a full season with scheduled games are being demanded.

It should be mentioned that MLS, the Premier League and EFL have also terminated training sessions. Players have been informed to remain in self-isolation and not commit to any physical activity. When these footballers to return after Covid-19, their respective skillsets won’t be honed and could potentially prompt unprofessional football.

Switzerland Soccer Federation President Infected with COVID-19

The Soccer Federation for Switzerland announced that their president has tested positive for COVID-19. It’s prompted for a marginal decline in the Switzerland Soccer Federations valuation, with Dominique Blanc being more than 70+ years of age. It was confirmed that Dominque was tested on March 15th, with the older man now being placed into self-isolation. The Federations President noted that his condition was alright, with him showing minimal flu symptoms. Considering that the coronavirus affects the elderly in deathly situations, most football analysts believe these claims aren’t genuine.

There have been multiple employees with the Switzerland Soccer Federation that have contracted the novel coronavirus or COVID-19. It prompted for Dominique Blanc to request medical advice from experts, which included attending the UEFA Annual Meeting on March 3rd. It’s suspected that travelling to this meeting caused Dominque’s recent infection. The Switzerland Soccer Federation has now shut down their headquarters, with UEFA demanding that football operations in fifty-five countries be terminated effective immediately. When Dominique Blanc was questioned on the UEFA Meeting, he expressed that the termination protocols are best to ensure public safety. His remarks are most pivotal with his genuine contraction of COVID-19.

It should be mentioned that Switzerland Government Politicians implemented legislation to suspend national football operation. They were one of the 1st governments to enforce these clauses, ensuring that the risk of spreading was limited. It’s prompted limited exposure of COVID-19 across Switzerland. Throughout these announcements with the Switzerland Soccer Federation, it was confirmed that continued conference calls would be held with UEFA. Those conference calls will be made to re-evaluate the Pandemic weekly. We’ll keep our readers updated with any new information.

Canada Shutdown Soccer

The Canadian Sports Medicine Committee has consulted multiple leagues throughout the Great White North. After consulting the Canadian Soccer Association, it was determined that for the benefit of public safety, all football activities nation-wide must be suspended. This decision was supported by public health authorities, provincial governments and the federal government. This suspension applies to all leagues across every age group, with a re-launch date not being specified by the respective authorities.

Professional leagues like the Canadian Men’s Under-23 National Team couldn’t attend their CONCACAF Olympic Qualifying Matchup with Mexico. It’s been moved from March 20th to April 1st, with two additional international games with Trinidad and Tobago postponed until an unknown date.

Achara Placed Onto MLS Team of the Week

The Second Team of the Week for Major League Soccer was announced on March 9th. A rookie player was placed into this spirited team, which compiles the top footballers from the last week. This rookie is from Toronto FC and named Achara, with many sporting analysts believing this young man will have a formidable career with Major League Soccer. This follows after the Left-Winger displayed incredible skillsets throughout his professional debut on March 7th. The performance shown by Achara enabled for TFC to defeat their rivals by a singular point, which allowed the footballer to become the 1st named player from TFC onto Team of the Week in 2020.

Multiple sporting analysts are praising this young athlete for competing at this level, against some of the highest-rated athletes in professional soccer. The 22-year-old was told ninety minutes before the matches kickoff that he’d be placed onto the starting lineup. It followed after Tsubasa Endoh couldn’t complete his TFC Training Session. Endoh faced a severe injury during prior training sessions from last week. This enabled Achara to showcase what he has to offer with Toronto, as the footballer almost acquired three points while Pozuelo and Altidore couldn’t perform. The singular-winning goal for Achara came in the 80th minute, which was achieved after Richie Laryea pitched the ball across the field towards his direction. It allows Achara to make a header into the net, which is a rare feat to accomplish for any professional football player.

The 2020 MLS Championship Potential

It should be noted that ever since Achara was selected as the 25th overall draft pick, he’s maintained a scoring position in every single match he’s officially appeared. This dates back to the preseason, with Greg Vanney now praising the young Nigerian from Georgetown University. The head coach for Toronto expressed that multiple executives with TFC have reached out, revealing that Achara could be their newest star and that he should implement this footballer throughout every match. This head coach hasn’t confirmed if Achara will replace Endoh as the title Left-Winger, with most sporting analysts agreeing that Vanney won’t have any choice in this decision.

The main goal for Toronto’s Football Club moving forward is to enter the 2020 MLS Championship Season. Considering they came second place throughout last season, this formidable outfit will want to return and acquire their 3rd MLS Champions.

Inter Miami FC Debuts for the First Time

Major League Soccer began last weekend, with one new franchise starting for the 1st time. This included Inter Miami CF, one of the two latest organizations that have entered into MLS. Their inaugural game began against the Los Angeles Football Club on March 1st. It marked a substantially difficult opponent with LAFC winning the Supporters Shield Trophy last season. It should be noted that they didn’t have the required talents to win the MLS Championship in 2019 though.

The Players

Will Trap from Inter Miami FC spoke to reporters regarding this game. He stated: “It’s a tall order in the sense of being the first game for an expansion team going against the Supporters’ Shield winners from a year ago. But it’s the challenge you want as a competitor. It’s the game and the litmus test you want early on in the season to see how much work you’ve put in and how it’s paying dividends.”

Another notable athlete that’s connected to Inter Miami FC is Rodolfo Pizzaro, the Mexican Athlete that’s known for appearing on his home national team. Pizzaro has played for Mexico’s National Team since 2014 and will continue to operate with them following his permittance into Inter Miami.

One of the challenging aspects about Inter Miami FCs first match up was that the LAFC already experienced multiple victories before starting their 2020 MLS Season. This included defeating the Mexican National Team during the CONCACAF Championships, with this being the 1st round of sixteen coming.

The third notable athlete participating with Inter Miami FC is Carlos Vela. He was the 2019 Golden Boot MLS Winner last season, which followed after he won thirty-four goals. When playing for Inter Miami FC during their pre-season testing, two goals were already acquired by this infamous forward.

When questioned on how he feels about the home opening game, the Inter Miami FC head coach stated: “It’s our home opener, so we’ve got to be ready. We’re going to try like crazy to make sure that same football and the same mentality is there every night, regardless of the competition and regardless of who is on the field.”