Mourinho is Stirring up Negativity Regarding Manchester United

Despite the teams relatively good record during the previous season, even that couldn’t help Jose Mourinho out of the downward spiral that manager found himself in on Saturday at Wembley. This was caused to the team going down a shocking 1-0 to Chelsea during the FA Cup finale.

Manchester just seemed to have a poor start this season against the likes of Manchester City, Tottenham, Crystal Palace, and even Chelsea, which coincidentally were the only platforms the team had to make a spectacular comeback win which would put the team back in high regards.

Somehow though, Mourinho seemed as if he could not manage to coax out his side during the Saturday highly anticipated game – which was shown by his apparent focus to stop Chelsea instead unleashing his star players lead to the Manchester team casting shadows during the entirety of the first half of the match. The teams play showed little to none unionization, and when the players finally were allowed to release their shackles, they have already given Chelsea the head start needed to take the game home with ease.

Manchester Slow on the Field

Similar to the other games this season, Manchester was once again too slow while on the playing field. Giving Ander Herrera the job to trail Eden Hazard no matter where he went – Chelsea was shown to make the most out of the opportunities the Spaniard left for them in the midfield.

In addition, due to the Red’s lack of having a star player, Romelu Lukaku, no one felt comfortable having their backs to the goal along with the lack of having a defensive midfield, Chelsea was given multiple chances for their defensive stocks to close off spaces for players like Paul Pogba and Alexis Sanchez.

It was thanks to a rare opportunity that Hazard finally shook off Herrera the Chelsea created the only goal scored during the game. The smooth past of the Belgium player left Phil Jones, the defender of the England team at a loss. As Jones tried to recover, he only managed a clumsy last-ditch tackle that changed nothing.

While Hazard stood up with ease and took the penalty without issue, it already felt as if the intensive blow has been landed in full. On the other hand, Jones sadly added to his growing collection of online memes thanks to his extremely poor defending. Many loyal fans of Manchester were left scratching their heads and rubbing their eyes at the unbelievability of the player, which only was intensified thanks to Mourinho refusal to start Eric Bailly instead.

This just shows United resisting their own players throughout the duration of the first half of the match – which put them in their current position. The only real chance of having hope was thanks to Pogba managing to break into the little space he could find to pass the ball to Sanchez and then Marcus Rashford continuously.

The major blows of the game were due to the lack of Lukaku due to his ankle injury that he suffered against the intense Arsenals this April. Despite this, Mourinho has seen to completely forget about the capabilities of his other players and furthered ruined the team’s chances by putting Jesse Lingard in the midfield.

Ultimately, the loss of Manchester United only added to the fuel of the bitter and ongoing rivalry between Mourinho and Antonio Conte.

Manchester United FC

The Manchester United FC is dubbed as being one of the most prominent football clubs in England. In 2016, the football club has recorded generating up to £515.3 million during the 2016 financial year. This development came from the football club winning the FA Cup (The Football Association Challenge Cup), which lead to them getting signed from 14 different sponsorship deals. The club has also seen a significant rise in appearances commercially on television and online.

Despite their success regarding their rising finances, this club also has its fair share of success while playing on the field. They have a history of winning 13 of the Premier League Titles along with having the first division title several times domestically. Overall, the club has also won the FA Cup a total of 12 times, the most recent winning being in 2016 and they are known for being the winners of the Football League Cup a total of five times, winning in this league in 2017. Despite all their wins and trophies, the team has seen its fair share as losses as well – which caused a slight change in their revenue. Nevertheless, the Manchester United FC still shows its strong roots through their dedication to improve their skills.


Manchester United FC, also known as The Red Devils, was originally founded in 1878 as a Newton Heath LYR football club, meaning that the club has been running for well over 140 years. During 1892 through 1893, the club had its first entrance into the English first division, the highest-ranking league for European football during those years. However, the team was not called Manchester United FC until 1902, their original name until this period was Newton Heath LYR F.C. In the years following the name change – the team won its first English League Title in 1908, thus beginning their rise in popularity and playing success.

During 1990, while under the managership of Sir Alex Ferguson, the Manchester United FC won the FA Cup, which leads the team to go through a period full of success that hasn’t shown any signs of slowing down anytime soon. Since then, the team has won over 52 titles and championships/cup, which has led to the team being known as one of the most influential clubs in England presently.

In the most recent previous year, the team named Jose Mourinho as the newest, and currently still serving, team manager. Mourinho has been regarded as one of the greatest managers in the world by fellow players, coaches, and commentators. Before becoming the team manager of Manchester United, Mourinho was given the title of being Coach of the Century in 2015 by the FPF (Portuguese Football Federation). Following this, he was also listed in the list of the top 10 greatest coaches since the founding of UEFA in 1954. Due to this new coach, expectations of this football club having success this year is running high.

Current Activities

Manchester United has seen its fair share of loses and win. Overall though, the team has nobility shown an increase in wins during the current years. However, the team did see one of their heaviest defeats in 2012 while playing against the Athletic Club. Despite this, the team did make a well-known comeback from this loss in 2016 during the UEFA Cup.

Nowadays, the team is seeing more wins than losses due to their current manager, Jose Mourinho. Currently, they are ranked number 2 in the Premier League out of a total of 20 teams, while being ranked number 1 in the Championship League in the Group A division. In the current year, the team is expected to continue its mainly winning streak due to the manager showing no intention of leaving the team.


While the team may have its ups and downs, Manchester United is a football club that has worked hard to have its name remembered through history. Unsurprisingly though, the team has recorded having well over 200 official recognised supporter clubs in over 50 countries. No matter what happens with this team in the upcoming years, it is promised that the club will always have its band of loyal supporters who are thankful for having such a successful English football club team.

Bayern Munich

Bayern Munich is one of the best German football clubs around. Generating $719.8 million dollars, Bayern Munich is the number one football club that generates revenue through commercial revenue. Last year the club reported that over half of it’s revenue was generated from commercial revenue.

That’s not the only thing fantastic about this club either, especially when you look at their track record. They are one of the most successful clubs around with a record winning of 27 national titles along with 18 national cups. Last year, they won the Bundesliga championship (fifth time in a row), however they didn’t have enough to reach the Champions League semi finals. Even though this did impact their revenue, it’s still a show to the testament of their work and the team itself.


Bayern Munich was founded in 1900 based in Munich, Bavaria (Bayern). With 11 people initially, the team reached it’s stride by the mid 1960s. Before then, it was a struggle to climb up. That all started to change as they won in higher ranks by 1965. They placed third in their first Bundesliga season, which qualified them for next year’s European Cup Winners’ Cup. During that match they won dramatically against the Rangers (A Scottish club) 1-0 in extra time.

Since then, victory after victory followed them as changes were made to their team. In 1969, they retained the title they won of DFB-Pokal. This caught the eye of coach Branko Zebec, who took over as coach and revamped their strategy. By moving away from a less offensive style to a disciplined approach, the team achieved victories in both a league and cup double in one season, the first time this was achieved in Bundesliga history. Furthermore there were only three other football clubs in Germany to have done this prior to.

Current Activities

After their Golden Days (1965-1979), Bayern Munich weren’t doing so well for the next two decades. Things started to get progressively better by 1998. There was still many struggles, but there were several successes scattered throughout. Some of these victories brought Bayern Munich international recognition. A notable victory being their win in 2013 for the 2013 FIFA World Cup.

These days they are still achieving victories to retain their title of DFB-Pokal. They lost it a while back, but now since have been retaining it since 2011. Some of their more recent changes to the team come mainly in their coach. In 2017, Jupp Heynckes returned to manage the team for the fourth time. Heynckes also signed a contract to keep him there for the 2017-18 season.


Despite the teams upswings and downswings, Bayern Munich is still a powerful team with a lot of success riding behind them. With well over 290,000 members in the group and 4,237 official fan clubs, there is a massive support for this group. It’s no doubt a source of great pride for many people in the area since this group alone has brought many things to the Bundesliga football scene.

Barcelona FC

Being one of the most prominent Spanish football clubs in the world is not an easy task. You either have to get star players from other countries or lookout for the young talent emerging in the country. One thing is for sure Barcelona have done nothing but make their countrymen proud. The club was founded in 1889 by Joan Camper. The football enthusiast had decided to start a club and sent out an advert in the paper for like-minded fellows. Once he got 11 more men of his caliber the club was founded. The team did don’t start off at a slow pace as they were runners up on the 1902 Copa del Rey. Barcelona went on to win the title 8 times towards the end of 1928. The team experienced severe decline after this due to the political changes in the country. Some of the managers would soon leave the country due to political lines and others were assassinated for their left wing politics during the reign of Franco.

Between the years 1942- 1957 there was much success at Barcelona FC. The club managed to snag 5 La Liga titles and 5 Copa del Rey. After such a good decade despite the political circumstances, the club owners decided it was time to hire a top shelf manger in the form of Helenio Herrera. Under his guidance the club flourished more in the Spanish titles. The home grounds we’re also changed to the prestigious Camp Nou. This is where the team resides up to date with no mention of moving. Some of the team’s best players arrived in 1973. One in particular Johan Cruyff was a star player who left the team to win the Last Liga title the next year. This was a great achievement seeing as they had won none for 10 years.

In the year 1979 Cruyff came up with the idea to start a Football academy that would function on the same formalities and principles as the Ajax academy. Soon the academy grew to be one of the best internationally. The top-notch down organization La Masia produced some if the world’s greatest stars in football such as Pep Guardiola, Fabregas and Lionel Messi.

Cryuff returned to the club in 1988 as manager and come up with a dream team with former la Masia stars. He incorporated a lot of Dutch born footballers and so the team rise to fame.

Barcelona FC is one if the biggest Spanish football clubs and also one of the richest. Some of its star players include Lionel Messi, Xavi, Diego Maradona, and Gerard Pique amongst others. The club has won over the years since its inception a myriad of trophies and titles. To ne just a few 25 La Liga titles, 29 Copa del Rey trophies, 5 Champions league and many more.

Arsenal FC

The Arsenal Football Club, founded in 1886 (as the Dial Square), this club has been riddled with struggles, but is now starting to pick up. Based in Islington, London, England, this club has won 13 League titles, and a record of 13 FA Cups, amongst several other cups. But compared to other football clubs, their successes are a bit underwhelming.

Things are looking hopeful though for Arsenal FC. Last year, they reported revenue of $597.1 million, a new club record. They won their third FA Cup in four seasons this year, however they failed to qualify for the seasons’ Champions League. Even with all of this struggle, there is still a lot of hope for this group in various ways. Particularly in their choice of coach.

The Huge Switch

In 1986, George Graham returned as manager of the team, after all he was one of Bertie Mee’s double winners. From there Graham brought the team a victory in their first League Cup the very next year, followed by a victory in 1988’s Football League Centenary Trophy and a title in 1988-89 Football League. Things were starting to look up for the team from these victories, however things looked grim by 1994, after their victory of the European Cup Winners’ Cup.

Graham’s reputation was utterly tarnished when he was found out to have taken kickbacks from their team agent, Rune Hauge. These kickbacks stemmed from the signing of certain players. From there there was a lot of turmoil. Graham was dismissed by 1995 and was replaced by Bruce Rioch. Rioch was only in there for one season before leaving due to disagreements with the club’s board of directors.

The huge switch happened when the club brought on manager Arsène Wenger. He was appointed in 1996 but was now coaching the team and leading them to this day. With Wegner, came massive change to the team: a new attacking football, a shift in diet and fitness practices, and money efficiency. These characteristics have defined Wegner’s reign.

The Results Of The Switch

Even though the club never won another major trophy since the 2005 FA Cup, Arsenal managed to grasp the 2014 FA Cup Final. A year later from that victory, they appeared in the finals again and achieved another victory against Aston Villa 4-0. Because of this shift and decisions that Wegner brought the team, Arsenal now had 12 titles, making them the most successful club in this tournament’s history. This was matched in 2016 by Machester United.

In the end Arsenal has become a team that has been dominating the FA Cup, winning a 13th time in 2017. This victory also saw Wenger being the first manager ever in English football to have won seven FA Cups too.

Despite the fact that their 2017 victory placed them in the fifth position in the league (the first time this has happened since Wenger stepped in), the team shows a lot of promise. With victory after victory in the FA Cup, these victory streaks are bound to last.

Interesting World Cup Facts

The World Cup is the biggest sporting event in the world, and it is also the worlds most watched sporting event every four years. Here are some interesting facts about the World Cup.

• Brazil is the king – Brazil has won the most World Cups hoisting the trophy five times. They have qualified for all 20 of the tournaments held. A couple of other interesting facts is their biggest defeat was when they hosted the World Cup in 2014 losing to Germany 7-1 in the semifinals giving up five goals in the first 29 minutes, which was also a record. On top of that the biggest attendance for a match in the tournament was in 1950, also held in Brazil, where at Maracana Stadium in Rio de Janeiro 199,984 spectators watched Brazil take on Uruguay.

• US peaks early – The best finish by the United States came in the first World Cup in 1930 in Uruguay where the Yanks lost to Argentina in the semifinals.

• Guns aplenty – in the inaugural World Cup in 1930 in a match with 60,000 fans a referee in the match ordered a search of the crowd and in excess of 1,600 guns were confiscated.

• Steal the bus – In the 1974 World Cup in Germany the Zaire team attempted to steal a bus they were given for the tournament and drove it back to Africa, but they were caught before leaving German soil.

• Qualifying match sparks war – In 1969 in a World Cup qualifying match between El Salvador and Honduras the aftermath was a war between the two nations where in the span of only four days 2,000 people were killed, and 100,000 were displaced.

• Hide the hardware – During World War II FIFA’s Italian Vice-President Ottorino Barassi, smuggled the World Cup trophy out of q bank in Rome and hid it under his bed. It remained there for most of the 1940’s, as there was a major concern at the time that the Nazis would steal it.

• Qatar spending big – The 2022 World Cup will be held in Qatar, and while there has been much controversy surrounding their bid, there is no doubt they spent big in order to be the host. It is estimated that they spent more than 60 times what South Africa spent to host in 2010 and more than 15 times what Brazil spent in 2014. Much of the costs will be going to the outdoor air-conditioned stadiums in the country, where the temperatures can get sweltering in June when the tournament is held.

• Nice prize for a goal – The United Arab Emirates (UAB), surprisingly, qualified for the 1990 World Cup and prominent statesman Sheik Mohamed promised that every player for the team that scored a goal in the tournament would receive a brand-new Rolls Royce. Ismail Mubarak and Thani Jumaa were the two players that earned the new luxury cars netting the only two goals for the country.

• One and done – For every World Cup, but one the knock-out-final stage is used to crown the champion. However, in the 1950 tournament FIFA tinkered with the format and used a round-robin one, which was not popular and scrapped right away.

AC Milan Football Club

AC Milan stands for Associazione Calcio Milan and it is one of the most professional football clubs in Italy. It was founded in 1899, which was founded by Silvio Betlusconi and ever seen then they have been top notch. This football team is what characterizes Italy and makes it so unique among other countries. AC Milan is very well known to be the professional football players they can be and display a variety of techniques that only they would use. Among other things, they are very responsible and care mostly about the game. They care how the game brings joy to them, winning or losing is merely a title for them. This helped pushed them to the top of the football league in Italy, also known as Serie A.  AC Milan keeps surprising fans with different playing techniques as well as knowledge on how to beat their opponent. They are definitely considered the best in Italy and one of the best in the world; they are actually considered the fourth best football club in the world! As well as participating in worldwide football games those players play in to win. This football club is currently one of the wealthiest clubs in Italy and the world.


One of the many football challenges the team participates in it the UEFA and FIFA games. In these two games, the players have possibilities to learn titles that will stay and live with them forever. AC Milan managed to gain 18 titles from these games and became the fourth successful football team in the world. They also ended up winning the “FIFA Club World Cup”, which is a major deal for any team! Here are other games they played in:

  • Intercontinental Cups – they won
  • Seven European Cup/Champions League– seven titles
  • UEFA Super Cupa – five titles
  • Cups Winners Cup – won twice
  • Coppa Italia – second most team in this game.


As we may have or have not seen, the AC Milan uniform consists of red and black colors. And this is the way it was ever sense they started, because it sends of a “fierce” and “dark” features to opponents. As well as having the nickname “Rossoneri” since there uniform is black and red. This is a total advantage for them throughout the game since it makes other opponents fear them.

They were also nicknamed the “Devils” since their outstanding red colors and stand in the way of their award. This made Milan implement the red devil as a logo in their Sport Excellence and there were stars above it which implied the 10 league title winnings they have received by 1979! This is a huge deal since at the time there were no a lot of football clubs that take place in challenges, only the best of the best. With time AC Milan noticed that when they were white shorts and black socks they have luck on their side with each winning.  Other than that it is a 50/50 chance of winning and losing.