MPL Raises $90 Million in Financing Round

Mobile gaming is growing tenfold worldwide, not exclusively the United States & Canada any longer. Multiple operators have released their respective applications, hoping to gain notable market share & create an influential brand. Most fail in this venture because the marketing budget for promotional purposes are minimal. This wasn’t the case for Mobile Premier League, a Bangalore-established platform that focuses on eSports & sports betting. MPL wants to expand their brand outside the borders of India, which prompted the football-eccentric eSports betting site, to enter their 3rd financing round.

SIG Gaming, RTP Global, and MDI Ventures collectively invested into Mobile Premier League. Their investments alongside previous investors with MPL, garnered $90 Million for their Series C financing round. It’s known that Pegasus Tech Ventures, Go-Ventures Base Partners, and Sequoia India provided small figures towards the Series C financing round. Mobile Premier League has throughout their three financing rounds, obtained $400 million.

Products Offered

Sportsbetting platforms often provide an influx of fantasy sport options. Mobile Premier League has an emphasis on fantasy European & Indian football, hosting upwards of seventy tournaments per day for consumers. MPL provides unique gaming opportunities with every handset imaginable. Subsequently, the Mobile Premier League maintains 60 Million users throughout India.

When the expansion period for MPL begins, that userbase could increase tenfold. There are few brands throughout Eurasia that can sustain the quick-paced growth associated to MPL, which begins with extensive marketing on YouTube & social media platforms. This advertising mentality is the core reason MPL became successful.

Fantasy sports have become notably more popular for Mobile Premier League, as this brand offers conventional forms of sportsbetting. The standard way of betting on sports became unavailable for millions during March 2020, with the COVID-19 pandemic halting international sports. Fantasy sports is now the most profitable sector for MPL’s daily business operations.

Indian bettors wanting to download Mobile Premier League can find it advertised on Google’s Play Store, and the App Store for iOS. It should be noted that MPL has become one of the top ten fastest-growing applications in India four two consecutive years.