Mourinho is Stirring up Negativity Regarding Manchester United

Despite the teams relatively good record during the previous season, even that couldn’t help Jose Mourinho out of the downward spiral that manager found himself in on Saturday at Wembley. This was caused to the team going down a shocking 1-0 to Chelsea during the FA Cup finale.

Manchester just seemed to have a poor start this season against the likes of Manchester City, Tottenham, Crystal Palace, and even Chelsea, which coincidentally were the only platforms the team had to make a spectacular comeback win which would put the team back in high regards.

Somehow though, Mourinho seemed as if he could not manage to coax out his side during the Saturday highly anticipated game – which was shown by his apparent focus to stop Chelsea instead unleashing his star players lead to the Manchester team casting shadows during the entirety of the first half of the match. The teams play showed little to none unionization, and when the players finally were allowed to release their shackles, they have already given Chelsea the head start needed to take the game home with ease.

Manchester Slow on the Field

Similar to the other games this season, Manchester was once again too slow while on the playing field. Giving Ander Herrera the job to trail Eden Hazard no matter where he went – Chelsea was shown to make the most out of the opportunities the Spaniard left for them in the midfield.

In addition, due to the Red’s lack of having a star player, Romelu Lukaku, no one felt comfortable having their backs to the goal along with the lack of having a defensive midfield, Chelsea was given multiple chances for their defensive stocks to close off spaces for players like Paul Pogba and Alexis Sanchez.

It was thanks to a rare opportunity that Hazard finally shook off Herrera the Chelsea created the only goal scored during the game. The smooth past of the Belgium player left Phil Jones, the defender of the England team at a loss. As Jones tried to recover, he only managed a clumsy last-ditch tackle that changed nothing.

While Hazard stood up with ease and took the penalty without issue, it already felt as if the intensive blow has been landed in full. On the other hand, Jones sadly added to his growing collection of online memes thanks to his extremely poor defending. Many loyal fans of Manchester were left scratching their heads and rubbing their eyes at the unbelievability of the player, which only was intensified thanks to Mourinho refusal to start Eric Bailly instead.

This just shows United resisting their own players throughout the duration of the first half of the match – which put them in their current position. The only real chance of having hope was thanks to Pogba managing to break into the little space he could find to pass the ball to Sanchez and then Marcus Rashford continuously.

The major blows of the game were due to the lack of Lukaku due to his ankle injury that he suffered against the intense Arsenals this April. Despite this, Mourinho has seen to completely forget about the capabilities of his other players and furthered ruined the team’s chances by putting Jesse Lingard in the midfield.

Ultimately, the loss of Manchester United only added to the fuel of the bitter and ongoing rivalry between Mourinho and Antonio Conte.