MLS Players and Supporters Divided by Race

The Premier League, La Liga, and Major League Soccer have all experienced an influx of racism towards footballers of African descent. The most recent example of this occurred with Major League Soccer, where their 1st match allowing for supporters was held in the Post-COVID Era. Five thousand fans were seen social distancing in the stands, with Nashville FC & FC Dallas competing against each other in Texas. Supporters began booing footballers from both teams after these players decided to kneel during the American National Anthem. It prompted an onslaught of adverse reactions from both Dallas & Nashville, with the teams being unable to believe that Frisco Residents would act in this manner. It’s the 1st time reactions of this magnitude have unfolded in the Texas town.

Major League Soccer Organizers have begun sorting out the scheduling errors for their 2020 season, with the suspension period enacted between March & July resulting in numerous issues. The 2020 Season has started returning to normal, with new concerns regarding racism began to be revealed. MLS Corporate has allowed teams to stand behind the Black Lives Matter Movement, which has separated America into two camps. However, it’s unknown if MLS Corporate will permit their teams the right to remove racist supporters. Refusing to act on the recent racism shown during Nashville & Dallas’s match would show cowardly intolerance from MLS Corporate.

Nick Cannon from Dallas FC released a formal statement regarding what happened during the recent game. He’d emphasize his disgust in the live audience, and the painful hurt that’s felt whenever their actions towards stopping racism are booed. Nick Cannon noted his love for Dallas FC and those that support his club. However, Cannon evoked that the support being seen recently isn’t welcomed at future matches & that fans should be removed from the stadium immediately upon their ignorant behaviour.

The New Sign of Support

Unsurprisingly, all footballers with Dallas FC & Nashville FC decided to kneel during the National Anthem. It’s become the conventional method of showing support against racism in Summer 2020. Fans from each respective professional sporting league have uttered racist sentiments against this support, which grows tiresome for those wanting equality amongst all nationalities.