MLS 2020 Preseason Matches

Major League Soccer’s Preseason is fully underway, with multiple teams competing against each other for practice sessions. Two of the latest matches were played by Sporting Kansas City and Cincinnati FC, which extended to the second matchup of Philadelphia Union versus Chicago Fire FC. Saturday afternoon saw Kansas City become victorious against Cincinnati Football Club, with them acquiring four points to zero. This matchup was played in Arizona at the Grande Sports World Complex. It marks the first significant loss for Cincinnati FC.

Daniel Salloi made the 1st goal in the 11th minute, which followed by Roger Espinoza making a secondary goal in the 44th minute. After the halftime break period, the 65th minute saw Wilson Harris make the third goal. Johnny Russel acquired the fourth and final goal eight minutes before games-end. This marks the 1st goals during the preseason for Johnny Russel and Wilson Harris. Sporting analysts believe that the Cincinnati Football Club would’ve had better chances at winning this preseason matchup if they hadn’t relied on reserves. Considering this is a practice period for these organizations, it’s not surprising that these reserves would receive playing time. The chances of experiencing any official season game time are limited.

Chicago FC Versus Philadelphia Union

When it applies to the second preseason match this week, it was the Philadelphia Union that defeated the Chicago Fire Football Club. It marks their 1st victory throughout the 2020 preseason, which took place in Florida. The Union’s head coach has gifted the Clearwater matchup in spoils of previous achievements, with that metropolis being his hometown. Those players that acquired the 3-0 leader over Chicago FC included Anthony Fontana, Kacper Przybylko and Sergio Santos.

Kacper Przybylko and Anthony Fontana were the dominating players throughout the first half, with both acquiring goals before halftime. This followed with Sergio Santos making a third goal, which was assisted with Przybylko. Subsequently, Kacper Przybylko was provided with the most valuable player title for their 2nd preseason matchup. It should be noted that Issa Rayman wasn’t available for their second matchup in the 2020 preseason. He’ll make his official return against the Montreal Impact next Sunday. It should be noted that the Philadelphia Union Football Club lost against Atlanta United earlier this week, losing by four points against the former champions. Winning against the Chicago Football Club will provide team associates with the confidence required to move forward into the official MLS season.