Maradona Death Becomes Manslaughter Case

November 25th saw an entire nation mourn, with an announcement made that Diego Maradona had died at 60. Thousands expressed their sadness on social media, with the international sporting community reacting with shock. Football legends similar to Diego Maradona are few, with his namesake evoking excitement amongst Argentinians & Europeans. Learning Diego Maradona had died starting to settle amongst dedicated supporters until Argentinian law enforcement announced that Diego’s death is being treated as manslaughter.

Media personnel in Argentina had begun reporting that November 29th saw Doctor Leopoldo Luque’s house raided by detectives. Judges approved the raid after learning from medical reports that Diego Maradona likely died from doctor negligence. This is similar to the proceedings that involved Michael Jackson’s healthcare worker, who would inevitably be found guilty & thrown into prison.

Reports from neighbours indicated that Doctor Leopoldo Luque & Diego Maradona had fought days before the football legend died. The medical evidence reveals multiple medical discrepancies with Maradona. However, those long-term issues shouldn’t have prompted an unexpected heart attack.

The Discrepancies

Argentinian law enforcement has confirmed an official investigation into Doctor Leopoldo Luque has begun, with the children of Diego Maradona publicly expressing their belief that medicine had been altered. Law enforcement also believes that Doctor Leopoldo Luque requested numerous favour from co-workers to accomplish this task.

Ambulances didn’t arrive for thirty minutes after Doctor Luque made the call, which is sixteen minutes later than required. When Maradona was administered into a local hospital, medical checks weren’t administered for twelve hours. That would have been exclusively possibly under Diego Maradona’s personal Doctors orders, meaning Doctor Luque.

Evidence acquired since November 25th indicates that Diego Maradona was purposely murdered over an altercation between himself & Doctor Leopoldo Luque. If evidence if proved accurate in court, the Doctor will likely be imprisoned for life.