Manchester United’s Situation Remains Dire under Jose Mourinho

There’s no one at Manchester United who wants the club in the shape it is now. Certainly not Ed Woodward, who is busy with agents representing some world-class footballers. Certainly not the staff, most of whom are Man Utd supporters situated in Manchester who merely want their favorite club to start winning matches like before.

Certainly not Jose Mourinho, who is currently defending himself and his phenomenal record against several detractors. Certainly not the players who are currently destroying their reputations for being below par in relation to their enormous salaries and the huge expectations that have been placed upon them, and certainly not the fans who are completely bored with the way things are turning out for the squad.

Jose Mourinho’s Current Reputation

As much as the 91st minute goal from Marouane Fellaini was celebrated earlier this week, several United fans had mixed feelings about it. If Manchester United failed to win, it would have brought the decision to replace the current manager much closer.

Manchester United is closer to the bottom of the Premier League than the top when it comes to points and Jose Mourinho’s squad has never been this low among fans at Old Trafford. Fan polls indicate that between 70% and 80% want to replace Jose Mourinho and the vocal support from the Old Trafford club is extremely minimal. Less than 3 weeks ago, fans were cheering Mourinho’s name, and therefore the club shouldn’t dismiss him now that’s there trouble around the camp fire.

Jose Mourinho can certainly still turn things around for the club. Let’s judge him after the requested three years is over and let’s enjoy him as he cups his ears for haters and laugh at how he throws water bottles around when one of his strikers finally scores a goal towards the end of a match. Jose’s sacking is definitely not imminent while Manchester United still has loads to play for. They managed to defeat Juventus away from home, so there’s certainly still hope that they can get somewhere in the Champions League.

The Recent Win Has Helped Jose Mourinho

The recent win against Young Boys on Tuesday has certainly helped, even if it’s only a little. Mourinho was obviously disappointed with Rashford due to the fact that he missed multiple chances during the game, transforming it into a huge talking point all week. However, Alex Ferguson reacted in the same manner whenever Christiano Ronaldo missed a golden opportunity as he matured during his stay with Manchester United.

Should Mourinho make it through to 2020, things within the team undoubtably need to change. The team will be required to provide much more entertainment, especially at Old Trafford as seats are getting emptier and emptier with each passing match. The squad also needs to obtain a lot more points going forward to keep the manager in his current role and will need to finish in the top 5 at least to keep the dreams alive for both the manager and the players.