Manchester United FC

The Manchester United FC is dubbed as being one of the most prominent football clubs in England. In 2016, the football club has recorded generating up to £515.3 million during the 2016 financial year. This development came from the football club winning the FA Cup (The Football Association Challenge Cup), which lead to them getting signed from 14 different sponsorship deals. The club has also seen a significant rise in appearances commercially on television and online.

Despite their success regarding their rising finances, this club also has its fair share of success while playing on the field. They have a history of winning 13 of the Premier League Titles along with having the first division title several times domestically. Overall, the club has also won the FA Cup a total of 12 times, the most recent winning being in 2016 and they are known for being the winners of the Football League Cup a total of five times, winning in this league in 2017. Despite all their wins and trophies, the team has seen its fair share as losses as well – which caused a slight change in their revenue. Nevertheless, the Manchester United FC still shows its strong roots through their dedication to improve their skills.


Manchester United FC, also known as The Red Devils, was originally founded in 1878 as a Newton Heath LYR football club, meaning that the club has been running for well over 140 years. During 1892 through 1893, the club had its first entrance into the English first division, the highest-ranking league for European football during those years. However, the team was not called Manchester United FC until 1902, their original name until this period was Newton Heath LYR F.C. In the years following the name change – the team won its first English League Title in 1908, thus beginning their rise in popularity and playing success.

During 1990, while under the managership of Sir Alex Ferguson, the Manchester United FC won the FA Cup, which leads the team to go through a period full of success that hasn’t shown any signs of slowing down anytime soon. Since then, the team has won over 52 titles and championships/cup, which has led to the team being known as one of the most influential clubs in England presently.

In the most recent previous year, the team named Jose Mourinho as the newest, and currently still serving, team manager. Mourinho has been regarded as one of the greatest managers in the world by fellow players, coaches, and commentators. Before becoming the team manager of Manchester United, Mourinho was given the title of being Coach of the Century in 2015 by the FPF (Portuguese Football Federation). Following this, he was also listed in the list of the top 10 greatest coaches since the founding of UEFA in 1954. Due to this new coach, expectations of this football club having success this year is running high.

Current Activities

Manchester United has seen its fair share of loses and win. Overall though, the team has nobility shown an increase in wins during the current years. However, the team did see one of their heaviest defeats in 2012 while playing against the Athletic Club. Despite this, the team did make a well-known comeback from this loss in 2016 during the UEFA Cup.

Nowadays, the team is seeing more wins than losses due to their current manager, Jose Mourinho. Currently, they are ranked number 2 in the Premier League out of a total of 20 teams, while being ranked number 1 in the Championship League in the Group A division. In the current year, the team is expected to continue its mainly winning streak due to the manager showing no intention of leaving the team.


While the team may have its ups and downs, Manchester United is a football club that has worked hard to have its name remembered through history. Unsurprisingly though, the team has recorded having well over 200 official recognised supporter clubs in over 50 countries. No matter what happens with this team in the upcoming years, it is promised that the club will always have its band of loyal supporters who are thankful for having such a successful English football club team.