Manchester City Fails

During the past weekend, Norwich City had a glorious moment of victory over the world leaders, Manchester City, when the novices took them on in what was believed an impossible mission on their home territory. A final score of 3-2 in Norwich’s favour left the fans in disbelief for a while before the celebration of this historic victory took off. Now Norwich City manager, Daniel Farke warns his team to remain humble.

Farke is entirely aware of the challenges which still lies ahead for his team, and he doesn’t want them to lose their focus now. Next, they are up against Burnley and then follows more severe competition against Crystal Palace, Aston Villa as well as Bournemouth. The additional pressure on the team to perform again as they did against Man City is another concerning factor to the manager. Farke doesn’t want the expectations of the team to shift in any manner now after their victory and is stopping the notion in its tread both outside and inside of his club.

Having a Fair Chance

Farke stated that they are fully aware of all the challenges which are still lying ahead of them. He also mentioned that they are still the underdogs in the league and just only winning one major game is in no way indicative of them winning the title of Premier League. His team needs to remain humble at all times, remembering that they were only recently promoted into the league. Even though he is glad for his team and wants them to savour the moment of their victory, they shouldn’t ponder too long on celebrating and then slack on preparing for their next clash. Each game offers the opportunity to greatness, but each game also delivers its challenges.

Stay Humble but Confident

Even though Farke is pressing his team to remain humble, he does want them to transform the confidence which winning such an epic game in front of a home crowd, to their advantage. He wants his team to play a game where they are confident in themselves and their ability, but never overconfident. Each game is different, each game delivers new challenges, and to be able to adapt quickly, the lads need to have both feet on the ground.

Farke also stated that the club is playing against a couple of big clubs early on in the season. That is another influencing factor to their quality of play. For now, however, he is more concerned to be prepared for every game which is on the roster and to ensure that every single player is delivering a peak and consistent performance, than with who they are competing against. Farke is also evident in the fact that he wants his team to enjoy every game which they play. That is the positive and humble attitude which he is trying to instil in his side.