Luis Suarez Considering MLS

Major League Soccer in the United States and Canada has grown into one of the largest sporting leagues worldwide, with millions coming out to the various matchups each year. Subsequently, numerous players from European Leagues have begun moving over to MLS. The most recent player to express his interest in the North American league is Luis Suarez, who publicly declared that he would jump to Major League Soccer if his contract with Barcelona were to end. These comments come after rumours that Luis Suarez won’t be receiving a new long-term contract with the team.

Most agree that removing Luis Suarez from Barcelona would be a foolish coaching decision. He has proved himself as capable as Lionel Messi since joining the Spanish Team in 2014. Throughout his career, he has scored more than 180 goals and made 260 regular match appearances. However, Suarez is now ageing, and his skills on the field are slowly diminishing. The coaching staff have publicly expressed their concerns on if Suarez can compete with the young talent coming into the league. Subsequently, it’s expected that Barcelona will terminate Luis by the end of the season and hire an Uruguayan Player for his forward position.

Luis Suarez isn’t the famous player who might be leaving the Liga Champions League in 2021. Lautaro Martinez and Erling Harland are both expected not to receive another contract. There is a good chance that MLS teams like the Toronto, Vancouver, Los Angeles and Atlanta could take on these ageing stars for their final professional run. This has been the case for MLS, who has seen stars like David Beckham and Andrea Pozuelo arrive from European Leagues to end off their professional career in America.


In every interview since these rumours became public, Luis Suarez has been asked about his future with the Liga Champions League. He spoke highly on Major League Soccer and why the move it attractive for himself. He noted that young players are going there, especially an influx of South Americans. Luis mentioned that this shows the leagues growth and that he wants to be a part of that journey with them if his contract isn’t renewed in 2021. However, for now, Luis has said he is happy with his position at the team.

Right now there hasn’t been any Major League Soccer coaches or sporting organizations that have expressed their interest in Luis Suarez. Considering that his contract doesn’t end for another twelve months, he won’t be a viable player until the MLS 2021 Draft.