Liverpool Championship Victory Increasing

The Premier League has been rocked by the recent advancement of Liverpool, who in 2018 struggled to acquire a position in the championship. However, Liverpool, for the first time in three decades, is close to securing the championship title for the premier league. This comes after Jurgen Klopp earned 58 points in the standings, which is out of a total of 60 available. They are thirteen points above all other teams and haven’t lost any matchup for more than twelve months. From all accounts, it appears that Liverpool only has to cruise onwards to the championship title, however, you won’t find anybody in the Premier League that will agree with those statements as most fans rooting against them.

These individuals are biased, rooting for teams like Manchester City or Chelsea. However, Liverpool marks the 12th team in Europe’s existence to go unbeaten for longer than one year. Data analysts estimate that this sporting organization has a 97% chance of winning the championship in a few weeks. Analysts also determined that Liverpool will finish with 99 points, which would be one point away from the leagues highest record. Subsequently, Liverpool would become the second most fabulous team statistically in Premier League history. These percentages also mean that Manchester City maintains a 3% chance for victory, with it being nearly impossible for them to acquire the championship title.

Even though statistically Liverpool is dominating all over teams in the league, there have been instances before where they’ve almost acquired a championship and then lost to the pressure. Subsequently, supporters of Liverpool are remaining calm and doing everything possible not to jinx the championship title. Before Liverpool goes against Manchester United from the Championship title, they will place against Tottenham and the Wolves. It’s already guaranteed that Liverpool will win both those matches with a 3 – 0 score or higher.

Punishments Following for Racist Behaviour

The Premier League has come under fire recently for the racist behaviour displayed at their matchups, which is slated to be extensive at the championship title. This has resulted in the British Judiciary System to implement higher powers to the governing authorities with the Premier League. Subsequently, those found committing homophobic or racist behaviour at future matchups will receive significant fines or prison time. This will be implemented with the assistance of a police representative at every matchup. Recently, there’s been a considerable push to abolish racism from the Premier League and make it a more tolerant association for individuals worldwide.