Jose Mourinho Wants Zlatan Ibrahimovic Back at Man Utd

If the rumours going around the Manchester football club are true, Jose Mourinho is planning a move to return Zlatan Ibrahimovic to Manchester United in early 2019.

While Jose Mourinho has yet to deny or confirm his interest, there are several reasons for him to do everything in his power to get Zlatan Ibrahimovic back to the Manchester United squad, even if it’s just for a few months.

Zlatan’s Impact on Man Utd

From a football perspective, Ibrahimovic’s tail end of his 2017/18 career at Manchester United, when he only scored once in 7 appearances after making a return following his ligament injury, would suggest that his impact in a match would be minimal should he return to the Premier League during the off-season of the MLS.

Although Ibrahimovic is 37 years old, his record of 21 goals in just 25 matches for LA Galaxy proves that there is still life in the former Paris Saint-Germain, Juventus, and Barcelona forward. However, his value when he returns to Man Utd will be measured in the number of goals he scores by Jose Mourinho. Ibrahimovic’s true worth the Mourinho, who is currently under a great deal of pressure, will be the influence he has in the dressing room. There’s no denying that disharmony within the Manchester United squad started the day Ibrahimovic left the club.

Jose Mourinho is Struggling

It’s no secret that Jose Mourinho is struggling to manage certain members in the Manchester United squad where plenty of senior players are growing frustrated and angry with him due to the way he treats players, his negative demeanour, and his tactical decisions when it comes to training.

Obviously, Ibrahimovic can’t offer a miracle cure for the disharmony in the squad, but while he was playing for Manchester United for 18 months, his presence was significant where all players considered him to be the leader. In addition, Ibrahimovic was essentially a buffer between Mourinho and the dressing room due to his longstanding relationship with the United manager as they previously worked together at Inter Milan.

Trouble at Manchester United

After Ibrahimovic left Old Trafford, along with the departure of Rooney who was transferred to Everton last summer, there hasn’t been a player to successfully fill the void left by Rooney and Ibrahimovic.

Although Paul Pogba is the most valued player at Manchester United, he hasn’t been able to gain the same respect that Zlatan instantly earned due to his career achievements and persona. United’s highest-paid player, Alexis Sanchez, is considered a remote figure who lacks the charisma of Ibrahimovic, while others have simply formed small groups based on their shared language and nationality.

Ibrahimovic has always led by example where he inspires youngsters in the club with his dedication and humility and is able to lead from the front when it comes to speaking to the press. So, moving Ibrahimovic back to Manchester United is not the craziest idea as the manager is in desperate need of resolving the current issues in the squad and Ibrahimovic will certainly help with that.