Inter Miami Loses Goalkeeper to Broken Arm

The Goalkeeper & Captain for Inter Miami won’t be permitted to play out the remainder of 2020s MLS season. It follows after the goalkeeper fractured his left arm on October 4th. Inter Miami was competing against New York City FC when stoppage time was implemented. Luis Robles suffered an evident injury after Gary MacKay-Stevens from NYCFC collided against Inter Miami’s goalkeeper.

The NYCFC footballer was awarded a yellow card for his actions, with Luis Robles being assisted from the field. Club leaders have confirmed that throughout the next forty-eight hours, their goalkeeper will undergo a medical evaluation to determine when Luis Robles can return to competition. It’ll likely be 30+ days, and past the point of Major League Soccer’s championship.

Inter Miami watching Luis Robles suffer a left-arm fracture isn’t beneficial for the club. Robles is aged 36-years-old and doesn’t have much longer in professional soccer before age physically catches his body. It’s also disappointing for Luis Robles, who promised Inter Miami Owner David Beckham that he’d defend his club on the net like nobody else. Luis Robles kept that promise for fifteen games this season. It should be clarified that this goalkeeper is infamous for being durable and will likely return for the 2021 MLS season. Long-time supporters of Luis Robles won’t have to worry about his retirement yet, with that looming in four years.

The Replacement

Coaching personnel with Inter Miami are likely angered over the factor of Luis Robles now being out on medical leave. He’s their most experienced player & team captain, with few able to fill his shoes while healing his left-arm fracture. Several players have been considered for replacement, with all footballers having contracts with inter Miami to date.

Drake Callender will likely take the role of Temporary Team Captain until Luis Robles returns. However, this 22-year-old could have competition from John McCarthy & Blaise Matuidi. Both of these men are also in the running. The favourite for selection is Drake Callender, with the young footballers unaware of when Luis Robles will return. It’ll provide this youthful athlete with an opportunity to understand leadership at the highest level, which isn’t easily given to Gen-X’s.