Inter Miami FC Debuts for the First Time

Major League Soccer began last weekend, with one new franchise starting for the 1st time. This included Inter Miami CF, one of the two latest organizations that have entered into MLS. Their inaugural game began against the Los Angeles Football Club on March 1st. It marked a substantially difficult opponent with LAFC winning the Supporters Shield Trophy last season. It should be noted that they didn’t have the required talents to win the MLS Championship in 2019 though.

The Players

Will Trap from Inter Miami FC spoke to reporters regarding this game. He stated: “It’s a tall order in the sense of being the first game for an expansion team going against the Supporters’ Shield winners from a year ago. But it’s the challenge you want as a competitor. It’s the game and the litmus test you want early on in the season to see how much work you’ve put in and how it’s paying dividends.”

Another notable athlete that’s connected to Inter Miami FC is Rodolfo Pizzaro, the Mexican Athlete that’s known for appearing on his home national team. Pizzaro has played for Mexico’s National Team since 2014 and will continue to operate with them following his permittance into Inter Miami.

One of the challenging aspects about Inter Miami FCs first match up was that the LAFC already experienced multiple victories before starting their 2020 MLS Season. This included defeating the Mexican National Team during the CONCACAF Championships, with this being the 1st round of sixteen coming.

The third notable athlete participating with Inter Miami FC is Carlos Vela. He was the 2019 Golden Boot MLS Winner last season, which followed after he won thirty-four goals. When playing for Inter Miami FC during their pre-season testing, two goals were already acquired by this infamous forward.

When questioned on how he feels about the home opening game, the Inter Miami FC head coach stated: “It’s our home opener, so we’ve got to be ready. We’re going to try like crazy to make sure that same football and the same mentality is there every night, regardless of the competition and regardless of who is on the field.”