Grey Vanney is Becoming the LA Galaxy Head Coach

Inside sources have indicated that Greg Vanney will become the head coach for LA Galaxy before 2021. Rumours regarding the possibility of TFCs former moving towards the west coast have been sustained since Vanney left Toronto on December 1st. Inside sources suggest that negotiations between Grant Wahl & Greg Vanney are nearing their conclusion. Analysts learning this information have praised the potential of LA Galaxy electing Greg Vanney, with most believing it’s the best decision for returning an iconic team to legendary status. Unfortunately, LA Galaxy hasn’t maintained formidable seasons in recent years.

Greg Vanney joining the LA Galaxy wouldn’t mark the influential coaches first appearance for this organization. Aged 46, the head coach played for LA Galaxy between 1996 & 2002. His skillsets were strong enough to prompt his return in 2008, marking Vanney’s final season as MLS player. It’d be three years before Vanney entered the ranks of coach, joining the Chivas USA squad as an assistant coach. Three years afterwards & Greg Vanney became TFCs ninth head coach in August 2014. Vanney led Toronto FC to championship victory in 2017, while almost acquiring championship status two other times before leaving the organizations this December.

Additional accolades acquired by Toronto FC under the leadership of Greg Vanney include multiple Supporter’s Shields & Canadian Championships. Dominance displayed by Vanney enabled him to become the best coach in TFC history, with 122-match victories acquired. Allowing Vanney to join the LA Galaxy as head coach will benefit the organization. It’d taken Grant Wahl almost three months to determine the best individual possible for leading the LA Galaxy into future seasons. The previous head coach was terminated in October 2019, with Guillermo Barros Schelotto being replaced by Dom Kinnear for an interim coaching role.

Vanney Reflects on TFC Venture

When questioned about leaving the Toronto Football Club, Greg Vanney noted he’d continue to coach & prefers clubs that are somewhat like projects that requiring immediate building. That isn’t needed with TFC, with Greg Vanney leaving the club is one of the best positions possible. Vanney noted he’d take a short break before returning to coaching. Nobody anticipated that period wouldn’t exceed past two months, which is the rough timeframe needed until LA Galaxy will require Vanney.