Fifa Sanctions Coming

In the aftermath of the very glitzy “The Best Awards” hosted in Milan at the Teatro Alla Scala. This is an event where the top footballers, as well as coaches, get recognized. FIFA is threatening to sanction some of the national federations. Their reason for concern is how voting polls are managed.

FIFA expressed their concern about the voting process and found the integrity of the voting process questionable. They stated that they deem the entire process as being unfair and quite misleading. The voting process is following a structure where the winners of both the best men’s player as well as the best coach are selected by a global jury which consists of many voters. These voters are represented by one coach per team, as well as the captains of all these teams. Each territory which is represented by a national organization also has one specialist journalist on the voting jury.

All fans who are registered on can cast their vote. Concerns had risen only mere days before the ceremony when captain Juan Barrera from the team of Nicaragua made an announcement on his social media about the fact that he hasn’t cast his vote. His vote seems to be cast by Manuel Rosas, and Barrera’s names were wrongfully submitted. FENIFUT soon reacted with an apology also on their social media platforms, stating that they apologize for the misunderstanding and that it was an administrative error which caused confusion and annoyance.

More Unrecorded Votes

Shortly after this occurred, it came to light that the votes cast by Shawky Gharib, coach to the Egyptian team and team captain Ahmed Elmohamady were never taken into account. The reason for this was apparently because their votes were signed in capital letters, which is against the voting rules set by FIFA. These two who represent the Egyptian Football Association voted for Mohammad Salah, their fellow countryman and forwarded to Liverpool. FIFA stated that this vote went unrecorded because the EFA’s forms didn’t carry the mandatory signature of the general secretary of their federation. According to FIFA they also made contact twice with the EFA to obtain the necessary forms before the cut-off date of the 21st of August. This didn’t happen though, and their votes weren’t counted.

FIFA stated that these and a number more votes will be investigated and if it is evident that the set-out rules of the federation weren’t followed in the voting process, they will apply sanctions to these national federations as needed. The winners of the prestigious event were Lionel Messi as the best player, and Megan Rapinoe received the award as a best female player. Jurgen Klopp won the best manager award, and Jill Ellis received the distinction as the best female coach.