Everton & Manchester City Match Postponed

December 29th was slated to be an exciting day for supporters of the Premier League. It marked the first time for 2020-21s campaign that Manchester City & Everton FC would meet for competition. Unfortunate for those supporters, announcements have been issued that match obligations have been postponed. The reason being is because two footballers with Manchester City were confirmed positive with Covid-19. Manchester City was forced into removing their contention to avoid continued outbreaks amongst their players & Everton’s.

After negotiations were sustained between Manchester City & Everton FC, it was determined that the safest course of action was postponing the matchup to an undesignated date. Safety measures also included the immediate closing of Manchester City’s training grounds, with the reopening date now having been announced. It’s expected that sanitation crews are sanitizing Manchester City’s training grounds & stadiums before uninfected players are permitted back inside team-based facilities.

An official statement regarding the matter has been released by the Premier League. It emphasised that Manchester City requested their contention against Everton FC be terminated for December 29th. Confirmations were made that two players has tested positive with Covid-19, with details not notifying which strain of the virus was contracted. Inside sources anticipate that with 36+ thousand infections sustained on December 25th in the United Kingdom, it’s likely those players have become contracted with Covid Strain VUI-2020/21.

Health & Safety

Cancellation of this match was sustained to guarantee the health & safety of footballers in the Premier League, which hasn’t experienced an outbreak of Covid Strain VUI-2020/21. Safety of team personnel & coaches are also being accounted in this decision. The Premier League emphasised that with continued enforcement of protocols, outbreaks can be avoided. Guarantees were also provided that the matchup between Everton FC & Manchester City will resume later this season. Considering it’ll take upwards of one month for these footballers to heal, rescheduling won’t be sustained until 2021.