European Football Signings for January 20th

Two announcements have already been made for the January-February transfer window for the Premier League and La Liga. Numerous alterations in player lineups will be made in the following weeks, with rumours circulating like wildfire. However, the first transfer that’s been confirmed revolved around Reiner Carvalho. It was confirmed that the Brazilian teenager would be moving to Real Madrid. This contract stands for six years, meaning he will play for the La Liga organization until June 2026. Reiner Carvalho begins his journey with Real Madrid after completing his stint in Brazil with the Under-23 Pre-Olympic Tournament, which ends on February 9th.

Sports analysts have begun criticizing Reiner Carvalho. Stigmas in European Football tend to lean towards home-based players, believing that international competitors don’t have the necessary skillsets. The head coach for the U23 Brazilian team disregarded these critiques, with Andre Jardine mentioning that Reiner Carvalho will be a significant force for Real Madrid. It should be noted that this centre-forward has shown incredible capabilities, acquiring six goals in fourteen appearances with Flamengo.

Inter Milan Looking at Christian Eriksen

The transfer window in Europe hasn’t been entirely friendly. Coaching staff with two organizations from separate leagues are at odds with each other. This comes after inter Milan confirmed they’d pay £11 million with two bonuses for Christian Eriksen. However, Tottenham Hotspur has continually rejected these early offers from Inter Milan. This follows after two initial offerings, with their previous highest being £8.5 million. Tottenham confirmed they’d pay double that figure at £17 million, which is more substantial than the most recent acquisition contract offered.

Christian Eriksen has expressed that his time with Tottenham Hotspur is over since summer 2018. Money talks more than emotion in a professional setting, which is leading many analysts to believe that Eriksen will sign on for another one-year extension at £17 million. This would make him one of the highest-paid athletes in the Premier League, and the most expensive player in Tottenham’s lineup.

Christian Erikson’s contract ends by June 2020, with pre-contract negotiations beginning on January 1st. It won’t be long before supporters of Tottenham Hotspur know if their prized player will continue with the organization. The removal of Erikson would prompt the Hotspur’s to drop drastically in the standings. It should be noted that Inter Milan are considering multiple other players, which include Victor Moses and Chelsea Olivier. The goal for Inter Milan is to acquire the Champions League Trophy in 2020, which would be their 1st since 2010.