DFA President Comments on the Premier League

The Dutch Football Association’s President has provided insight onto the Premier League, indicating doubt that matches could be resumed by June 1st with closed-door events. The DFA President made these remarks hours after the British Government revealed sporting venues could return by late May or early June.
Government officials with the United Kingdom will converse with their Chief Medical Officers, determining which sporting venues are best suited to re-open by June 1st. Most outfits with the Premier League have 20+ players, with an additional 20+ coaching staff. That means every “Closed Door Event” would have upwards of 100 UK Civilians. Considering this breaks social distancing measures, national broadcasters wouldn’t be permitted to showcase these venues. It’d defeat the purpose for advertisers and continue the low-profit margins for Premier League outfits.

Boosting national morale throughout Great Britain has become a significant point of interest, with politicians looking for unique methods that’d see civilians more willing to remain home for social distancing. Implementing Premier League games that are supported exclusively with televised broadcasts could prompt civilians to stay indoors. This would require government officials to alter broadcasting protocols, which enables SkySports and EuroSports to showcase these matches legally.

Falsified Silver Lining

The DFA President remarked that this silver lining of hope indicated by the Premier League is falsified, that most sporting competitions worldwide will be forced to extend to delays. The chances for the Premier League to resume matches by June 1st is at a likelihood of 20%, with outfits needing a prewarning to prepare themselves for upcoming competitions. Furthermore, an average Premier League season takes upwards of half a year. This means that the Champions League wouldn’t be possible under the current postponements.

Another challenge that faces the Premier League is the players association, which is refusing to engage with live matches until the novel coronavirus has concluded across Great Britain. The virus won’t end until a vaccine is released later this year or next, meaning football matches could be postponed for a prolonged period. We’ll keep our readers updated with any new details regarding the Premier League resuming.