Derby Sacks Keogh

This week the management of Derby County FC announced that they terminate the contract of their injured captain with immediate effect. This is all the results of a night of too much boozing which seriously went wrong and left the captain with an injury that very well might signal the end of his playing career.

On the 24th of September, the team from Derby County was out for a night of team bonding. This led to excessive drinking. Later on that night, the car which that was driven by Derby forward Mason Bennett crashed in the car in front of him, being driven by Rams midfielder, Tom Lawrence. Lawrence lost control over the Range Rover and crashed into a lamp pole. Keogh, who was seated in the back of the car, sustained a knee injury when he damaged his knee ligaments.

He was left unconscious in the car as both Bennett and Lawrence fled the scene. They only returned 45 minutes later and was then arrested. Both these players admitted guilt to driving under the influence. During their court case mid-October, their driving licenses were suspended for two years, they were fined the value of six weeks’ wages, and they have to complete 180 hours of community service.

Keoghs Ending Journey

The 33-year-old captain joined the club in 2012 when a contract valued at £1 million were signed. During this period, he appeared more than 350 times for the club on the field. He was also part of the driving force to get the club to the play-off finals for the Championship.

This contract comes to an end in June next year. The injury which Keogh sustained is estimated to take him out of play for the next 12-24 months. In response to this, the club offered that he stays until his contract run out, but at a far lesser rate than the roughly £25 000 which he got paid per week. The captain wasn’t happy with this offer and felt that the club’s attitude towards him and the contract were unacceptable. Hence he declined their offer.

The Club’s Response

In response to this, the club management announced this week that Keogh’s contract is terminated with immediate effect. They stated that the club wouldn’t tolerate his behaviour on the night of the accident. They are firmly set against any player behaving in such a way that it impacts any member of the team negatively. His behaviour also reflected negatively on the club.

Thus he was sacked for his improper conduct. Keogh has now 14 days to appeal their decision. The injured player has to decide on what his available options are at this stage where he is facing a long road of recovery and rehabilitation. At this stage, it is also expected that the Professional Footballers’ Association might get involved.