Dan Garber Clarifies Canadian MLS Teams Future for 2020

The 2020 Major League Soccer Regular Season is slated to resume in before the end of August. MLS Corporate released a schedule for their upcoming games after the “MLS is Back Tournament” has concluded. However, that schedule didn’t account for the Canadian Teams in Major League Soccer. Analysts questioned if TFC, the Vancouver Whitecaps, and the Montreal Impact wouldn’t be permitted to compete in the 2020 Season. This would’ve followed after failed negotiations with the Canadian Liberal Federal Government. However, the MLS Commissioner Dan Garber has clarified that they’re working diligently with all three Canadian teams to ensure their presence throughout the 2020 Season.

Travel restrictions between the United States & Canada are still prevalent, with consideration of the removal of these restrictions not coming until August 31st. It’s expected that with the surging number of COVID-19 Cases in America, those restrictions will remain in effect. Subsequently, Dan Garber plans to implement a “Phased-In Approach” with Canada’s three Major League Soccer Teams.

MLS Commissioner Dan Garber revealed that approval for training is 1st required from the Federal Government of Canada. After obtaining permission to resume their regular season training, it’ll become an uphill battle to start the standard games for 2020. That’s because the Canadian Government must also approve Major League Soccer to allow the Montreal Impacts, the Vancouver Whitecaps, and TFC to compete against each other. These outfits will unfortunately not compete against American MLS Teams, avoiding additional outbreaks in Canadian Metropolises.

Championship Concerns

Dan Garber emphasized that after obtaining Federal approval, the MLS Corporate Division can satisfy numerous questions from sports reporters. He’d remark that the delayed approval could prompt Canadian teams to ender the 2nd Phase of 2020s Regular MLS Season, meaning they’d be considerably behind in-comparison to their American counterparts. Furthermore, Dan Garber couldn’t clarify how the MLS Championship would unfold in Toronto FC enter the finals for a 2nd consecutive year. Scheduling Canadian teams into the Championship will become impossible unless travelling grants are permitted to their footballers, which is unlikely after America has sustained more than 5+ Million Infections of COVID-19.