Covid Contingency Plans for MLS Championship

Drastic increases in global cases for Covid-19 have prompted sporting institutions to revise upcoming matches & tournaments. Entities governing over these sports have been pressured in the United States, with America having higher infections than any other nation worldwide. Multiple governing associations have ignored warnings & requests from healthcare providers, which hasn’t followed suit with Major League Soccer.

MLS Executives haven’t hesitated to abide by warnings from healthcare experts, knowing that player safety is critical. Recommendations regarding winter protocols have been issued to MLS, prompting contingency plans to become strategized & initiated. Those plans were announced publicly on December 6th, with footballers informed that neutral sites that haven’t been impacted by Covid-19 are being located. Those locations are permitted if leading cities for Championship contention don’t have lower cases of coronavirus.

The MLS Playoffs began near November’s end, with four teams reaching the Semi-Finals. Matches sustained for the Semi-Finals aren’t being relocated, as the competing clubs have continually tested negative for coronavirus. Below are Semi-Final games for 2020s MLS Championship.

  • New England Revolution vs Columbus Crew – December 6th.
  • Minnesota United vs Seattle Sounders – December 7th.

Predicted Victory for the Sounders

The Seattle Sounders are proving that regardless of the point system implemented for playoff contention, Major League Soccer cannot stop this club from dominating. It’s expected that the Sounders will stand victorious, being last years Champions. Everything could change unexpectedly for these clubs & the possibility of matches being postponed for months is looming.

This follows after positive tests for Covid-19 continue to rise in America. December 5th saw 200+ thousand individuals confirmed with coronavirus. Three thousand US Civilians are dying daily from Covid subsequently from these infections. Drastic numbers could prompt MLS Executives to implement preventive measures & eliminate the possibility of footballers contracting the deadly virus. It’s expected that governing associations of multiple sports will be forced into similar scenarios.