Christiano Ronaldo joins Juventus in Record-breaking deal

Christiano Ronaldo joined Juventus in mid-July earlier this year after the Italian club agreed to a record-breaking €100 million fee to transfer the Portugal forward from Real Madrid.

After celebrating his 33rd birthday in February, the world-class player is ready to take on a new challenge after spending nine years with Real Madrid and requested that the club lets him go. Christiano Ronaldo and Jorge Mendes, his agent, met with Andrea Agnelli, the chairman of Juventus in Greece during July to negotiate the final details surrounding the deal.

The player signed a 4-year contract consisting of an annual salary of €30 million. The clubs in Italy are required to pay that amount in tax as well, which makes the total cost of Christiano Ronaldo’s transfer a whopping €340 million (a transfer fee of €100 million along with €240 million in taxes and salary).

Ronaldo stated in an open letter to fans of Real Madrid that he feels enormous gratitude for the city and the club and that he truly enjoyed his nine years. Real Madrid managed to conquer his heart as well as his family, and it is for this reason that he wants to say thank you to not only the club, but also the staff, his colleagues, doctors, the directors, the president, and physics that made everything work.

Shortly after Christiano Ronaldo published the open letter, the Real Madrid answered with a statement saying that Ronaldo agreed to the transfer “at the request of the player”. Real Madrid also stated that they would like to express their gratitude for a player that managed to prove himself as the best in the world and provided one of the most incredible times when it comes to the club’s history. “Beyond the several titles claimed by Ronaldo during his time at the club, he has also been a fine example of constant improvement, talent, responsibility, work, and dedication.”

Real Madrid and Christiano Ronaldo

Christiano Ronaldo managed to join Real Madrid way back in 2009 after spending six years with Manchester United. Ronaldo managed to win 4 Champions League titles during his stay with Real Madrid, 3 FIFA Club World Cups, 2 Spanish Cups, and 2 League Championships. Ronaldo also managed to become a record scorer at Real Madrid, boasting with 451 goals in a total of 438 games. During his stay with Real Madrid, he also won 3 Golden Boots and 4 Ballons d’Or.

Real Madrid finished their statement to Christiano Ronaldo saying: “Christiano Ronaldo will always be considered one of the best symbols for Real Madrid and a superb reference for future generations. Your home will always be with Real Madrid.”

The Real Madrid captain, Sergio Ramos, sent the player a Twitter message thanking Christiano Ronaldo for everything he accomplished since joining the club in 2009. “Ronaldo, your numbers, your goals, and everything you’ve managed to win speak for themselves. You earned yourself a special place in Real Madrid. We’ll remember you forever as Madridistas. It’s been an absolute pleasure to have you. Good luck at Juventus.”