Celebratory Fireworks in Iraq

Anti-Government Protests are growing worldwide, with one such nation expressing their right to refuse by creating celebrations for the Iraq World Cup Qualifying Match. Thousands of protestors gathered in crowds at the Baghdad’s Tahrir Square, an epicentre for political demonstrations. to watch the biggest soccer match of the year, even after government officials implemented new secret crackdowns for violent actions earlier in the year.

The Iraq National Football Team played two matches against Iran in November. The 1st was held in Basra and the 2nd in Bahrain. Both towns saw their respective anti-government protests similar to those in Baghdad, indicating a significant transition in the middle east to dethrone Princes and Leaders. After the International Soccer Federation lifted their thirty-year ban on matches being held in Iraq, they determined that no games would be played in the country for the 2019 Season. This was another reason that saw increased protests across Iraq.

However, the anti-government protestors didn’t take this win and turn it into a horrendous event filled with death. Instead, the skies of Iraq lite up in fireworks after the first goal was scored in eleven minutes. For the remainder of the game, these protestors danced, chanted their favourite soccer songs and beat drums like thunder itself. Several demonstrators were thrilled with the turn out after the security crackdown, for they feared that most would choose to stay home. The Iraqi people showed their governments that they wouldn’t falter their ways of life and stand up for their rights.

The Iran Debacle

The first protest in Iraq began when a terrorist event left 320 Dead and more than two thousand wounded. It’s considered the most significant terrorist attack in Iraq’s history. It would quickly be revealed that the culprits were Iranian, which prompted deadly protests with thousand outraged at the significant threats facing their country. Since then, these protests have also become about fundamental human rights, lack of essential services, widespread corruption and a minimal job force.

The government has proposed various options for constitutional and economic reform, but all propositions have been rejected. There have been official callings for political leadership to step down, including the Prime Minister and his cabinet. Protestors are also demanding that Iraq stop engaging with Iran entirely. Since the proposal rejections, authorities have begun arresting and attacking demonstrators. It would be long till their protests turn violent like in Paris and Hong Kong.