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TFC Partners with Black Players for Change

Major League Soccer maintains multiple clubs, with few maintaining exponential fanbases & prominence in the sporting community. That isn’t the case with Toronto FC, a team that’s grown into providence throughout their Canadian city & Northern America. It was announced by TFC that their leading by example for all other outfits in Major League Soccer & partnering with the “Black Players for Change”.

It’s an organization created in MLS during 2020 after the “Black Lives Matter Movement” became an active issue in America. 170 footballers throughout MLS have joined the collective, with coaching personnel & staff members also joining the organization. Black Players for Change will work with TFC to bridge the caps of racial equality in professional football.

TFC General Manager Ali Curtin emphasised that 2020 has been an influential year for Toronto, on & off the field. GM Ali Curtin emphasised that Toronto FC will continue to address problems regarding diversity, inclusion, and equality for African Americans. Ali is proud to operate an organization that has a history of working with Black footballers, even when other MLS teams were sticking with prominent Caucasian players like David Beckham. It’s been proven statistically that most players of African heritage have better records than their Caucasian counterparts. For TFC this is true with Jozy Altidore, Justin Morrow, and multiple others.


TFC & Black Players for Change have started the latest brand named “UNITE”. Funds raised towards this institutionalized brand will be represented throughout youth organizations in Toronto. These organization will focus on African-Heritage Canadians, with opportunities being provided to young footballers that achieve prominent success in lower divisions. This means that children in Toronto from regions like Jane & Finch could have an opportunity to become a famous footballer in Major League Soccer for TFC. Unity has become a substantial goal for TFC following the Black Lives Matter movement, and something they hope to change league wide.

Inter Miami Loses Goalkeeper to Broken Arm

The Goalkeeper & Captain for Inter Miami won’t be permitted to play out the remainder of 2020s MLS season. It follows after the goalkeeper fractured his left arm on October 4th. Inter Miami was competing against New York City FC when stoppage time was implemented. Luis Robles suffered an evident injury after Gary MacKay-Stevens from NYCFC collided against Inter Miami’s goalkeeper.

The NYCFC footballer was awarded a yellow card for his actions, with Luis Robles being assisted from the field. Club leaders have confirmed that throughout the next forty-eight hours, their goalkeeper will undergo a medical evaluation to determine when Luis Robles can return to competition. It’ll likely be 30+ days, and past the point of Major League Soccer’s championship.

Inter Miami watching Luis Robles suffer a left-arm fracture isn’t beneficial for the club. Robles is aged 36-years-old and doesn’t have much longer in professional soccer before age physically catches his body. It’s also disappointing for Luis Robles, who promised Inter Miami Owner David Beckham that he’d defend his club on the net like nobody else. Luis Robles kept that promise for fifteen games this season. It should be clarified that this goalkeeper is infamous for being durable and will likely return for the 2021 MLS season. Long-time supporters of Luis Robles won’t have to worry about his retirement yet, with that looming in four years.

The Replacement

Coaching personnel with Inter Miami are likely angered over the factor of Luis Robles now being out on medical leave. He’s their most experienced player & team captain, with few able to fill his shoes while healing his left-arm fracture. Several players have been considered for replacement, with all footballers having contracts with inter Miami to date.

Drake Callender will likely take the role of Temporary Team Captain until Luis Robles returns. However, this 22-year-old could have competition from John McCarthy & Blaise Matuidi. Both of these men are also in the running. The favourite for selection is Drake Callender, with the young footballers unaware of when Luis Robles will return. It’ll provide this youthful athlete with an opportunity to understand leadership at the highest level, which isn’t easily given to Gen-X’s.

MLS Next Announced

Major League Soccer dedicates themselves towards the development of young athletes, which have the potential to become future superstars in MLS or the Premier League. MLS’s continued dedication was proven with the announcement with “Major League Soccer’s – New Elite Youth Development Platform”. It’s commonly being referred to MLS NEXT & will focus on the North American landscape of youth football.

Executives announced MLS NEXT before the 2021-22 Season, which will start earlier than average to account for possible delays associated to the COVID-19 pandemic. MLS wasn’t the exclusive party behind this announcement, with collaborations occurring with elite youth academies in the United States & Canada. MLS NEXT will encompass 490 Football Clubs across six age groups, working towards a modernized vision of Major League Soccer.

The Technical Director & Vice President of MLS Player Development, Fred Lipka, confirmed the announce of NEXT. It was evoked that Major League Soccer’s commitment towards the youth of North America hasn’t faltered during COVID-19. Fred Lipkah also mentioned MLS’s excitement towards starting the first season of NEXT, which won’t be televised & be divided amongst divisions throughout North America. The Vice President finalized his statements by mentioning there’ll be numerous protocols in place to protect children during the COVID era.

MLS NEXT was initially unveiled to elite footballers aged between thirteen to nineteen on September 7th. Major League Soccer wouldn’t allow the announcement to become public information under September 12th.

MLS Next Explained

The inaugural season for “Major League Soccer’s – New Elite Youth Development Platform” started on September 12th. The announcement of MLS NEXT was made public information 6-minutes before kickoff time, showing how Major League Soccer Executives wanted to keep the information quiet for the safety of potential media-targeted families. Each respective match that’s played throughout the MLS NEXT inaugural season is committing to federal & state guidelines for COVID-19.

Six age groups have been selected by Major League Soccer for the NEXT Platform. Planned matches won’t go outside their predisposed age groups, meaning that Under 19s couldn’t compete against Under 13s. Age groups selected by MLS for the NEXT Platform are listed below.

  • Under Thirteens
  • Under Fourteens
  • Under Fifteens
  • Under Sixteens
  • Under Seventeens
  • Under Nineteens

Montreal Impact Announce U-23 Team

Major League Soccer’s Montreal Impact have frequently made headlines over recent weeks. Discussions regarding what would happen to Canadian MLS teams prompted the Impact name to grow stronger. After seeing a positive increase in fanfare, Montreal Impact Executives have announced a U-23 Team on September 4th. This announcement means the complete overhaul of their academy operations.

Head Coach Jason Di Tulio is helming this reverse football club. He has a longstanding history with the Montreal Impact, making 75 appearances between the 2002-07 MLS Seasons. Competing in professional football grew to challenges & Tulio moved towards football coaching. Throughout his coaching tenure, Jason has coached several academy teams with the Montreal Impacts. Assisting Di Tulio will be Esteban Landazbal. Together these men will work towards honing the skillsets of players to a higher level. However, it also likely means that footballers under the age of 23 won’t be seen in the Montreal Impact.

An official statement was issued by the Montreal Impact Academy Director, Patrick Leduc. He evoked that the U-23 Team has met an objective & goal that’s been desired in their organization for a prolonged period. Patrick emphasized that through a U-23 Team, players under the Montreal Impact banner have a better potential of growing in a professional setting. Director Leduc thanked all employed personnel with the academy for their continued efforts to give young players an excellent opportunity to reach MLS.

Further Changes to Impact Academy

The Montreal Impact Academy announced additional changed to their organization, revealing that Patrice Bernier will take a more prominent coaching role. This comes after Patrice has worked alongside Thierry Henry since January 2020. Assistant Coach Bernier evoked his excitement & pleasure behind obtaining this promotion. He noted it’d allow himself to maintain a professional relationship with the Montreal Impact, while also training U-23 squad members to hone their skillsets better.

Additional Under-Pro Age teams with the Montreal Impact are listed below.

= Under-14.
= Under-15.
= Under-17.

The inclusion of an Under-23 Team means that the Montreal Impact Academy has reached their maximum, offering all age groupings outside of Major League Soccer.

Real Salt Lake is Being Sold

Dell Loy Hansen announced that he’d be selling Real Salt Lake FC, which follows after the team owner had an influx of reports indicating racist comments throughout recent months. It’s believed that Major League Soccer forced Hansen to leave, not risking a potential fallout of African American players or supporters. Dell Roy will now sell “Utah Soccer Holdings Ltd” to the highest bidder. Whoever purchases Hanse’s company will receive full ownership of the Utah Royals in the National Women’s Soccer League, the Real Monarchs of United Soccer, and Real Salt Lake in MLS.

The MLS Commissioner announced that Dell Roy Hansen is selling “Utah Soccer Holdings Ltd”, leading towards the belief that this multi-millionaire was pushed out for MLS. Don Garber revealed that their investigation into the reports made August 28th about Hansen’s racist remarks found proof of evidence within 24 hours. Employed personnel working under Hansen informed MLS Corporate that Dell Roy made multiple racist remarks, often using racial slurs to describe situations & people.

Standard apologies given when caught breaking corporate obligations were provided by Dell Roy Hansen, seemingly written by a Personal Assistant & not himself. It’s mentioned that there were times when he spoke too quickly and didn’t consider the intentions or feelings his sentiments evoked. Hansen’s official statement expressed his full responsibility towards the reports that his words hold a significant impact on African communities that support Real Salt Lake City FC. Dell Roy Hansen would then apologize for his insensitivity & promise to become a better man.


Hansen’s final position in Major League Soccer will be assisting the new ownership in transitioning into club leaders. Hansen claims he’ll work diligently with whatever investment group, corporation, or multi-millionaire that purchases Real Salt Lake FC. It should be clarified that details on the associated cost of buying “Utah Soccer Holdings Ltd” wasn’t provided by Major League Soccer or Dell Roy Hansen. It’s expected to garner upwards of $20 million or more in a private bidding war.

It should be mentioned that new ownership can rebrand & relocate this team to another city while employing new players and workforce personnel. Dell Roy Hansen hopes this can be avoided but understands it might not be possible.

MLS Players and Supporters Divided by Race

The Premier League, La Liga, and Major League Soccer have all experienced an influx of racism towards footballers of African descent. The most recent example of this occurred with Major League Soccer, where their 1st match allowing for supporters was held in the Post-COVID Era. Five thousand fans were seen social distancing in the stands, with Nashville FC & FC Dallas competing against each other in Texas. Supporters began booing footballers from both teams after these players decided to kneel during the American National Anthem. It prompted an onslaught of adverse reactions from both Dallas & Nashville, with the teams being unable to believe that Frisco Residents would act in this manner. It’s the 1st time reactions of this magnitude have unfolded in the Texas town.

Major League Soccer Organizers have begun sorting out the scheduling errors for their 2020 season, with the suspension period enacted between March & July resulting in numerous issues. The 2020 Season has started returning to normal, with new concerns regarding racism began to be revealed. MLS Corporate has allowed teams to stand behind the Black Lives Matter Movement, which has separated America into two camps. However, it’s unknown if MLS Corporate will permit their teams the right to remove racist supporters. Refusing to act on the recent racism shown during Nashville & Dallas’s match would show cowardly intolerance from MLS Corporate.

Nick Cannon from Dallas FC released a formal statement regarding what happened during the recent game. He’d emphasize his disgust in the live audience, and the painful hurt that’s felt whenever their actions towards stopping racism are booed. Nick Cannon noted his love for Dallas FC and those that support his club. However, Cannon evoked that the support being seen recently isn’t welcomed at future matches & that fans should be removed from the stadium immediately upon their ignorant behaviour.

The New Sign of Support

Unsurprisingly, all footballers with Dallas FC & Nashville FC decided to kneel during the National Anthem. It’s become the conventional method of showing support against racism in Summer 2020. Fans from each respective professional sporting league have uttered racist sentiments against this support, which grows tiresome for those wanting equality amongst all nationalities.

Dan Garber Clarifies Canadian MLS Teams Future for 2020

The 2020 Major League Soccer Regular Season is slated to resume in before the end of August. MLS Corporate released a schedule for their upcoming games after the “MLS is Back Tournament” has concluded. However, that schedule didn’t account for the Canadian Teams in Major League Soccer. Analysts questioned if TFC, the Vancouver Whitecaps, and the Montreal Impact wouldn’t be permitted to compete in the 2020 Season. This would’ve followed after failed negotiations with the Canadian Liberal Federal Government. However, the MLS Commissioner Dan Garber has clarified that they’re working diligently with all three Canadian teams to ensure their presence throughout the 2020 Season.

Travel restrictions between the United States & Canada are still prevalent, with consideration of the removal of these restrictions not coming until August 31st. It’s expected that with the surging number of COVID-19 Cases in America, those restrictions will remain in effect. Subsequently, Dan Garber plans to implement a “Phased-In Approach” with Canada’s three Major League Soccer Teams.

MLS Commissioner Dan Garber revealed that approval for training is 1st required from the Federal Government of Canada. After obtaining permission to resume their regular season training, it’ll become an uphill battle to start the standard games for 2020. That’s because the Canadian Government must also approve Major League Soccer to allow the Montreal Impacts, the Vancouver Whitecaps, and TFC to compete against each other. These outfits will unfortunately not compete against American MLS Teams, avoiding additional outbreaks in Canadian Metropolises.

Championship Concerns

Dan Garber emphasized that after obtaining Federal approval, the MLS Corporate Division can satisfy numerous questions from sports reporters. He’d remark that the delayed approval could prompt Canadian teams to ender the 2nd Phase of 2020s Regular MLS Season, meaning they’d be considerably behind in-comparison to their American counterparts. Furthermore, Dan Garber couldn’t clarify how the MLS Championship would unfold in Toronto FC enter the finals for a 2nd consecutive year. Scheduling Canadian teams into the Championship will become impossible unless travelling grants are permitted to their footballers, which is unlikely after America has sustained more than 5+ Million Infections of COVID-19.

Benedikt Höwedes Retires at 32

One of Germany’s most notable footballers has announced his retirement following the COVID-19 Pandemic & an increased period of vacationing with his family. This individual is Benedikt Höwedes of Schalke FC. He’d infamously compete for Germany’s National Football Team, being a dominating force in acquiring his home nation the “2014 FIFA World Cup” in Brazil. His career sustained thirteen years for announcing his public retirement through social media, ending a reign that won’t be forgotten by German football enthusiasts for decades to come.

Benedikt Höwedes competed with Schalke FC in 330 Official Season games before ending his decade-long run with this outfit. Höwedes left his home football club for Juventus FC for the 2017-18 Season under the loan, inevitably being sold to Lokomotiv Moscow is Russia for two consecutive seasons. After considerable delegations with his Russian football Club, Höwedes obtained permission to be released from his contract in June 2020.

The Defender spent July 2020 with his Son & Wife in the South of France, the three of them sharing a Camper Van. He’d notice the evident happiness his son had when sitting next to him throughout their prolonged vacation, prompting Höwedes to feel Professional Football is unimportant. Speaking with BBC Sports over a video conference, Benedikt Höwedes remarked that his son is nearly turning two & that his time within Moscow wasn’t remotely enjoyed. Benedikt would even say that his time with Lokomotiv brought suffering onto his life.

Benedikt Höwedes criticized Lokomotiv Moscow for their brutal development & training mentalities, which treat players more like robotic slaves than professional footballers. He’d also emphasized that international football is regularly moving away from the fans after COVID-19 and will find themselves without supporters if the line they tread isn’t walked carefully.

The History of Benedikt Höwedes

Benedikt Höwedes will be sorely missed in Germany, with his time as Schalke Captain being influential. He’d lead the Schalke’s towards victory throughout six sevens, while also working under the Germany National Football Team. His ferocity on the field allowed for Benedikt Höwedes to become one of three footballers to compete in every minute of the FIFA World Cup for their respective team. He’s a Multi-Functional Player that thousands throughout Germany hope will one day return.

MLS Postpones 2021 Expansion

Charlotte FC, Saint Louis SC, and Sacramento FC have been informed that their first season in Major League Soccer will be postponed. Those delays follow financial concerns regarding the coronavirus pandemic, with MLS knowing that new organizations thrive off merchandise sales & high attendance volumes from the local population.

Starting these three teams before supporters are permitted to attend stadiums again would’ve destroyed any chances at initial profits. It’s known that Charlotte FC will obtain the shorted delay & arrive for the 2022 MLS Season. Saint Louis SC & Sacramento FC are receiving longer postponements until the 2023 MLS Season. This gives all three organizations ample time to resolve any fallout concerns associated with COVID-19.

MLS Analysts speculated that all expansion teams announced earlier this year wouldn’t be permitted to move forward. This would’ve meant the delay of Austin FC, which was avoided after notable progress was made weeks before coronavirus attacked America. Austin is being permitted to launch for the 2021 MLS Season.

The MLS Commissioner, Don Garber, released a formal statement to football supporters. He indicated that each football club must adhere to their inaugural MLS season in standards that aren’t possible during the coronavirus. Garber hopes that with added extensions, these cities & their club owners be provided ample time to position their inaugural debut.

Teams in Major League Soccer respectively played two games each before COVID-19 inflicted the United States. MLS postponed their operations on March 12, resuming on July 8 in the state of Florida. Since arriving in Florida, multiple footballers have contracted the virus & been separated from the rest of their team. It’s resulted in infection statuses to drop tenfold.

No Infections Since July 14

The MLS is Back Tournament confirmed that there hadn’t been a single recorded case of Coronavirus since July 14. Major League Soccer hopes the zero-infection status can continue onwards until the tournament is completed on August 11. Tournament hopefuls include the Seattle Sounders, LA Galaxy, Atlanta United, and Toronto FC. Whoever obtained victory during this tournament will collect a $1 million prize & trophy. All points earned also transfer over to the regular season, with this applying for all teams in the tournament.

Coronavirus Concerns Prompts Cancellation of TFC Match-Up

The United States of America has become the highest-infected nation with COVID19. Lack of knowledge regarding this virus has prompted millions in America to avoid wearing masks & social distance, which was proven throughout the George Floyd Riots. States like Florida are experiencing an influx of infections, with the new standard being 4000 per day. The virus is affecting all aspects of this state’s economy & operational sporting associations at the ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex in Disneyland are beginning to feel these effects.

Major League Soccer is defying medical evidence and risking the lives of their footballers to move forward with the “MLS is Back Tournament”. Two teams have left the tournament after experiencing a high volume of infections, with matches now being regularly postponed to account for delayed testing in Florida. Another tournament event with Toronto FC & DC United was delayed for a 2nd time, with the announcement being made by MLS Deputy Commissioner Mark Abbot. His revelation was created five minutes before kickoff time for their planned match on July 12th. Fans of both sides expressed notable disappointment through social media platforms like Twitter & Instagram.

Explanations from MLS Deputy Commissioner

Mark Abbot clarified that Pre-Game Testing on July 11th saw a positive infection of COVID19. Another test came back inconclusive, with the positive test from DC United & inconclusive from TFC. Major League Soccer’s Deputy Commissioner couldn’t move forward without risking further infections. Mark Abbot learned this after not implementing similar tactics with Nashville SC & FC Dallas, who both exited the tournament after having a time-wide outbreak of coronavirus.

ESPN Reporters questioned Mark Abbot, requesting his thoughts on conducting the tournament safely from now on. The MLS Deputy Commissioner believes it’s still possible but emphasized that if conditions worsen, a decision will be made with the proper authorities. Mark Abbot suggests that there’ll be minimal chances of conditions worsening, with their established protocols being enforced 24/7. MLS will continue identifying new infections & separating them from the teams, then conducting another quick test. Once all players infected all removed to quarantined areas, planned matches can resume. Those confirmed with COVID19 will be provided proper treatment & admirable living quarters to ensure a smooth recovery.