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Cardiff FC Causes Supporter Outrage

Private security in the United Kingdom is a highly concerning subject, with all citizens being watched by government entities through various technologies. This was proved again at Cardiff FC’s most recent matchup against Swansea City on January 12th, 2019. Football supporters noticed that facial recognition technology was being operated at the Cardiff City Stadium, with two surveillance vehicles openly using the technology to acquire data on all visitors. It prompted immediate outrage and concern against their football club, with supporters wearing masks or scarves to hide their identities. It’s become a nationwide story after data indicated CCTV Cameras are continuously collecting data on all Great Britain citizens. Considering this technology is meant to assist law enforcement with criminals, it’s an incredibly offensive action.

The Cardiff City Supporter Club and Big Brother Watch combined their efforts to implement a protest against this football association. It took place at Cardiff City Stadium before the game beginning, with numerous banners reading “No Racial Recognition” being displayed. News outlets reported that the surveillance vehicles would attend the Cardiff FC vs Swansea City matchup. However, most individuals didn’t see the report because of the broadcast time of 3:00 Am. Anthony Moore, a previous soldier for the Queen’s Army, was on-site at the protest. He expressed that their rights as citizens are being taken away and that everyone is under scrutiny for the actions of few. Additional protestors noted that the government attacking their rights is uncalled for and biased, for the government are more prominent criminals than anybody else.

Cardiff City Under Surveillance

For unknown reasons, the government of Great Britain have selected Cardiff City for the facial recognition testing site. Reporters noted that Cardiff had become the most-watched city in the European Union, with estimations stating that more than 200 thousand cameras are maintained in this urban environment. These facial recognition vehicles began patrolling the streets two months ago, visiting local pubs and elementary schools. When children were being targeted, it prompted an immediate backlash from local citizens. Political analysts estimate that the city will break soon and start committing violent protests. This is what happens whenever a government becomes to superstitious of their respective citizens.

Both the Big Brother Watch and Cardiff FC Supporters Club have begun handing out pamphlets about the facial recognition surveillance vehicles. It should be noted that statistical data suggests that this technology targets Middle Eastern and African American individuals, with Caucasian citizens not being checked against the database. This indicates a substantial level of racism within the higher levels of government in Great Britain.

Liverpool Championship Victory Increasing

The Premier League has been rocked by the recent advancement of Liverpool, who in 2018 struggled to acquire a position in the championship. However, Liverpool, for the first time in three decades, is close to securing the championship title for the premier league. This comes after Jurgen Klopp earned 58 points in the standings, which is out of a total of 60 available. They are thirteen points above all other teams and haven’t lost any matchup for more than twelve months. From all accounts, it appears that Liverpool only has to cruise onwards to the championship title, however, you won’t find anybody in the Premier League that will agree with those statements as most fans rooting against them.

These individuals are biased, rooting for teams like Manchester City or Chelsea. However, Liverpool marks the 12th team in Europe’s existence to go unbeaten for longer than one year. Data analysts estimate that this sporting organization has a 97% chance of winning the championship in a few weeks. Analysts also determined that Liverpool will finish with 99 points, which would be one point away from the leagues highest record. Subsequently, Liverpool would become the second most fabulous team statistically in Premier League history. These percentages also mean that Manchester City maintains a 3% chance for victory, with it being nearly impossible for them to acquire the championship title.

Even though statistically Liverpool is dominating all over teams in the league, there have been instances before where they’ve almost acquired a championship and then lost to the pressure. Subsequently, supporters of Liverpool are remaining calm and doing everything possible not to jinx the championship title. Before Liverpool goes against Manchester United from the Championship title, they will place against Tottenham and the Wolves. It’s already guaranteed that Liverpool will win both those matches with a 3 – 0 score or higher.

Punishments Following for Racist Behaviour

The Premier League has come under fire recently for the racist behaviour displayed at their matchups, which is slated to be extensive at the championship title. This has resulted in the British Judiciary System to implement higher powers to the governing authorities with the Premier League. Subsequently, those found committing homophobic or racist behaviour at future matchups will receive significant fines or prison time. This will be implemented with the assistance of a police representative at every matchup. Recently, there’s been a considerable push to abolish racism from the Premier League and make it a more tolerant association for individuals worldwide.

Recent Acquisitions in MLS

The acquisition period for 2020 – 21 has begun to be discussed, with it being announced that Inter Miami FC will receive Toronto FCs Juan Agudelo. This will become effective during the 3rd round of the MLS SuperDraft Selection, with Inter Miami FC noting that Juan has experienced this league for several years and maintains formidable talent. They believe this noteworthy footballer can add valuable depth to the team, with his age remaining young in comparison to other players.

Agudelo is twenty-seven years of age, with his time at Toronto FC beginning in 2019 during the 2nd stage of the MLS Re-Entry Draft. The decision to depart from TFC was entirely his own, seeing limited playtime because of players like Alejandro Pozuelo. Before joining this squad, he played with the New England Revolution, where he was a formidable force. The lack of playtime with TFC saw him acquire only three goals with two assists in 28 games, which prompted him to leave the organization when the option immediately becomes available in 2021. He must wait because of contract obligations.

Additional notable moments throughout his career include his first signing with the New York Red Bulls, where he spent three years on the training-squad. Though he saw official playtime, it was a rarity in his training position. However, when he moved to the New England Revolution, he thrived amongst the squad. In 215 MLS Appearances, he’s made 46 goals. The announcement that he’s arrived at Inter Miami FC should be exciting for fans of the sporting organization.

Zac MacMath Traded to Real Salt Lake City

Another noteworthy acquisition that was made this week involved Zac MacMath. It was revealed that the Vancouver Whitecaps would give up MacMath to Real Salt Lake FC in 2020 under the Targeted Allocation Money. Real Salt Lake paid $50,000.00 for the acquisition, allowing for their squad to receive one of the veteran goalkeepers in Major League Soccer. This comes after Nick Rimando retired from professional soccer, leaving Real Salt Lake at the end of the 2019 season.

Zac MacMath was the fifth overall selection during the 1st round of the 2011 MLS SuperDraft, where he was acquired by the Philadelphia Union FC. Throughout his four seasons with the Union, he played 103 professional games. 2015 marked the year he moved to the Colorado Rapids, where he served as an understudy. This was unsatisfactory for the veteran, who switched to Vancouver, where he maintained eight started in the 2019 season. Hoping for a more significant presence, Zac MacMath now goes to Real Salt Lake FC as the head goalie.

Atlanta United New Signings

Atlanta United has gotten midfielder Emerson Hyndman from AFC Bournemouth on an irreversible transfer; the group introduced Monday. Hyndman signed up with Atlanta in July and also played the continued to be of the Big league Football period on finance from the English Premier Organization side. The financing bargain featured an acquisition choice at the end of the 2019 project. Hyndman’s brand-new agreement will undoubtedly maintain the Dallas local in Atlanta with the 2022 period. Hyndman made $360,000 in 2019, according to the Major Organization Football Athletes Organization’s income overview.

The 22-year-old made his Atlanta launching in a US Open Mug quarterfinal gain Saint Louis FC July 11. Hyndman made an instant effect, adding four shots and two opportunities that developed to aid Gonzalo “Pity” Martínez’s game-winning objective. After the game, Hyndman turned up in the FC Dallas academy. This came after informed press reporters he had no bookings concerning leaving Europe as a result of his brand-new group’s stature in MLS.
It was various with Atlanta Hyndman stated. Hyndman’s MLS launching for the 5 Stripes came as a replacement in a 2-1 loss at the Seattle Sounders July 14. In all, he played in 15 regular-season video games and also began 10, primarily as a central assaulting midfielder in Frank de Boer’s 3-5-2 development.

He’s not an individual that you listen to a great deal or takes a bunch of shots. That’s likewise kind of symbolic of just how he plays. He discovers those limited areas; you do not recognize he’s there as well as after that, he sees as well as transforms someone in the assault. Atlanta traded Nagbe to the Columbus Team last month, leaving a significant gap in midfield. While he does not have the same capability as Nagbe, Hyndman will undoubtedly be anticipated to figure in changing the previous MLS All-Star.

Additional New Players

Jeff Larentowicz, an Atlanta United pillar given that the group started to play in 2017, will undoubtedly be back with the 5 Stripes in 2020. Atlanta and also Larentowicz have gotten to a contract on a brand-new agreement; the group introduced Thursday. Terms, as well as the size of the bargain, were not revealed. Larentowicz was a freelance after the 2019 period and also might have selected to authorize with any Big league Football group. In 110 video games throughout all competitors for the 5 Stripes, Larentowicz has added three objectives. He’s won 3 prizes throughout his time in Atlanta: the 2018 MLS Mug, 2019 Champions Mug, and also 2019 US Open Mug.

Derby Sacks Keogh

This week the management of Derby County FC announced that they terminate the contract of their injured captain with immediate effect. This is all the results of a night of too much boozing which seriously went wrong and left the captain with an injury that very well might signal the end of his playing career.

On the 24th of September, the team from Derby County was out for a night of team bonding. This led to excessive drinking. Later on that night, the car which that was driven by Derby forward Mason Bennett crashed in the car in front of him, being driven by Rams midfielder, Tom Lawrence. Lawrence lost control over the Range Rover and crashed into a lamp pole. Keogh, who was seated in the back of the car, sustained a knee injury when he damaged his knee ligaments.

He was left unconscious in the car as both Bennett and Lawrence fled the scene. They only returned 45 minutes later and was then arrested. Both these players admitted guilt to driving under the influence. During their court case mid-October, their driving licenses were suspended for two years, they were fined the value of six weeks’ wages, and they have to complete 180 hours of community service.

Keoghs Ending Journey

The 33-year-old captain joined the club in 2012 when a contract valued at £1 million were signed. During this period, he appeared more than 350 times for the club on the field. He was also part of the driving force to get the club to the play-off finals for the Championship.

This contract comes to an end in June next year. The injury which Keogh sustained is estimated to take him out of play for the next 12-24 months. In response to this, the club offered that he stays until his contract run out, but at a far lesser rate than the roughly £25 000 which he got paid per week. The captain wasn’t happy with this offer and felt that the club’s attitude towards him and the contract were unacceptable. Hence he declined their offer.

The Club’s Response

In response to this, the club management announced this week that Keogh’s contract is terminated with immediate effect. They stated that the club wouldn’t tolerate his behaviour on the night of the accident. They are firmly set against any player behaving in such a way that it impacts any member of the team negatively. His behaviour also reflected negatively on the club.

Thus he was sacked for his improper conduct. Keogh has now 14 days to appeal their decision. The injured player has to decide on what his available options are at this stage where he is facing a long road of recovery and rehabilitation. At this stage, it is also expected that the Professional Footballers’ Association might get involved.

Racism in Soccer Increasing

Authorities are being accused of not doing enough, but they are at wits end about the racist behaviour which appears to be entirely out of their control. Merely days after a match was halted twice in Bulgaria due to racist slants and monkey noises from the crowds aimed at players of the opposing English team, the team of Haringey Borough walked off the field. The team was up against Yeovil Town when the goalkeeper for Haringey, Valery Douglas Pajetat was spat at.

Recently a European 2020 qualifier game was paused twice due to the crowds mocking some of the players in the English team with racist chants, monkey noises and Nazi salutes in Bulgaria. The qualifier was between England and Bulgaria, and even though the UEFA guidelines weren’t followed thoroughly, twice announcements had to be made to ask the crowds to comply with this regulation.

Another instance of racism took place in the FA Cup tournament when the Haringey team decided to walk off the field in support of their goalkeeper, Valery Douglas Pajetat. An object has hit Pajetat flung towards him from the crowd, and someone also spat on him. The team that was leading at this stage with 1-0 was driven off the field by their manager Tom Loizou during the 64th minute of the game.

Racism Out of Control

According to Darren Lewis, a sports journalist, this action taken by Haringey is a new standard in this sporting arena. He stated that for a long time, players believed that they couldn’t do anything from their side to stop the racism and that they merely have to deal with it. Walking off the field in protest is a new development. It does seem though that the control of the crowds is mostly not possible.

This week Serbia’s team was punished by UEFA for the racist behaviour of their supporters. In September the team was up against Portugal when the Belgrade Stadion Rajko Mitic was the place where the Serbian fans were guilty of racism. Now the team has been punished with a $37 000 fine, and they are forced to display #EqualGame banners at the stadium. They are also forced to play their next two home games without a crowd. Whether this will be an effective solution is still to be determined, but it surely is indicative of the authorities grasping in the air to seem practical.

For Haringey and Yeovil, another outcome was decided upon. The game is rescheduled to take place during this week, and only better behaviour can be expected. This is not the first time that games have been brought to a sudden halt. During last season Wymeswold Reserves left the field due to abuse towards one of their players by Cosby United Development and Padiham FC also evacuated the area due to racist insults from the crowds during a match against Congleton Town.

Teams Dominating Europe’s Leagues

Europe is the playground of some excellent football at the moment. The race to the top is on between the leagues, and they don’t disappoint. Although the most popular leagues often fill the leading positions, this year all teams are truly competing for a place in the Champions League of next season. Here are some of the current standings according to the league rankings of UEFA.

Real Madrid – La Liga

Regardless of a somewhat rocky start to the season, Real Madrid is occupying the first place in the rankings. We have to remind ourselves that they did indeed win all eight of the games played until now. This team has been referred to as the worst team that Real Madrid has ever seen and hence occupying the current number one position is an excellent reason for Los Blancos to smile.

Liverpool – Premier League

Liverpool has been dominating the Premier League the entire season until now. Jurgen Klopp’s influence seems to be paying off well with the Reds winning all eight games played thus far and it is clear that they are hungry for that league title.

Borussia Mönchengladbach – Bundesliga

For a change, the Bundesliga isn’t dominated by Bayern Munich, and indeed thus far it is the men of Marco Rose’s team surprising the league with great success thus far. Will they be able to stay at the top? We don’t know but then again nobody expected to see them at the top in the first place. Hence they might surprise the Bundesliga even more.

Juventus – Serie A

This is not an unfamiliar position for Juventus, yet reaching the top of Serie A didn’t come easy this season thus far for Juventus. Currently, they are locked in a feud to the top position alongside Inter. It seems that this rival from Italy has been reborn under the guidance of Antonio Conte. Maybe Juventus takes their ninth consecutive league title, and perhaps this honour belongs to someone else this season.

Paris Saint-Germain – Ligue 1

They haven’t been putting on an extraordinarily brave battle this season thus far, yet they made it to the top. This is, however, a position that is under serious threat with many teams battling to shift into first place. Thus they are truly aware of the fact that they won’t be able to slack one little bit for the remainder of the season to make it to their third consecutive win of the league title and their seventh during eight seasons.

Lokomotiv Moscow – Premier Liga

Lokomotiv was falling short during the previous season and this time around they are adamant about going that one step further. Lokomotiv is in a position where four teams all share the same point count, yet they have a goal difference and hence the spot as the leader of the pack. The man behind this goal count, Grzegorz Krychowiak, midfielder to West Bromwich Albion.

Goodbye to Schweinsteiger

It was with shock that supporters of this Major League Soccer club received the news when Bastian Schweinsteiger announced his retirement from football this week. He posted on his social media that he will be retiring about an hour before the club announced their return to Soldier Field. This is truly a sad day not only for the club which was placed onto the map due to the performance of this great player but for the world of soccer as a whole. During his career, the 35-year-old German played mostly for Bayern Munich, before moving on to Manchester United for a short stint and then he joined the MLS club, Chicago Fire in 2017.

His Career

While playing most of his career at the European giants on the field, Bayern Munich, Schweinsteiger has won seven German Cups and eight Bundesliga titles as well as the 2013 Champions League titles. Schweinsteiger scored 45 goals during his more than 300 appearances between 2002 and 2015 for Bayern Munich. He also represented his country 121 times on the field and scored 24 goals for Germany, a team which he also captained from 2014 until he left for Manchester United.

At Manchester United, he played 18 teams for the club and won the League Cup as well as the FA Cup before moving to Major League Soccer when he joined the Chicago Fires. At the Fires, Schweinsteiger represented the club 85 times and scored eight goals.

Saying Farewell

Schweinsteiger stated that it is tough for him to say goodbye since he is still very much active. He however also stated that he is looking forward to new challenges in the future and that he will always remain committed to the sport. His announcement was met with Bayern Munich sharing in his nostalgia when they posted a video sharing the highlights of his career from his early days onwards. Joe Mansueto, the owner and chairman of Chicago Fire, stated that Schweinsteiger managed to place his club on the world map. He was also applauded for being an excellent teammate and a great leader with brilliant skills, and he was an exemplary influence on the team.

A Low-Key Retirement

Schweinsteiger kept his retirement plans very low-key, and Fire’s coach Veljko Paunovic was informed only a few hours before the team took on Orlando City in their final season match. The German only shared the news after the game was over with his teammates. Paunovic stated that the star has always sustained a high level of professionalism on and off the field and that he made a significant impact as the influencer on the younger players in the club. Now he has the tremendously difficult task to find a replacement player for such an excellent star, and it is an almost impossible task.

Schweinsteiger stays in Chicago with his wife and former tennis star Ana Ivanovic. They have two sons who were both born in the city. Schweinsteiger earned an annual salary of $5.6 million which made him the fifth highest-paid player in Major League Soccer.

Jamie Vardy Exceeding Renaldo

For a long time, Christiano Ronaldo has been one of the top goal scorers in the Premier League, but this weekend he was forced to move down one in the rankings by no other than a former amateur footballer, Jamie Vardy. To top it all off, Vardy managed his record amount of goals in fewer games than what Ronaldo could do it in.

It wasn’t that long ago that Jamie Vardy was running out on the field for the Stockbridge Park Steels. They are a football club in the seventh division in English soccer. Since those days, the 32-year-old striker came a long way. Vardy started playing for the Stocksbridge Park Steels when he was 16 years old. Here he spent three years before he moved on to H.C. Halifax Town. In this Northern Premier League club, Vardy scored 25 goals and won the Player’s Player of the Year award of the club. Then he spent some time at Fleetwood Town before moving on to Leicester City in 2012. His non-league transfer fee was a record-setting £1 million. Money well spent since he played a vital role in the club winning the Championship in 2014. Now Vardy has placed Leicester City once again in the limelight.

Setting a New Record

On Sunday the 29th of September, Leicester City was up against Newcastle United. Vardy scored two of the five goals in their 5-0 victory. With these two goals, he surpassed Ronaldo’s record of Premier League goals. Vardy’s first goal was a finish from the inside of the box and the second goal was a header. These two goals tallied his total amount of goals in the English top division to 85 goals, just one more than Ronaldo’s total of 84. In addition to this, one must also note that Vardy entered the Premier League is already 27 years old. Vardy managed to achieve his record in a total of 183 games compared to the five-time winner of the Ballon d’Or who needed 196 games to make his record. Vardy’s number of goals also placed him on par with Fernando Torres and Eden Hazard, the duo from Chelsea. He is also one ahead of Carlos Tevez, the former Manchester United and Man City striker.

A Gamble Which Worked Out Well

When Leicester City paid the transfer fee for Vardy which was considered to be a record high at the time, they took a gamble on him. This became a gamble that brought on high returns. During his first two seasons, Vardy managed to score 20 goals for his club. During the 2015-2016 season though, he came into his full potential under the guidance of Claudio Ranieri, and he scored 24 goals for Leicester City. This achievement helped them in getting promoted to the Premier League. His excellent performance meant that it was no surprise that he won Player of the Season award for that year.

Chelsea Making an Offer to Aussie Sam Kerr

The 25-year old Australian striker has made some dangerous waves in the world of football over the past couple of years. She has not only inspired young talent with her skills and abilities but also became the face identified with both Perth Glory as well as the Matildas. Currently, she is playing in the United States in the National Women’s Soccer League for the Chicago Red Stars, where she is still contracted to play six more season games. After that, she will return to Perth, where she is recruited to the Football Federation Australia as a marquee player. Currently, she has no contracts binding her to either Perth Glory or the W-League.

The Lure of European Soccer

About two years ago, the French club, Paris Saint-Germain, showed some serious interest in the Australian and at that stage, even Kerr herself thought that maybe this is the end of her return to W-League. Now the interest in Kerr and her brilliant career came from the English giant, Chelsea. Chelsea made Kerr an offer of $1 million over two years. Playing for Chelsea is however much more than getting better pay, for Kerr. This could mean achieving a higher level of success for the striker. Europe is still the core around which the world of soccer rotates, globally. Playing for Chelsea would mean that Kerr would now have the opportunity to become part of the European soccer scene, to play in the English Women’s Super League and to be part of the Champions League, where she will be able to compete against the best teams in Europe.

A Great Loss for Australian Soccer

One person who is all too aware of this offer to Kerr and the effect which it would have on Australian soccer, to see her go, is Tony Pignata, CEO of Perth Glory. Even though he thinks that it is brilliant that such an outstanding player is offered such a great opportunity, it would be a loss for them. Kerr has made a massive impression in the world of football in Australia and contributed significantly to the much higher level of exposure which not only the Matildas but also Perth Glory has been receiving over the past couple of years. He also mentioned that they are waiting for her to finish off her season in the US, but they have been in conversation with her manager already, regarding returning to Perth Glory. Pignata considers Kerr to be one of the best soccer players in the world, and although he wishes her only the best, it would be almost impossible to replace her in his team. Currently, they can’t do much more except to hope that she will decide to return and remain part of the group, although this is probably not the best move she could make to enhance her career. Following the European route remains the possibility of an entirely new level of exposure for her.