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Positive Covid Tests for Premier League

Testing for the coronavirus hasn’t stopped for fourteen consecutive weeks, with the Premier League announcing their results weekly to institutions like SkySports. Infections amongst footballers was weakening until December 7th to 13th. It’d be announced by the Premier League that six players had tested positive for Covid-19, with an additional eight positive tests being seen amongst team personnel. It marks the highest volume of infections seen in the Premier League for more than thirty days.

Details regarding the testing phases for December 7th to 13th was issued, noting that 1500+ individuals had received COVID PCR Tests. That means the amount of infected equated to less than 0.05% of the Premier League. Premier League medical personnel have struggled to ascertain where infection volumes are, with rates seen in late November sustaining fourteen positive cases. It means that cases were lowered to standard rates & then returned to peak amounts.

Contact tracing indicates that increased infection follow a matchup between Aston Villa & Newcastle United, meaning the positive cases announces are likely from these two clubs. Details regarding which personnel contracted the virus hasn’t been released. It should be mentioned to readers, fourteen cases seen between December 7th to 13th was considered low in early November. Changes in what’s deemed acceptable is changing regular with Premier League executives, with lockdown conditions across the United Kingdom being a defining factor.

The Statement

Premier League personnel released a press statement regarding the infections, confirming that fourteen positive cases had been seen. It’d be mentioned that six cases are new & the remaining eight were infected last week. Healthcare services is being offered to these individuals until Covid-19 can be defeated. It should be mentioned that the Premier League doesn’t have any known deaths associated to Covid-19. This week’s announcement also guaranteed that the namesakes of infected personnel isn’t being made public any longer after unexpected violent altercations.

Two MLS Matches Postponed, Coronavirus Cited.

Matches between FC Dallas and Minnesota United, to Columbus Crew FC and Orlando City, have been postponed following outbreaks of the coronavirus. It’s been reported by Major League Soccer that both employed personnel & players have contracted the virus unexpectedly. It’s been confirmed that Columbus Crew FC is the infected team, prompting a postponement match for Orlando City. Fourteen days of quarantine are required for these infected personnel & players before their return to competition can be permitted.

Minnesota United has experienced two positive cases within their player division, and a single infection across their employed personnel. It means that FC Dallas loses another match throughout the 2020 MLS Season. Major League Soccer hasn’t revealed when these games will resume, with weeks to months possibly sustaining this postponement. Infected with Minnesota United have been boarded in “COVID Zones” at undesignated hotels. These individuals cannot leave their rooms under any circumstances for fourteen days.

The Press Release

Major League Soccer released a formal statement regarding the postponement of these two matches. It was clarified that the guaranteed health & safety of uninfected personnel to players became the priority. MLS stated that additional evaluation & testing would occur on October 12.

New players or personnel found with positive infections will be forced into isolation. It should be noted that both Columbus Crew FC & Minnesota United have disbanded meetings and practices to ensure potentially additional infected, don’t spread the virus further. MLS finalized their formal statement by evoking new match dates & times will be announced later this year.

Additional MLS Infections

Major League Soccer has announced a multitude of COVID-19 infections since September 23. It began with the Colorado Rapids, who had four players test positive for coronavirus & two staff members. Infections throughout the Rapids Camp have continued since the 23rd, showing that outbreaks can occur with professional teams for prolonged periods. The Colorado Rapids have seen matches with the LA Galaxy, LAFC, Portland Timbers, and Kansas City FC all terminated in recent weeks. Coaching personnel must enforce stronger protocols for players & staff to eliminate the coronavirus outbreak.

WSL Joins Premier League

Professional women’s football has been drastically at risk throughout 2020. Football experts anticipated that financial losses associated with the COVID-19 pandemic would force numerous clubs to shutdown. However, the opposite has happened & the Women’s Super League found an unexpected ally. It’d be announced last week that footballers with the Women’s Super League would compete in England’s Premier League, the top division of football worldwide.

It’s a strange twist that comes after WSL organizers had an exhausting season, working to sustain their footballers with financial comps until the pandemic had concluded. It’d appeared initially that the Women’s Super League in Great Britain had been forgotten about. When the Premier League confirmed they’d be a beneficiary towards the WSL, female footballers throughout the United Kingdom rejoiced.

Thanks to the assistance of the Premier League, female footballers with the Women’s Soccer League returned to contention in September. Alex Morgan was an initial selection for Premier League contention, with the WSL footballer being signed to Tottenham Hotspur. She’s the first female player in Tottenham’s history. Alex Morgan made her debut against Arsenal FC with the Tottenham Hotspurs. However, coaching staff kept Alex Morgan benched. It means her first official minutes of contention with Tottenham Hotspur haven’t been played yet. Some have questioned the Hotspurs for using Alex Morgan for promotional marketing, with Morgan appearing on Time UK Magazine this month.

Since Tottenham Hotspur hired Alex Morgan, multiple other clubs in the Premier League have mentioned their desire to sign female players. Manchester City, Arsenal FC, Chelsea FC, and Manchester United have invested heavily into their female divisions & will likely bring footballers over to their male clubs.

USWL Not So Fortunate

Similar fortunes couldn’t be awarded to the US Women’s League, which has been laid to waste throughout the pandemic. It’s not known if the USWL will immediately return when the epidemic is over, with team owners likely having to recover for the option financially is possible. Financial stability could’ve been awarded to these clubs if Major League Soccer issued their support. However, professional football isn’t as popular in America as England. This means that MLS organizers were working to financially save their league & couldn’t account for the USWL.

Alphonso Davies Makes Canadian Football History

The United European Football Association must now record Canada into their history books, which comes after Canadian Alphonso Davies became the 1st footballer from his nation to obtain a UEFA Champions League title. Canada’s Alphonso Davies competes for Bayern Munich, with the organization entering the UEFA finals against Paris Saint-Germain. These two opposing teams would compete in Lisbon on August 23rd, with Bayern Munich becoming victorious with a single goal.

Alphonso Davies formally played for the Vancouver Whitecaps in Major League Soccer, where the then 19-year-old footballer would become known for his prodigy-like skillsets. Davies would garner notable popularity amongst MLS supporters, prompting CONCACAF to contract Alphonso for international contention & acquisition. CONCACAF’s international exposure saw Davies become a global household name for football supporters, prompting Bayern Munich to recruit this footballer since Mid-2019.

It should be clarified that contracted players under the CONCACAF Division typically don’t receive a position in the UEFA Champions League. Four players with CONCACAF have obtained this notable accomplishment, including Dwight York for Manchester United in 1999. Rafael Marquez competed with Barcelona FC in 2006, and Keylor Nava was contracted with Real Madrid in 2016. Alphonso Davies becomes the 4th CONCACAF member to acquire this title.

Alphonso Davies also acquired the title of “9th Youngest Starting Player in the UEFA Champions League”. However, when considering his position at Bayern Munich, Alphonso is the youngest defender to ever compete in the United European Football Association. These notable titles prompted the Canadian Broadcasting Service to interview Alphonso Davies via videoconference, where the former Vancouver Whitecaps defender would express heartfelt gratitude towards Canada.

Thanks to Canada

Davies mentioned that his victory is for all Canadian football supporters, that nobody would’ve imagined his journey in professional sports would lead to playing at Bayern Munich & winning the UEFA Champions League. He’d emphasize the prompt rise of his professional growth, noting that he’d never believe someone if they’d told him about today in 2018. That’s when Alphonso Davies last competed under the MLS banner. He’ll also enter the Major League Soccer history books as the 1st CONCACAF player to compete in a European championship.

Benedikt Höwedes Retires at 32

One of Germany’s most notable footballers has announced his retirement following the COVID-19 Pandemic & an increased period of vacationing with his family. This individual is Benedikt Höwedes of Schalke FC. He’d infamously compete for Germany’s National Football Team, being a dominating force in acquiring his home nation the “2014 FIFA World Cup” in Brazil. His career sustained thirteen years for announcing his public retirement through social media, ending a reign that won’t be forgotten by German football enthusiasts for decades to come.

Benedikt Höwedes competed with Schalke FC in 330 Official Season games before ending his decade-long run with this outfit. Höwedes left his home football club for Juventus FC for the 2017-18 Season under the loan, inevitably being sold to Lokomotiv Moscow is Russia for two consecutive seasons. After considerable delegations with his Russian football Club, Höwedes obtained permission to be released from his contract in June 2020.

The Defender spent July 2020 with his Son & Wife in the South of France, the three of them sharing a Camper Van. He’d notice the evident happiness his son had when sitting next to him throughout their prolonged vacation, prompting Höwedes to feel Professional Football is unimportant. Speaking with BBC Sports over a video conference, Benedikt Höwedes remarked that his son is nearly turning two & that his time within Moscow wasn’t remotely enjoyed. Benedikt would even say that his time with Lokomotiv brought suffering onto his life.

Benedikt Höwedes criticized Lokomotiv Moscow for their brutal development & training mentalities, which treat players more like robotic slaves than professional footballers. He’d also emphasized that international football is regularly moving away from the fans after COVID-19 and will find themselves without supporters if the line they tread isn’t walked carefully.

The History of Benedikt Höwedes

Benedikt Höwedes will be sorely missed in Germany, with his time as Schalke Captain being influential. He’d lead the Schalke’s towards victory throughout six sevens, while also working under the Germany National Football Team. His ferocity on the field allowed for Benedikt Höwedes to become one of three footballers to compete in every minute of the FIFA World Cup for their respective team. He’s a Multi-Functional Player that thousands throughout Germany hope will one day return.

Premier League 2020-21 Season Arriving on September 12th

September 12th marks the day when the Premier League will begin their 2020-21 Season. This announcement was made on July 24th, shocking supports of the football competition. 2019-2020s Premier League Season ended on July 25th. It’ll be less than 45 days before supporters are given their next opportunity to watch notable teams, like champion-holders Liverpool. It’s known that their 2020-21 Regular Season will be maintained until May 23rd of next year. Afterwards, top teams will enter the Champions League.

An official statement clarified that they’re consulting the Football Association & English Football League to determine the scheduling of domestic competitions. It’s suspected that under pandemic protocols, international matches outside of Europe won’t be hosted until likely 2022 or later. Premier League Executives hope that similar issues that followed this year won’t repeat in 2021, including the postponement of seasonal events for three months because of COVID-19. It should be emphasized that even though the Premier League finished their yearly campaign on July 25th, Liverpool had acquired championship victory in late June.

Details on the Champions League & Europa League, two tournaments that dominate professional football, weren’t clarified. It’s standard for the Europa to follow a similar schedule to the Premier League, allowing for both their top teams to enter the Champions League.

The Europa Football League will find challenges with scheduling their 2020-21 Season, with the 2019-20 festivities still underway until the end of August. They’ll have anywhere from twelve to fifteen days to plan their full season to reach contention for the Champions League. To date, Europa’s Wolverhampton Wanderers are slated to battle Manchester City in August. Manchester City is hopeful of acquiring Championship status for 2019-20.

MLS Season Starting on August 22nd

Major League Soccer announced their return-to-play for the 2020-21 Season, which will be on August 22nd. All teams will compete in six matches until September 13th. Afterwards, the second slate of games with reduced teams would be maintained from September 16th to November 8th. Those that hold losing streaks from August 22nd to September 13th will be terminated from competing in the second stage. Once the 2nd stage, if complete, the top teams will compete in the MLS Championship. The prompt season is to ensure that the 2021-22 MLS Season can unfold in normal conditions.

DFA President Comments on the Premier League

The Dutch Football Association’s President has provided insight onto the Premier League, indicating doubt that matches could be resumed by June 1st with closed-door events. The DFA President made these remarks hours after the British Government revealed sporting venues could return by late May or early June.
Government officials with the United Kingdom will converse with their Chief Medical Officers, determining which sporting venues are best suited to re-open by June 1st. Most outfits with the Premier League have 20+ players, with an additional 20+ coaching staff. That means every “Closed Door Event” would have upwards of 100 UK Civilians. Considering this breaks social distancing measures, national broadcasters wouldn’t be permitted to showcase these venues. It’d defeat the purpose for advertisers and continue the low-profit margins for Premier League outfits.

Boosting national morale throughout Great Britain has become a significant point of interest, with politicians looking for unique methods that’d see civilians more willing to remain home for social distancing. Implementing Premier League games that are supported exclusively with televised broadcasts could prompt civilians to stay indoors. This would require government officials to alter broadcasting protocols, which enables SkySports and EuroSports to showcase these matches legally.

Falsified Silver Lining

The DFA President remarked that this silver lining of hope indicated by the Premier League is falsified, that most sporting competitions worldwide will be forced to extend to delays. The chances for the Premier League to resume matches by June 1st is at a likelihood of 20%, with outfits needing a prewarning to prepare themselves for upcoming competitions. Furthermore, an average Premier League season takes upwards of half a year. This means that the Champions League wouldn’t be possible under the current postponements.

Another challenge that faces the Premier League is the players association, which is refusing to engage with live matches until the novel coronavirus has concluded across Great Britain. The virus won’t end until a vaccine is released later this year or next, meaning football matches could be postponed for a prolonged period. We’ll keep our readers updated with any new details regarding the Premier League resuming.

FIFA Creating New Regulations for Covid-19 Fallout

The novel coronavirus has affected all sporting events worldwide, forcing the global calendar for soccer to be postponed. It’s prompted the FIFA Association to begin creating new regulations, which will hopefully ensure that player contracts are protected. This follows after an unprecedented shutdown that’s not been seen since World War II. It should be noted that FIFA-employed Lawyers have begun discussing these new regulations with players, teams and league representatives. The conditional factors are all being considered before the final draft of these regulations are revealed.

Multiple soccer leagues are nearing the end of their 2019-20 Seasons, forcing thousands of athletes to return home for self-isolation. These individuals aren’t able to practice and don’t have insurances on financial futures. That’s why patchwork measures must be implemented, allowing for the effects of Covid-19 to playout without minimal effects on soccer associations worldwide. Players will be guaranteed standard contract finances and will play a re-scheduled season.

The Plan

Sporting analysts anticipate that the aftermath of Covid-19 to international soccer will require a restart of all seasonal activities. FIFA believes these predictions are accurate and estimate that 70% of the leagues connected to this association will re-schedule. That doesn’t mean all Soccer Teams and Players are guaranteed protection by FIFA. Significant fallouts are still expected, with the most adverse challenging again coming before things can return to normal. Regardless of these re-scheduled seasons, the attitude and spirit of supporters will be sombre.

Confidential documents were leaked to the New York Times, which were named “The Covid-19: Football Regulatory Issues, Signed and Dated by FIFA”. The documents list the most detrimental issues that must be solved immediately. Those include the player contracts slated to end this summer, which will have to remain active until each soccer league completes their seasonal activities.

Documents details also indicate that transfer windows will be postponed without any guarantees towards the end of various seasons. It’ll prompt a large percentage of teams to keep their signed players on for an additional season. What’s most important for the Federation of International Football Associations is the balance of soccer worldwide, which is fluctuating right now.

The Worst Premier League Signings for 2019-20 Season

Footballers in the English Premier League are finishing their 2019-20 Season. There are some with various outfits that are concerned for their future, with them underperforming and potentially being designated to another team. Considering that teams like Manchester City and Liverpool are fine-tuning their respective lineups, players that didn’t acquire notable statistics throughout the last season will be terminated. Below we’ve provided three examples of footballers who will most likely be out-contracted in the coming months.

  • Tanguy Ndombélé – Tottenham Hotspur FC

Tanguy Ndombélé from the Tottenham Hotspurs will more than likely be out-contracted for the 2020-21 Premier League Season. This follows after a substantially disappointing and inconsistent performance, which doesn’t suit the associated £54 million contract that Tanguy signed in December 2019. This punter has played sixteen official matches, upon which he’s maintained the minimal of two assists and two goals.

  • Sebastien Haller – West Ham United FC

West Ham United FC purchased Sebastien Haller for £36 million during 2019, with the forward striker not living up to expectations after leaving Eintracht Frankfurt FC. These expectations included the minimum of fifteen goals in twenty-five official league appearances. Sebastien has instead acquired six goals with two assists, which resulted in West Ham United not entering the Champion’s League. Considering that Sebastien was contracted for this sole purpose, he’ll be removed as a head striker and replaced with someone more engaging against opponents.

  • Nicholas Pepe – Arsenal FC

Nicholas Pepe used to stand with one of the most exceptional reputations for goal scorers. He previously played for the French Ligue 1s – Lille FC before being contracted for the 2019-20 season with Arsenal FC. When playing in France, this young punter acquires twenty-three goals and twelve assists within forty-one appearances. This prompted Arsenal FC to offer Nicholas Pepe £72 million to switch outfits, with talent immediately dropping for the striker. Throughout twenty-two appearances for Arsenal FC, he’s maintained four goals and five assisted. When you pay £72 million, the coaching staff are going to demand stronger performances, or you’ll be fired. Nicholas Pepe never proved himself capable of the Premier League, which will force him back into France National Leagues.

The Outcome

Sporting analysts are confident that these three punters are being terminated, with insiders close to their respective outfits expressing similar predications. Premier League Supports can anticipate new strikers for Arsenal FC, West Ham United and Tottenham Hotspurs. These individual outfits haven’t revealed the punters that’ll take these new forward-striker positions. Will keep our readers informed on any new updates regarding the new Striking Leaders in the Premier League.

SportPesa Loses Everton Sponsorship Contract

Shocking headlines struck the sports betting industry today, which followed after it was announced that SportPesa had lost their sponsorship contract with Everton FC. The football club terminated this contract two years earlier than anticipated, meaning their five-year deal turned into three. This contract was first formulated in 2017 and was considered the most controversial sponsorship in the Premier League. Allegations relating to SportPesa indicated that they didn’t respect responsible gambling protocols, meaning that younger audiences and problem players were targeted with this sponsorship agreement.

Commercial operations for Everton FC falls onto Denise Barret-Baxendale, with him being the chief executive officer. After a thorough investigation regarding the strategic review of Everton between 2020 to 2025, it was determined that SportPesa’s contract had to be terminated. This means Everton FC loses £14 million over two years. When asked why they terminated the contract, Denise Barret-Baxendale expressed that they want a different type of sponsor that doesn’t promote gambling.

Sporting analysts know that the gambling-aspect is minimal to Everton FC, with their new owners wanting to restrict the club’s development into specific demographics. These demographics must follow in-suit with Farhad Moshiri’s investments. It’s expected that future sponsorship could retain towards an oil refinery or plastic developer, which would receive more backlash to Everton than the gambling demographic. This would prove that Everton FC has become a breeding group for Farhad’s investments.

Denise Barret-Baxendale spoke to reporters, where she thanks SportPesa for their sponsorship agreement. She expressed that it was beautiful to engage with the African community and see their club play on Africa’s soil for the first time. It allowed them to become a famous football outfit in the African region, with Everton FC considering an expansion team into the African Football League. It’s rumoured that they’d be based out of Johannesburg.

SportPesa History

The online casino first became popular several years ago when Kenyan citizens founded it. It grew to become one of the most popular sources of gambling in the African continent, which quickly extended to the United Kingdom and the European Union. Collected debt followed for SportPesa after the Kenyan Government determined that gambling was attracting young people into debt. It forced stricter regulations, with multiple betting licenses being terminated. This included SportPesa, with additional permissions on the global stage also being cancelled. After obtaining more than $20 million in debt, Everton FC terminated the sponsorship contract.