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Riots Follow After Real Madrid Vs. Barcelona Matchup

Football fans in the European Union continued to display violent acts over the past week. News reports from Barcelona indicate that rioting police were called to dissipate street protests. These events came after the match against Real Madrid and Barcelona, where more than 650 million people worldwide watched the game. However, outside the walls of this football stadium, nearly 100 thousand individuals were creating significant amounts of commotion outside. Luckily, the fans located inside the stadium didn’t create any hassles which would’ve postponed the game. Unfortunately, this matchup resulted in a draw. Afterwards, these 100+ protestors began to become violent. It’s estimated that more than three thousand police officers and security guards were deployed on the scene to assist with any criminal acts.

The authorities breaking the riot apart were forced to use batons, pepper-spray, and gas bombs to send the crowd away from the stadium. During the four-hour protest, nine individuals were arrested, and authorities injured numerous others. This event also saw multiple trash cans lite into flames, glass windows were broken, and various property destroyed. Barcelona citizens participating in this riot damaged buildings that are thousands of years old, which the Spanish government has claimed to be shameful. Anyone with information is suggested to contact the Spanish Police and bring these disrespectful individuals to justice.

Authorities weren’t able to dissipate the crowds before the matchup was completed, where spectators were told to leave the stadium from the south side. This allowed average Spanish citizens to avoid the separatists, who have committed numerous riots to promote independence in Spain. Authorities had hoped that there wouldn’t be any violent protests this time, with the last matchup on October 26th being postponed by the actions of these separatists. Security concerns were so significant that fans were informed that all masks would be confiscated. This extended to smoke bombs and giant flags.

Barcelona FC Affected

When the game began, the individuals outside the stadium started to chant their various statements. It was overwhelmingly loud and could be heard by every fan in the stadium for two hours. These chants included Freedom for Political Prisoners, Lets Talk Spain, and Freedom. However, the Spanish government and its people have refused to allow the North-Eastern region to independent freedom. Clashes have become so extreme that nine political leaders for the Separatists were arrested in recent months.

Barcelona FC begged that their local citizens behave at the upcoming match. Unfortunately, those requests weren’t obeyed. Certain fans sneaked banned reading “Spain, Sit and Talk” to the matchup, where they were quickly removed from the facility and detained by the police. Elderly individuals at this matchup needed personalized security to avoid any potential injuries, which set Barcelona FC’s Head Coach into a wave of anger. It’s unknown that the sporting team will do in retaliation, with potentially banning all future matches in the new year. This would be the ultimate form of punishment for the Separatists, who need to be taught a lesson.

Luis Suarez Considering MLS

Major League Soccer in the United States and Canada has grown into one of the largest sporting leagues worldwide, with millions coming out to the various matchups each year. Subsequently, numerous players from European Leagues have begun moving over to MLS. The most recent player to express his interest in the North American league is Luis Suarez, who publicly declared that he would jump to Major League Soccer if his contract with Barcelona were to end. These comments come after rumours that Luis Suarez won’t be receiving a new long-term contract with the team.

Most agree that removing Luis Suarez from Barcelona would be a foolish coaching decision. He has proved himself as capable as Lionel Messi since joining the Spanish Team in 2014. Throughout his career, he has scored more than 180 goals and made 260 regular match appearances. However, Suarez is now ageing, and his skills on the field are slowly diminishing. The coaching staff have publicly expressed their concerns on if Suarez can compete with the young talent coming into the league. Subsequently, it’s expected that Barcelona will terminate Luis by the end of the season and hire an Uruguayan Player for his forward position.

Luis Suarez isn’t the famous player who might be leaving the Liga Champions League in 2021. Lautaro Martinez and Erling Harland are both expected not to receive another contract. There is a good chance that MLS teams like the Toronto, Vancouver, Los Angeles and Atlanta could take on these ageing stars for their final professional run. This has been the case for MLS, who has seen stars like David Beckham and Andrea Pozuelo arrive from European Leagues to end off their professional career in America.


In every interview since these rumours became public, Luis Suarez has been asked about his future with the Liga Champions League. He spoke highly on Major League Soccer and why the move it attractive for himself. He noted that young players are going there, especially an influx of South Americans. Luis mentioned that this shows the leagues growth and that he wants to be a part of that journey with them if his contract isn’t renewed in 2021. However, for now, Luis has said he is happy with his position at the team.

Right now there hasn’t been any Major League Soccer coaches or sporting organizations that have expressed their interest in Luis Suarez. Considering that his contract doesn’t end for another twelve months, he won’t be a viable player until the MLS 2021 Draft.

Champions League Quarter Final Predictions

The draw for the quarterfinals of the Champions League has provided some genuinely classic ties as the biggest clubs in Europe attempt to reach the Champions League final in Madrid. Manchester City will face Tottenham Hotspur, Juventus will face Ajax, Liverpool will go head-to-head with Porto, and Barcelona will take on Manchester United. So, how exactly will the Champions League quarterfinals play out?

Juventus vs Ajax

Juventus are heading into this tie, which is necessarily a repeat of the final in 1996, as clear favourites to reach the Champions League semi-finals, even though Ajax managed to defeat Real Madrid during the round of 16. Ajax has been one of the most glorious stories in the Champions League this season, with emerging stars, such as Matthijs de Ligt and Frenkie de Jong blending with experienced players, including Dusan Tadic and Daley Blind to restore Ajax’s reputation in the world’s biggest football tournament. However, are they able to provide another shocking upset against Christiano Ronaldo and Juventus? Highly doubtful.

Porto vs Liverpool

Liverpool enjoyed a 5-0 win against Porto in the round of 16 last season before they were held to a 0-0 draw in the second leg at Anfield so that Liverpool will have no fear against the champions from Portugal. Porto managed to overcome Roma in the round of 16 and have loads of experience in Hector Herrera, Pepe, and Iker Casillas as their goalkeeper. However, it’s impossible to imagine that Liverpool is not the overwhelming favourites to go through to the semi-finals to face Barcelona or Manchester United.

Manchester City vs Tottenham

Tottenham is a dangerous team at home, and they will play at their brand-new stadium for the quarterfinals against Manchester City. However, City has far more quality and depth along with the experience of being in this position before. Manchester City is also attempting to secure a quadruple by winning the FA Cup, the Premier League, and the Champions League cup. They are also looking to keep the Carabao Cup that they recently claimed against Chelsea in a penalty shoot-out. Therefore, it will not be surprising to see Manchester City enter the semi-finals to play against Juventus or Ajax.

Barcelona vs Manchester United

This is undoubtedly the best tie of the Champions League. This will mark the first time two of the biggest clubs in the world meeting during the quarterfinals. This hasn’t happened since Manchester United won during the 2007/08 semi-finals on route to winning their third trophy in the Champions League. Since then, Barcelona has defeated Manchester United in two finals, including 2011 and 2009, and there’s no doubt that Barcelona is considered the overwhelming favourites in this tie this time around as well.

Manchester United need to find a brilliant way to stop the incredible Lionel Messi. However, that is just one of the enormous challenges that await Ole Gunnar Solskjaer and his team. If Manchester United can win against Barcelona, they will pull off the most significant result in European history. They haven’t seen the semi-finals since 2011.

Barcelona FC

Being one of the most prominent Spanish football clubs in the world is not an easy task. You either have to get star players from other countries or lookout for the young talent emerging in the country. One thing is for sure Barcelona have done nothing but make their countrymen proud. The club was founded in 1889 by Joan Camper. The football enthusiast had decided to start a club and sent out an advert in the paper for like-minded fellows. Once he got 11 more men of his caliber the club was founded. The team did don’t start off at a slow pace as they were runners up on the 1902 Copa del Rey. Barcelona went on to win the title 8 times towards the end of 1928. The team experienced severe decline after this due to the political changes in the country. Some of the managers would soon leave the country due to political lines and others were assassinated for their left wing politics during the reign of Franco.

Between the years 1942- 1957 there was much success at Barcelona FC. The club managed to snag 5 La Liga titles and 5 Copa del Rey. After such a good decade despite the political circumstances, the club owners decided it was time to hire a top shelf manger in the form of Helenio Herrera. Under his guidance the club flourished more in the Spanish titles. The home grounds we’re also changed to the prestigious Camp Nou. This is where the team resides up to date with no mention of moving. Some of the team’s best players arrived in 1973. One in particular Johan Cruyff was a star player who left the team to win the Last Liga title the next year. This was a great achievement seeing as they had won none for 10 years.

In the year 1979 Cruyff came up with the idea to start a Football academy that would function on the same formalities and principles as the Ajax academy. Soon the academy grew to be one of the best internationally. The top-notch down organization La Masia produced some if the world’s greatest stars in football such as Pep Guardiola, Fabregas and Lionel Messi.

Cryuff returned to the club in 1988 as manager and come up with a dream team with former la Masia stars. He incorporated a lot of Dutch born footballers and so the team rise to fame.

Barcelona FC is one if the biggest Spanish football clubs and also one of the richest. Some of its star players include Lionel Messi, Xavi, Diego Maradona, and Gerard Pique amongst others. The club has won over the years since its inception a myriad of trophies and titles. To ne just a few 25 La Liga titles, 29 Copa del Rey trophies, 5 Champions league and many more.