Cardiff FC Causes Supporter Outrage

Private security in the United Kingdom is a highly concerning subject, with all citizens being watched by government entities through various technologies. This was proved again at Cardiff FC’s most recent matchup against Swansea City on January 12th, 2019. Football supporters noticed that facial recognition technology was being operated at the Cardiff City Stadium, with two surveillance vehicles openly using the technology to acquire data on all visitors. It prompted immediate outrage and concern against their football club, with supporters wearing masks or scarves to hide their identities. It’s become a nationwide story after data indicated CCTV Cameras are continuously collecting data on all Great Britain citizens. Considering this technology is meant to assist law enforcement with criminals, it’s an incredibly offensive action.

The Cardiff City Supporter Club and Big Brother Watch combined their efforts to implement a protest against this football association. It took place at Cardiff City Stadium before the game beginning, with numerous banners reading “No Racial Recognition” being displayed. News outlets reported that the surveillance vehicles would attend the Cardiff FC vs Swansea City matchup. However, most individuals didn’t see the report because of the broadcast time of 3:00 Am. Anthony Moore, a previous soldier for the Queen’s Army, was on-site at the protest. He expressed that their rights as citizens are being taken away and that everyone is under scrutiny for the actions of few. Additional protestors noted that the government attacking their rights is uncalled for and biased, for the government are more prominent criminals than anybody else.

Cardiff City Under Surveillance

For unknown reasons, the government of Great Britain have selected Cardiff City for the facial recognition testing site. Reporters noted that Cardiff had become the most-watched city in the European Union, with estimations stating that more than 200 thousand cameras are maintained in this urban environment. These facial recognition vehicles began patrolling the streets two months ago, visiting local pubs and elementary schools. When children were being targeted, it prompted an immediate backlash from local citizens. Political analysts estimate that the city will break soon and start committing violent protests. This is what happens whenever a government becomes to superstitious of their respective citizens.

Both the Big Brother Watch and Cardiff FC Supporters Club have begun handing out pamphlets about the facial recognition surveillance vehicles. It should be noted that statistical data suggests that this technology targets Middle Eastern and African American individuals, with Caucasian citizens not being checked against the database. This indicates a substantial level of racism within the higher levels of government in Great Britain.