Bold Predictions in Football Over the Next Few Years

Things occur so quickly in the world of football that bold predictions are tough to create. However, we always accept a challenge when it comes to football. With that in mind, let’s take a look at things that will, positively, absolutely happen in the world of European football over the next few years.

Neymar Signs with Manchester United

At the moment, the saga that seems to never end with the potential return of Neymar to Barcelona is taking way too long for it to occur. However, he needs to leave PSG, but where exactly does he go? He essentially requires a club with lots of money with absolutely no clear plan, and who is incredibly desperate. The only club that comes to mind is Manchester United.

Klopp Walks Away from Liverpool

When Klopp’s contract ends at Liverpool in 2022, he will be with the Reds for seven years. This is a manager that never overstays his welcome, as evident by his stay at both Borussia Dortmund and Mainz where he also spent a total of seven years. He departed from both clubs as a superhero and looked to do the same at Liverpool in a few years. The only reason he would stay is that Liverpool hasn’t claimed the Premier League yet. However, this is possible because of Pep Guardiola Will Leave Manchester City

Manchester City is currently under suspicion of breaching regulations surrounding financial fair play, and if they are found guilty by UEFA on a single charge, the team will be banned from the Champions League. It seems like Guardiola only manages under optimal situations and therefore we expect that he will leave the club if they are unable to perform at the most elite level in football.

Mourinho Will Become Manager of Bayern Munich

Even though the achievements by Guardiola was derailed with Bayern Munich at Bundesliga, Germany. It is the only achievement that is missing from the bedpost in Jose Mourinho’s home. Although the team managed to claim the title last season, the current manager was not convincing enough. Therefore, it shouldn’t come as a shock when he gets sacked only to be replaced by Jose Mourinho.

Inter Millan Stops Juventus

Juventus has managed to win a total of 8 Serie A titles consecutively. However, their incredible run needs to come to an end eventually, and it looks like it will be this season if the methods from Maurizio Sarri doesn’t take quick enough. Napoli seems to be the team that is up for the challenge. However, Inter Millan has appointed a steely-eyed winner thanks to Antonio Conte. Who on earth would bet against him?

Suarez to Leave Barcelona in 2020

Suarez has declined in recent years, and Barcelona is well aware of this fact. They need to move on from this forward and soon. With the appointment of Antoine Griezmann, it looks like he will leave in the middle of the 2020 season.