Bayern Munich

Bayern Munich

Bayern Munich is one of the best German football clubs around. Generating $719.8 million dollars, Bayern Munich is the number one football club that generates revenue through commercial revenue. Last year the club reported that over half of it’s revenue was generated from commercial revenue.

That’s not the only thing fantastic about this club either, especially when you look at their track record. They are one of the most successful clubs around with a record winning of 27 national titles along with 18 national cups. Last year, they won the Bundesliga championship (fifth time in a row), however they didn’t have enough to reach the Champions League semi finals. Even though this did impact their revenue, it’s still a show to the testament of their work and the team itself.


Bayern Munich was founded in 1900 based in Munich, Bavaria (Bayern). With 11 people initially, the team reached it’s stride by the mid 1960s. Before then, it was a struggle to climb up. That all started to change as they won in higher ranks by 1965. They placed third in their first Bundesliga season, which qualified them for next year’s European Cup Winners’ Cup. During that match they won dramatically against the Rangers (A Scottish club) 1-0 in extra time.

Since then, victory after victory followed them as changes were made to their team. In 1969, they retained the title they won of DFB-Pokal. This caught the eye of coach Branko Zebec, who took over as coach and revamped their strategy. By moving away from a less offensive style to a disciplined approach, the team achieved victories in both a league and cup double in one season, the first time this was achieved in Bundesliga history. Furthermore there were only three other football clubs in Germany to have done this prior to.

Current Activities

After their Golden Days (1965-1979), Bayern Munich weren’t doing so well for the next two decades. Things started to get progressively better by 1998. There was still many struggles, but there were several successes scattered throughout. Some of these victories brought Bayern Munich international recognition. A notable victory being their win in 2013 for the 2013 FIFA World Cup.

These days they are still achieving victories to retain their title of DFB-Pokal. They lost it a while back, but now since have been retaining it since 2011. Some of their more recent changes to the team come mainly in their coach. In 2017, Jupp Heynckes returned to manage the team for the fourth time. Heynckes also signed a contract to keep him there for the 2017-18 season.


Despite the teams upswings and downswings, Bayern Munich is still a powerful team with a lot of success riding behind them. With well over 290,000 members in the group and 4,237 official fan clubs, there is a massive support for this group. It’s no doubt a source of great pride for many people in the area since this group alone has brought many things to the Bundesliga football scene.