TFC Partners with Black Players for Change

Major League Soccer maintains multiple clubs, with few maintaining exponential fanbases & prominence in the sporting community. That isn’t the case with Toronto FC, a team that’s grown into providence throughout their Canadian city & Northern America. It was announced by TFC that their leading by example for all other outfits in Major League Soccer & partnering with the “Black Players for Change”.

It’s an organization created in MLS during 2020 after the “Black Lives Matter Movement” became an active issue in America. 170 footballers throughout MLS have joined the collective, with coaching personnel & staff members also joining the organization. Black Players for Change will work with TFC to bridge the caps of racial equality in professional football.

TFC General Manager Ali Curtin emphasised that 2020 has been an influential year for Toronto, on & off the field. GM Ali Curtin emphasised that Toronto FC will continue to address problems regarding diversity, inclusion, and equality for African Americans. Ali is proud to operate an organization that has a history of working with Black footballers, even when other MLS teams were sticking with prominent Caucasian players like David Beckham. It’s been proven statistically that most players of African heritage have better records than their Caucasian counterparts. For TFC this is true with Jozy Altidore, Justin Morrow, and multiple others.


TFC & Black Players for Change have started the latest brand named “UNITE”. Funds raised towards this institutionalized brand will be represented throughout youth organizations in Toronto. These organization will focus on African-Heritage Canadians, with opportunities being provided to young footballers that achieve prominent success in lower divisions. This means that children in Toronto from regions like Jane & Finch could have an opportunity to become a famous footballer in Major League Soccer for TFC. Unity has become a substantial goal for TFC following the Black Lives Matter movement, and something they hope to change league wide.

Premier Leagues Highest Infections to Date

November 9th to 15th marked a painful period for the Premier League. Nurses with the National Healthcare Service confirmed that sixteen members in the top division had contracted the coronavirus. Those individuals include a collective of players & team personnel, with identities being kept private amid the off-season. These individuals won’t be permitted to attend training sessions & team meetings, having to now quarantine for a prolonged period to guarantee the infection isn’t spread.

An official statement was issued by the Premier League regarding the November 9th to 15th testing period. It’d be confirmed that 1200+ individuals had received PCR-Covid Tests, of which sixteen individuals had contracted the virus. Infected players & team personnel are quarantining in designated hotels for ten days before obtaining another test. The low number of infections results in a percentage of less than 0.01%. It still concerns for executives, with that being the highest volume of infections that the Premier League has experienced since March 2020.

Details in the Premier League’s statement clarified that accommodations for these individuals are being provided in a socially distanced manner. Medical care, groceries, and required necessities are permitted for the infected. Items are dropped off in front of their doors & then after two minutes, that respective individual is allowed to grab their products.

The Premier League’s previous highest volume of infections before this announcement was ten. September 21st to 27th saw the Premier League sustain prominent conditions. Considering that football is slated to resume on November 21st, Executives are working towards eliminating all infections league-wide. Unfortunately, sixteen members will not be competing in the seasonal start for 2020 to 2021. Before those individuals can return to the field, a negative PCR-Covid Test must be sustained. The Premier League claims that most infected are supporting asymptomatic conditions and that favourite footballers will return to contention shortly.

Premier League Implements New Testing Measures

Testing for Covid-19 has changed drastically since the virus became an international pandemic in March 2020. Initial methods used for testing are considered outdated, with manufacturers creating new ways that tests can be conducted. The most prominent process is through PCR-Covid testing, which guarantees a 99.98% accurate reading after 24-Hours. It’d led towards numerous sporting agencies & organizations committing to daily or weekly testing for coronavirus, which has been challenging for the respective teams & their players.

It’s been announced by the Premier League in Great Britain that challenges associated with testing are about to grow. It follows after multiple footballers left the United Kingdom to contend with their international duties. The English Football League (EFL) informed international footballers that upon their return home, fourteen days of isolation would be required. Afterwards, those individuals must commit to a PCR-Covid test that has negative results.

It should be clarified that the Premier League maintains weekly testing for the coronavirus, which follows after Great Britain has continued to sustain a small supply of PCR-Covid tests. Footballers refusing to abide by these measures won’t be permitted to return to training.

The Change

What’s different between these updated measures & older protocols is that previously, Premier League footballers were permitted to resume training immediately after their return from international duties. All that was required was a negative PCR-Covid test. However, worldwide numerous countries are sustaining their second outbreaks of coronavirus. It’s led towards the stricter measures requiring fourteen days of isolation. Footballers contracted in the Premier League maintain secondary domestic duties in nations like Africa, Mexico, and America. Executives & organizers employed under the EFL/Premier League must begin preparations for the worst-case scenarios. It’s this preparation that healthcare experts & executives feel will best protect the Premier League from sustaining an outbreak.

November 5th saw the updated measures going into effect for Premier League clubs. Shareholders holding prominent funds throughout the Premier League were informed not to have a concern regarding the revised criteria. This solution ensures that Great Britain’s Parliament won’t initiate a secondary shutdown for the Premier League, which would sustain losses that likely could never be recovered. Extensive testing is better than the League possibly shutting down permanently.

Premier League Continuing During 2nd Lockdown

The United Kingdom has entered their second lockdown, prompting concerns that domestic sports will get forced into postponing another season. It’s been announced by the Premier League that their continuing to compete throughout the 2nd lockdown, with national restrictions not applying to football matches after the necessary infrastructure has been developed.

The Premier League’s announcement that matches will continue was praised & backed by government personnel in Great Britain. The Secretary of State for Sports emphasised that elite sporting institutions are permitted to continue operations. Oliver Dowden evoked that the earliest possibility of supports returning to stadiums is 2021, and the Premier League have made a formal agreement to sustain that timeframe. It’s disappointing for supporters but eliminates the possibility of a 3rd outbreak in Great Britain by small percentages.

It was announced on October 29th by Prime Minister Boris Johnson that Great Britain & the United Kingdom aren’t permitted to leave their homes for non-essential travel. It was confirmed that a 2nd lockdown would be sustained, meaning that restaurants & entertainment facilities must remain closed for an unknown period of time. There’ll be one exclusive manner permitted for non-essential travel in the United Kingdom, with that being working obligations. Individuals working inside Film & TV Production are permitted to complete their duties in football stadiums

Sports analysts aren’t surprised that the Premier League agreed to not allow supporters inside stadiums until 2021. Executives would’ve wanted to avoid another cancellation to seasonal events amid a 2nd lockdown. Their last cancellation period lasted almost three months & the Premier League made their formal return one June 17th. It’d bee weeks ago that Liverpool FC acquired championship victory. Cancelling the 2020-21 Premier League Campaign before it even began would’ve inflicted numerous complications that organizers & executives would have been challenged in resolving.

Eliminating the Virus

Football clubs operational in the Premier League have requested how sports analysts will eliminate outbreaks during a 2nd lockdown. Clubs have mentioned that they’ve sustained the infrastructure for testing & isolation since late June. The same protocols will be implemented to guarantee minimal infections. NHS Medical Experts will assist the Premier League in testing, with paramedics being on-scene to administer specialized drugs in isolation zones.

Bayern Munich Footballer Sustains Ligament Damage

Ligament damage has inflicted Alphonso Davies; the Bayern Munich Left-Winger was competing against Eintracht Frankfurt for the opposition. An immediate strategy of aggression was imposed by Eintracht Frankfurt FC, prompting Alphonso Davies to sustain ligament damage within three minutes of the match starting.

The injury was destructive & painful for Alphonso Davies, who screamed in agony after twisting his ankle at the midfield. Davies was looking to capture the football from Eintracht Frankfurt FC when his footing was wrongly placed & prompted an extensive twisting of his ankle. It was such an extreme that medical personnel for Bayern Munich had diagnosed ligament damage for Alphonso Davies. It marks the most inflicting injury that Davies has experienced since joining Major League Soccer in 2018.

Brief History of Alphonso Davies

Bayern Munich FC contracted Alphonso Davies from the Vancouver Whitecaps, placing him onto their secondary team for one season. This followed after Alphonso Davies performed beyond expectations in Major League Soccer, becoming an international football state. Football clubs worldwide began considering Davies for contention, with Bayern Munich winning a bidding war for his placement. Football analysts are now considering Alphonso Davies for best Left-Wing worldwide.

Alphonso Davies is aged nineteen, meaning his career in the UEFA Champions League could sustain another two decades. October 24th marked an unfortunate date in Davies career, being permitted to compete for one minute against Eintracht Frankfurt. Nobody anticipated that Arminia Bielefeld would need to substitute for Davies as Left-Wing. Several minutes would pass before Arminia Bielefeld would be pulled, with Bayern Munich learning that Davies had suffered ligament damage. It’s unknown how coaching personnel with Bayern Munich will account for the healing period of Alphonso Davies.

The Head Coach for Bayern Munich FC clarified that the team would support Davies during his healing period & that what’s most important is him returning to legal contention. It should be mentioned that coaching personnel have a $22 Million investment on Alphonso Davies that ends in 2020. It’s this core reason that has prompted their concern. It’s expected that Alphonso Davies will now require two or four weeks of healing for his ligament damage.

Premier League Clubs Reject Project Big Picture

October 14th saw the EFL announce a cojoined plan to reinvent the Premier League with Manchester United & Liverpool. This plan would’ve enabled greater strength for those clubs and others like Chelsea. It’s a concept that’s been rejected by numerous teams operating under the Premier League & EFL. Though it would’ve provided dozens of clubs in the English Football League with financial revenue needed after the COVID-19 pandemic, the power given to the top ten clubs would’ve been astronomical. This manipulative strategy was denounced by Parliament & Prime Minister Boris Johnson, showing the ridiculous behaviour associated with developing this plan.

Named Project Big picture, leadership operating in the Premier League also voiced their negative criticism over Liverpool & Manchester United for secretly strategizing this plan with the EFL. Subsequently, the reputations of these clubs have been sullied. Twenty football clubs in the Premier League have denied Project Big Picture, flat-out refusing to enforce any iteration of PBP.

The Football Association governs over the English Football League, which resides over the Premier League. EFL Executives were informed that any alterations to Premier League operations would evoke the “Special Share Clause”, which permits the FA to terminate any modifications since 1992. It’s effectively concluded any opportunity for EFL Chairman Rick Parry to formalize Project Big Picture. Public discord against his actions is expected to result in his formal resignation.

Liverpool FC & Manchester United were forced to engage in a videoconference with the Football Association. These clubs informed the FA that transparent strategies were being created to revise the Premier League. When the Football Association reported Manchester United & Liverpool FC that the “Special Share Clause” would be evoked, Chairman Ricky Parry wouldn’t provide detailed assessments of what’d occurred during the remainder of that videoconference.

FA Review

Manchester United and Liverpool FC have to acknowledge that the current model in-place for EFL operations has been successful. It appears that both clubs were working to alter the mindsets of EFL & Premier League Executives, hoping for monetary gain. Discussions regarding financial regulation, broadcasting rights, commercial profits, governance, and calendar construction of teams have begun under FA-review. All clubs under Premier League contention will be considered in the final decision.

Two MLS Matches Postponed, Coronavirus Cited.

Matches between FC Dallas and Minnesota United, to Columbus Crew FC and Orlando City, have been postponed following outbreaks of the coronavirus. It’s been reported by Major League Soccer that both employed personnel & players have contracted the virus unexpectedly. It’s been confirmed that Columbus Crew FC is the infected team, prompting a postponement match for Orlando City. Fourteen days of quarantine are required for these infected personnel & players before their return to competition can be permitted.

Minnesota United has experienced two positive cases within their player division, and a single infection across their employed personnel. It means that FC Dallas loses another match throughout the 2020 MLS Season. Major League Soccer hasn’t revealed when these games will resume, with weeks to months possibly sustaining this postponement. Infected with Minnesota United have been boarded in “COVID Zones” at undesignated hotels. These individuals cannot leave their rooms under any circumstances for fourteen days.

The Press Release

Major League Soccer released a formal statement regarding the postponement of these two matches. It was clarified that the guaranteed health & safety of uninfected personnel to players became the priority. MLS stated that additional evaluation & testing would occur on October 12.

New players or personnel found with positive infections will be forced into isolation. It should be noted that both Columbus Crew FC & Minnesota United have disbanded meetings and practices to ensure potentially additional infected, don’t spread the virus further. MLS finalized their formal statement by evoking new match dates & times will be announced later this year.

Additional MLS Infections

Major League Soccer has announced a multitude of COVID-19 infections since September 23. It began with the Colorado Rapids, who had four players test positive for coronavirus & two staff members. Infections throughout the Rapids Camp have continued since the 23rd, showing that outbreaks can occur with professional teams for prolonged periods. The Colorado Rapids have seen matches with the LA Galaxy, LAFC, Portland Timbers, and Kansas City FC all terminated in recent weeks. Coaching personnel must enforce stronger protocols for players & staff to eliminate the coronavirus outbreak.

Inter Miami Loses Goalkeeper to Broken Arm

The Goalkeeper & Captain for Inter Miami won’t be permitted to play out the remainder of 2020s MLS season. It follows after the goalkeeper fractured his left arm on October 4th. Inter Miami was competing against New York City FC when stoppage time was implemented. Luis Robles suffered an evident injury after Gary MacKay-Stevens from NYCFC collided against Inter Miami’s goalkeeper.

The NYCFC footballer was awarded a yellow card for his actions, with Luis Robles being assisted from the field. Club leaders have confirmed that throughout the next forty-eight hours, their goalkeeper will undergo a medical evaluation to determine when Luis Robles can return to competition. It’ll likely be 30+ days, and past the point of Major League Soccer’s championship.

Inter Miami watching Luis Robles suffer a left-arm fracture isn’t beneficial for the club. Robles is aged 36-years-old and doesn’t have much longer in professional soccer before age physically catches his body. It’s also disappointing for Luis Robles, who promised Inter Miami Owner David Beckham that he’d defend his club on the net like nobody else. Luis Robles kept that promise for fifteen games this season. It should be clarified that this goalkeeper is infamous for being durable and will likely return for the 2021 MLS season. Long-time supporters of Luis Robles won’t have to worry about his retirement yet, with that looming in four years.

The Replacement

Coaching personnel with Inter Miami are likely angered over the factor of Luis Robles now being out on medical leave. He’s their most experienced player & team captain, with few able to fill his shoes while healing his left-arm fracture. Several players have been considered for replacement, with all footballers having contracts with inter Miami to date.

Drake Callender will likely take the role of Temporary Team Captain until Luis Robles returns. However, this 22-year-old could have competition from John McCarthy & Blaise Matuidi. Both of these men are also in the running. The favourite for selection is Drake Callender, with the young footballers unaware of when Luis Robles will return. It’ll provide this youthful athlete with an opportunity to understand leadership at the highest level, which isn’t easily given to Gen-X’s.

WSL Joins Premier League

Professional women’s football has been drastically at risk throughout 2020. Football experts anticipated that financial losses associated with the COVID-19 pandemic would force numerous clubs to shutdown. However, the opposite has happened & the Women’s Super League found an unexpected ally. It’d be announced last week that footballers with the Women’s Super League would compete in England’s Premier League, the top division of football worldwide.

It’s a strange twist that comes after WSL organizers had an exhausting season, working to sustain their footballers with financial comps until the pandemic had concluded. It’d appeared initially that the Women’s Super League in Great Britain had been forgotten about. When the Premier League confirmed they’d be a beneficiary towards the WSL, female footballers throughout the United Kingdom rejoiced.

Thanks to the assistance of the Premier League, female footballers with the Women’s Soccer League returned to contention in September. Alex Morgan was an initial selection for Premier League contention, with the WSL footballer being signed to Tottenham Hotspur. She’s the first female player in Tottenham’s history. Alex Morgan made her debut against Arsenal FC with the Tottenham Hotspurs. However, coaching staff kept Alex Morgan benched. It means her first official minutes of contention with Tottenham Hotspur haven’t been played yet. Some have questioned the Hotspurs for using Alex Morgan for promotional marketing, with Morgan appearing on Time UK Magazine this month.

Since Tottenham Hotspur hired Alex Morgan, multiple other clubs in the Premier League have mentioned their desire to sign female players. Manchester City, Arsenal FC, Chelsea FC, and Manchester United have invested heavily into their female divisions & will likely bring footballers over to their male clubs.

USWL Not So Fortunate

Similar fortunes couldn’t be awarded to the US Women’s League, which has been laid to waste throughout the pandemic. It’s not known if the USWL will immediately return when the epidemic is over, with team owners likely having to recover for the option financially is possible. Financial stability could’ve been awarded to these clubs if Major League Soccer issued their support. However, professional football isn’t as popular in America as England. This means that MLS organizers were working to financially save their league & couldn’t account for the USWL.

MPL Raises $90 Million in Financing Round

Mobile gaming is growing tenfold worldwide, not exclusively the United States & Canada any longer. Multiple operators have released their respective applications, hoping to gain notable market share & create an influential brand. Most fail in this venture because the marketing budget for promotional purposes are minimal. This wasn’t the case for Mobile Premier League, a Bangalore-established platform that focuses on eSports & sports betting. MPL wants to expand their brand outside the borders of India, which prompted the football-eccentric eSports betting site, to enter their 3rd financing round.

SIG Gaming, RTP Global, and MDI Ventures collectively invested into Mobile Premier League. Their investments alongside previous investors with MPL, garnered $90 Million for their Series C financing round. It’s known that Pegasus Tech Ventures, Go-Ventures Base Partners, and Sequoia India provided small figures towards the Series C financing round. Mobile Premier League has throughout their three financing rounds, obtained $400 million.

Products Offered

Sportsbetting platforms often provide an influx of fantasy sport options. Mobile Premier League has an emphasis on fantasy European & Indian football, hosting upwards of seventy tournaments per day for consumers. MPL provides unique gaming opportunities with every handset imaginable. Subsequently, the Mobile Premier League maintains 60 Million users throughout India.

When the expansion period for MPL begins, that userbase could increase tenfold. There are few brands throughout Eurasia that can sustain the quick-paced growth associated to MPL, which begins with extensive marketing on YouTube & social media platforms. This advertising mentality is the core reason MPL became successful.

Fantasy sports have become notably more popular for Mobile Premier League, as this brand offers conventional forms of sportsbetting. The standard way of betting on sports became unavailable for millions during March 2020, with the COVID-19 pandemic halting international sports. Fantasy sports is now the most profitable sector for MPL’s daily business operations.

Indian bettors wanting to download Mobile Premier League can find it advertised on Google’s Play Store, and the App Store for iOS. It should be noted that MPL has become one of the top ten fastest-growing applications in India four two consecutive years.