Premier League on Potential Postponement

Claims of safety & protection are being touted by the Premier League after two matches were postponed inside of three days. It shows that substantial outbreaks of coronavirus in Great Britain is reaching the prominent football tournament, with an average of fifty thousand cases being reported daily. Announcements were made on December 30th that the matchup between Fulham & Tottenham was postponement, which has prompted concerns regarding a possible cancellation of seasonal events.

Personnel employed under the Premier League emphasised that Tottenham FC responded to the postponement with anger & demanded kick-off times be resumed, disregarding that other members in Fulham could be contracted with coronavirus. Hours after information regarding Tottenham’s response, announcements were issued that a collective of players & staff has resulted in eighteen positive infection. Five infection footballers originate from Manchester United. This marks the highest volume of known public cases for the Premier League in one testing period. Considering that Manchester City’s match with Everton FC was cancelled on December 28th, the Premier League has sustained their largest outbreak in five days.

Management sustaining Premier League operations during the pandemic have emphasised that tournament scheduling will sustain normalcy. Confirmations were made that the government isn’t suspending the Premier League, which has prompted nationwide backlash. Fifty thousand civilians are being infected per day with Covid-19 or Covid VUI-2020/21. Britain’s population question why footballers can sustain normalcy & make the decision to risk their lives, but standard civilians cannot.

Lack of Compassion

An official statement issued by the Premier League noted confidence in measures built for Covid-19, that protocols will defend footballers from infection. It’s touted that player & staff health is the priority for management, which isn’t true after continued avoidance to postpone operations. It’s then noted by representatives that management hope those infected a fast recovery & ready return to work. The lack of compassion behind the Premier League’s statement has disgusted a large percentage in Great Britain.

Everton & Manchester City Match Postponed

December 29th was slated to be an exciting day for supporters of the Premier League. It marked the first time for 2020-21s campaign that Manchester City & Everton FC would meet for competition. Unfortunate for those supporters, announcements have been issued that match obligations have been postponed. The reason being is because two footballers with Manchester City were confirmed positive with Covid-19. Manchester City was forced into removing their contention to avoid continued outbreaks amongst their players & Everton’s.

After negotiations were sustained between Manchester City & Everton FC, it was determined that the safest course of action was postponing the matchup to an undesignated date. Safety measures also included the immediate closing of Manchester City’s training grounds, with the reopening date now having been announced. It’s expected that sanitation crews are sanitizing Manchester City’s training grounds & stadiums before uninfected players are permitted back inside team-based facilities.

An official statement regarding the matter has been released by the Premier League. It emphasised that Manchester City requested their contention against Everton FC be terminated for December 29th. Confirmations were made that two players has tested positive with Covid-19, with details not notifying which strain of the virus was contracted. Inside sources anticipate that with 36+ thousand infections sustained on December 25th in the United Kingdom, it’s likely those players have become contracted with Covid Strain VUI-2020/21.

Health & Safety

Cancellation of this match was sustained to guarantee the health & safety of footballers in the Premier League, which hasn’t experienced an outbreak of Covid Strain VUI-2020/21. Safety of team personnel & coaches are also being accounted in this decision. The Premier League emphasised that with continued enforcement of protocols, outbreaks can be avoided. Guarantees were also provided that the matchup between Everton FC & Manchester City will resume later this season. Considering it’ll take upwards of one month for these footballers to heal, rescheduling won’t be sustained until 2021.

Grey Vanney is Becoming the LA Galaxy Head Coach

Inside sources have indicated that Greg Vanney will become the head coach for LA Galaxy before 2021. Rumours regarding the possibility of TFCs former moving towards the west coast have been sustained since Vanney left Toronto on December 1st. Inside sources suggest that negotiations between Grant Wahl & Greg Vanney are nearing their conclusion. Analysts learning this information have praised the potential of LA Galaxy electing Greg Vanney, with most believing it’s the best decision for returning an iconic team to legendary status. Unfortunately, LA Galaxy hasn’t maintained formidable seasons in recent years.

Greg Vanney joining the LA Galaxy wouldn’t mark the influential coaches first appearance for this organization. Aged 46, the head coach played for LA Galaxy between 1996 & 2002. His skillsets were strong enough to prompt his return in 2008, marking Vanney’s final season as MLS player. It’d be three years before Vanney entered the ranks of coach, joining the Chivas USA squad as an assistant coach. Three years afterwards & Greg Vanney became TFCs ninth head coach in August 2014. Vanney led Toronto FC to championship victory in 2017, while almost acquiring championship status two other times before leaving the organizations this December.

Additional accolades acquired by Toronto FC under the leadership of Greg Vanney include multiple Supporter’s Shields & Canadian Championships. Dominance displayed by Vanney enabled him to become the best coach in TFC history, with 122-match victories acquired. Allowing Vanney to join the LA Galaxy as head coach will benefit the organization. It’d taken Grant Wahl almost three months to determine the best individual possible for leading the LA Galaxy into future seasons. The previous head coach was terminated in October 2019, with Guillermo Barros Schelotto being replaced by Dom Kinnear for an interim coaching role.

Vanney Reflects on TFC Venture

When questioned about leaving the Toronto Football Club, Greg Vanney noted he’d continue to coach & prefers clubs that are somewhat like projects that requiring immediate building. That isn’t needed with TFC, with Greg Vanney leaving the club is one of the best positions possible. Vanney noted he’d take a short break before returning to coaching. Nobody anticipated that period wouldn’t exceed past two months, which is the rough timeframe needed until LA Galaxy will require Vanney.

Positive Covid Tests for Premier League

Testing for the coronavirus hasn’t stopped for fourteen consecutive weeks, with the Premier League announcing their results weekly to institutions like SkySports. Infections amongst footballers was weakening until December 7th to 13th. It’d be announced by the Premier League that six players had tested positive for Covid-19, with an additional eight positive tests being seen amongst team personnel. It marks the highest volume of infections seen in the Premier League for more than thirty days.

Details regarding the testing phases for December 7th to 13th was issued, noting that 1500+ individuals had received COVID PCR Tests. That means the amount of infected equated to less than 0.05% of the Premier League. Premier League medical personnel have struggled to ascertain where infection volumes are, with rates seen in late November sustaining fourteen positive cases. It means that cases were lowered to standard rates & then returned to peak amounts.

Contact tracing indicates that increased infection follow a matchup between Aston Villa & Newcastle United, meaning the positive cases announces are likely from these two clubs. Details regarding which personnel contracted the virus hasn’t been released. It should be mentioned to readers, fourteen cases seen between December 7th to 13th was considered low in early November. Changes in what’s deemed acceptable is changing regular with Premier League executives, with lockdown conditions across the United Kingdom being a defining factor.

The Statement

Premier League personnel released a press statement regarding the infections, confirming that fourteen positive cases had been seen. It’d be mentioned that six cases are new & the remaining eight were infected last week. Healthcare services is being offered to these individuals until Covid-19 can be defeated. It should be mentioned that the Premier League doesn’t have any known deaths associated to Covid-19. This week’s announcement also guaranteed that the namesakes of infected personnel isn’t being made public any longer after unexpected violent altercations.

Covid Contingency Plans for MLS Championship

Drastic increases in global cases for Covid-19 have prompted sporting institutions to revise upcoming matches & tournaments. Entities governing over these sports have been pressured in the United States, with America having higher infections than any other nation worldwide. Multiple governing associations have ignored warnings & requests from healthcare providers, which hasn’t followed suit with Major League Soccer.

MLS Executives haven’t hesitated to abide by warnings from healthcare experts, knowing that player safety is critical. Recommendations regarding winter protocols have been issued to MLS, prompting contingency plans to become strategized & initiated. Those plans were announced publicly on December 6th, with footballers informed that neutral sites that haven’t been impacted by Covid-19 are being located. Those locations are permitted if leading cities for Championship contention don’t have lower cases of coronavirus.

The MLS Playoffs began near November’s end, with four teams reaching the Semi-Finals. Matches sustained for the Semi-Finals aren’t being relocated, as the competing clubs have continually tested negative for coronavirus. Below are Semi-Final games for 2020s MLS Championship.

  • New England Revolution vs Columbus Crew – December 6th.
  • Minnesota United vs Seattle Sounders – December 7th.

Predicted Victory for the Sounders

The Seattle Sounders are proving that regardless of the point system implemented for playoff contention, Major League Soccer cannot stop this club from dominating. It’s expected that the Sounders will stand victorious, being last years Champions. Everything could change unexpectedly for these clubs & the possibility of matches being postponed for months is looming.

This follows after positive tests for Covid-19 continue to rise in America. December 5th saw 200+ thousand individuals confirmed with coronavirus. Three thousand US Civilians are dying daily from Covid subsequently from these infections. Drastic numbers could prompt MLS Executives to implement preventive measures & eliminate the possibility of footballers contracting the deadly virus. It’s expected that governing associations of multiple sports will be forced into similar scenarios.

Maradona Death Becomes Manslaughter Case

November 25th saw an entire nation mourn, with an announcement made that Diego Maradona had died at 60. Thousands expressed their sadness on social media, with the international sporting community reacting with shock. Football legends similar to Diego Maradona are few, with his namesake evoking excitement amongst Argentinians & Europeans. Learning Diego Maradona had died starting to settle amongst dedicated supporters until Argentinian law enforcement announced that Diego’s death is being treated as manslaughter.

Media personnel in Argentina had begun reporting that November 29th saw Doctor Leopoldo Luque’s house raided by detectives. Judges approved the raid after learning from medical reports that Diego Maradona likely died from doctor negligence. This is similar to the proceedings that involved Michael Jackson’s healthcare worker, who would inevitably be found guilty & thrown into prison.

Reports from neighbours indicated that Doctor Leopoldo Luque & Diego Maradona had fought days before the football legend died. The medical evidence reveals multiple medical discrepancies with Maradona. However, those long-term issues shouldn’t have prompted an unexpected heart attack.

The Discrepancies

Argentinian law enforcement has confirmed an official investigation into Doctor Leopoldo Luque has begun, with the children of Diego Maradona publicly expressing their belief that medicine had been altered. Law enforcement also believes that Doctor Leopoldo Luque requested numerous favour from co-workers to accomplish this task.

Ambulances didn’t arrive for thirty minutes after Doctor Luque made the call, which is sixteen minutes later than required. When Maradona was administered into a local hospital, medical checks weren’t administered for twelve hours. That would have been exclusively possibly under Diego Maradona’s personal Doctors orders, meaning Doctor Luque.

Evidence acquired since November 25th indicates that Diego Maradona was purposely murdered over an altercation between himself & Doctor Leopoldo Luque. If evidence if proved accurate in court, the Doctor will likely be imprisoned for life.

TFC Partners with Black Players for Change

Major League Soccer maintains multiple clubs, with few maintaining exponential fanbases & prominence in the sporting community. That isn’t the case with Toronto FC, a team that’s grown into providence throughout their Canadian city & Northern America. It was announced by TFC that their leading by example for all other outfits in Major League Soccer & partnering with the “Black Players for Change”.

It’s an organization created in MLS during 2020 after the “Black Lives Matter Movement” became an active issue in America. 170 footballers throughout MLS have joined the collective, with coaching personnel & staff members also joining the organization. Black Players for Change will work with TFC to bridge the caps of racial equality in professional football.

TFC General Manager Ali Curtin emphasised that 2020 has been an influential year for Toronto, on & off the field. GM Ali Curtin emphasised that Toronto FC will continue to address problems regarding diversity, inclusion, and equality for African Americans. Ali is proud to operate an organization that has a history of working with Black footballers, even when other MLS teams were sticking with prominent Caucasian players like David Beckham. It’s been proven statistically that most players of African heritage have better records than their Caucasian counterparts. For TFC this is true with Jozy Altidore, Justin Morrow, and multiple others.


TFC & Black Players for Change have started the latest brand named “UNITE”. Funds raised towards this institutionalized brand will be represented throughout youth organizations in Toronto. These organization will focus on African-Heritage Canadians, with opportunities being provided to young footballers that achieve prominent success in lower divisions. This means that children in Toronto from regions like Jane & Finch could have an opportunity to become a famous footballer in Major League Soccer for TFC. Unity has become a substantial goal for TFC following the Black Lives Matter movement, and something they hope to change league wide.

Premier Leagues Highest Infections to Date

November 9th to 15th marked a painful period for the Premier League. Nurses with the National Healthcare Service confirmed that sixteen members in the top division had contracted the coronavirus. Those individuals include a collective of players & team personnel, with identities being kept private amid the off-season. These individuals won’t be permitted to attend training sessions & team meetings, having to now quarantine for a prolonged period to guarantee the infection isn’t spread.

An official statement was issued by the Premier League regarding the November 9th to 15th testing period. It’d be confirmed that 1200+ individuals had received PCR-Covid Tests, of which sixteen individuals had contracted the virus. Infected players & team personnel are quarantining in designated hotels for ten days before obtaining another test. The low number of infections results in a percentage of less than 0.01%. It still concerns for executives, with that being the highest volume of infections that the Premier League has experienced since March 2020.

Details in the Premier League’s statement clarified that accommodations for these individuals are being provided in a socially distanced manner. Medical care, groceries, and required necessities are permitted for the infected. Items are dropped off in front of their doors & then after two minutes, that respective individual is allowed to grab their products.

The Premier League’s previous highest volume of infections before this announcement was ten. September 21st to 27th saw the Premier League sustain prominent conditions. Considering that football is slated to resume on November 21st, Executives are working towards eliminating all infections league-wide. Unfortunately, sixteen members will not be competing in the seasonal start for 2020 to 2021. Before those individuals can return to the field, a negative PCR-Covid Test must be sustained. The Premier League claims that most infected are supporting asymptomatic conditions and that favourite footballers will return to contention shortly.

Premier League Implements New Testing Measures

Testing for Covid-19 has changed drastically since the virus became an international pandemic in March 2020. Initial methods used for testing are considered outdated, with manufacturers creating new ways that tests can be conducted. The most prominent process is through PCR-Covid testing, which guarantees a 99.98% accurate reading after 24-Hours. It’d led towards numerous sporting agencies & organizations committing to daily or weekly testing for coronavirus, which has been challenging for the respective teams & their players.

It’s been announced by the Premier League in Great Britain that challenges associated with testing are about to grow. It follows after multiple footballers left the United Kingdom to contend with their international duties. The English Football League (EFL) informed international footballers that upon their return home, fourteen days of isolation would be required. Afterwards, those individuals must commit to a PCR-Covid test that has negative results.

It should be clarified that the Premier League maintains weekly testing for the coronavirus, which follows after Great Britain has continued to sustain a small supply of PCR-Covid tests. Footballers refusing to abide by these measures won’t be permitted to return to training.

The Change

What’s different between these updated measures & older protocols is that previously, Premier League footballers were permitted to resume training immediately after their return from international duties. All that was required was a negative PCR-Covid test. However, worldwide numerous countries are sustaining their second outbreaks of coronavirus. It’s led towards the stricter measures requiring fourteen days of isolation. Footballers contracted in the Premier League maintain secondary domestic duties in nations like Africa, Mexico, and America. Executives & organizers employed under the EFL/Premier League must begin preparations for the worst-case scenarios. It’s this preparation that healthcare experts & executives feel will best protect the Premier League from sustaining an outbreak.

November 5th saw the updated measures going into effect for Premier League clubs. Shareholders holding prominent funds throughout the Premier League were informed not to have a concern regarding the revised criteria. This solution ensures that Great Britain’s Parliament won’t initiate a secondary shutdown for the Premier League, which would sustain losses that likely could never be recovered. Extensive testing is better than the League possibly shutting down permanently.

Premier League Continuing During 2nd Lockdown

The United Kingdom has entered their second lockdown, prompting concerns that domestic sports will get forced into postponing another season. It’s been announced by the Premier League that their continuing to compete throughout the 2nd lockdown, with national restrictions not applying to football matches after the necessary infrastructure has been developed.

The Premier League’s announcement that matches will continue was praised & backed by government personnel in Great Britain. The Secretary of State for Sports emphasised that elite sporting institutions are permitted to continue operations. Oliver Dowden evoked that the earliest possibility of supports returning to stadiums is 2021, and the Premier League have made a formal agreement to sustain that timeframe. It’s disappointing for supporters but eliminates the possibility of a 3rd outbreak in Great Britain by small percentages.

It was announced on October 29th by Prime Minister Boris Johnson that Great Britain & the United Kingdom aren’t permitted to leave their homes for non-essential travel. It was confirmed that a 2nd lockdown would be sustained, meaning that restaurants & entertainment facilities must remain closed for an unknown period of time. There’ll be one exclusive manner permitted for non-essential travel in the United Kingdom, with that being working obligations. Individuals working inside Film & TV Production are permitted to complete their duties in football stadiums

Sports analysts aren’t surprised that the Premier League agreed to not allow supporters inside stadiums until 2021. Executives would’ve wanted to avoid another cancellation to seasonal events amid a 2nd lockdown. Their last cancellation period lasted almost three months & the Premier League made their formal return one June 17th. It’d bee weeks ago that Liverpool FC acquired championship victory. Cancelling the 2020-21 Premier League Campaign before it even began would’ve inflicted numerous complications that organizers & executives would have been challenged in resolving.

Eliminating the Virus

Football clubs operational in the Premier League have requested how sports analysts will eliminate outbreaks during a 2nd lockdown. Clubs have mentioned that they’ve sustained the infrastructure for testing & isolation since late June. The same protocols will be implemented to guarantee minimal infections. NHS Medical Experts will assist the Premier League in testing, with paramedics being on-scene to administer specialized drugs in isolation zones.